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Greetings in the day of the Sun ... The Yellow-Golden day of the Lord ...

        Yes ... is the answer ... always. You can be Rich ... but there are rules.

        For some people ... Just one car is sufficient. Other people need two. I have one car ... is a BMW ... but I cannot use there are some governments issue to fix. In past years ... they claim to take 62% of my profits ... and for many years I gave to them ... Until I saw, "No" ... You are no one to take the fruits of my Work ... So, I choose a "Stand-by" position ... Humm ... all this is the Path to get fixed.

        Yes ... There are an "Art of Wealth" ... and there are "Science to get Rich".

        Let me gift a Book ... "The Science of Getting Rich" (First Edition with my pen only in English) ... declared Volume 3 ... after Volume 2 ... Saint Germain on Alchemy ... Volume 2.

       Click and download ... It is free!


(Seems this book got only on this Website ... about 30,000 reads ...)

     Words like "Pay your Debts ... Thanks ... respect your Government ... are appropriate and explained in this book.


      The "Art of Wealth" is more Vast ... and is Original. I Am not Rich ... but I know the causes ... this do not means I cannot be ... May be is not the moment. In fact, Super-Rich ... are not interested to increase the number of Rich people ... They do not want competition. They are not like Christ.

       Jesus Christ ... said,

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:

I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

-- John 10:10.

      Therefore there a great difference between those who want to teach you ... How to live ... and have fear and prefer to give you nothing. Christ have no fear ... Christ give everything ... because Christ know the "Tree of Life" ... but this is another concept I will only whisper today.

      The Three of Life is ... Your DNA Layer #1 ...

   The Holy Bible talk about "The Tree of Life" in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Revelation (not Apocalypse, is the Apocalypse for them ... not for the World) ...

    “In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”

      -- Revelation 22:2

   In fact ... "Nations need Healing" ... and "The Tree of Life" ... offers the leaves that will give that Healing.


    But I AM a Mathematician ... and I need to prove my Words.

    But Alchemy is Mathematics ... Music is "Number in Time" and here I introduce some concepts ... that will figure "The Art of Wealth" from another perspective.

    And that Perspective have like "Main Chapter" ... "The Science of Karma".

    People suppose "Karma" is bad ... bad or negative Energy. Is not. Karma is a fuel ... an Energy so strong ... encapsulated that must be solved.

    In fact, the entire Life is an opportunity to Evaporate the Iceberg of Personal Karma, Country Karma, Continent Karma and Planetary Karma.

    We need to dedicate to clean and transform our Karma in White Karma and Be extremely Rich ... this is the sense of Life.

    How we can reach that "Top of the Mountain"? ... Easy ... With Wisdom.

   For example ... Saint Germain say:

   How great is the suffering that Christians have endured through the elimination of this one point of spiritual Truth!. By denying reembodiment they have denied their souls the keystone in the arch of being.

    Therefore ... accept ... Reembodiment ... or accept you lived many lives ... Had many Wives ... have a Past before to born ... Accepting that ... moves you to be Benevolent ... because you understand you need ... "To be forgive and forgive others". It is a process.

    May be someone loves you ... Loves the days lived with you ... This is wonderful. But because ... No one have lived just one live ... but like an efficient Director of a Majestic Orchestra ... or like a Pilot ... conducting an Airplane in a Tempest ... find the "Perfect Music" to make everyone happy.

    Everyone Happy ... This is the Garden ... The Tree of Life is in the Midst of the Garden of Eden.

    The Poetry I plan to gift is appropriate here:

The way of the Tree of Life

Which is the perfect secret
That God has guarded from the curious
and profane Remains a penetrable mystery
To him who is not ashamed
To wear his wings.
To him who understands
The diligence of each day,
To him who is content to place his hand
In loving trust that destiny is ours.
To him who is willing to forsake
A past that has not produced
The blossoming beauty he craves.
To him whose heart reaches up as a cup
To the highest and sweetest,
The noblest and best Lord of all
In the desire to have imparted to himself
And every part of life
The best of gifts.
He speaks in summoned, loving tones
Of inward communion,
``O Father, not my will but thine be done!''
To him there is conveyed the highest crown.
The word ``dominion.''
He is the Son, the Alchemist,
The beloved one.
He can divide the loaves and fishes,
Walk upon the waves,
Fulfill his own and others' wishes,
And be the Great Benefactor.
In him the Immortal Spirit prevails,
The ultima Thule is seen.


  May be ... time ago ... Years ago ... At Spirit Level ... You feel the Darkness of the World ... and you saw or feel ... How your country, I mean Venezuela ... can fall down in Misery ... and you talk, and talk ... What was the result from the Wealthy people? ... Destroy it completely.

    This is not exactly ... a Christian Behavior.

    In fact ... It is a symptom of the Dark Side people ... to question themselves: "What is the profit for me?" ...

    May be ... someone declared Dictator ... like today is declared the rule ... "After to get the benefit to rule a country, by a recommendation by the previous Dictator ... Sign agreements to give away to strangers ... the entire Fortune of a Country ... Fool ... because he consider ... The Lord do not exist.

    According to my understanding previous Dictator ... was killed ... I mean ... "Mr. Chavez got Cancer ... but that Cancer was provoked by those who ... expect him get removed ... and its charisma get destroyed. By internal and external of course ... to let The Avalanche of Destructors Fall over ... a Calm Country. It is not too different from other countries.


    Let us move on on the Mathematics.

    We can say that ... "The Personal Karma is ... The personal Geometry of Time of that Person".

    ... The same is valid for Countries, Continents ... etc.

    Now, to solve the Karma and/or the Geometry of Time ... we need to know it.

    First we must know the Geometry of Space ... then we can move to conquer the Geometry of Time.

    It is ... Time that create Space ... The Einstein Continuum Space-Time is not exact.

    There are "Places" in the Conscious Universe ... Where there are no Space at all ... but a Sweet Time.

    That remote Time can be called "Absolute Time" ... and there you have everything ... Of course you can visit that Time and call that time to descend and become close to your Time.

    Absorbing that Time ... This transform your Present ... you become (or begin to) become more Wealthy and your Space changes. A Rich Space belongs to a Rich person.

   A Rich person ... does not necessarily is ... Rich in Time. They can die or lose their Rich Wealth.


  Therefore ... The Art of Wealth is directly connected with Time ... your Past ... your Present (I do not know your Present) as well your Future.

    Basically ...

Your Wealth is the Health of your Time.

    and can change. If you Wealth is low ... You need to clean and enrich your Time ... basically your Past ... If you are Rich you need to enrich your Time.

    If you have no idea what is Time ... You need to Study Time or High Physics.

    The Geometry of Time has also a Mathematics ... which is "Conscious" ... is not Empirical ... and no one Study or know this Mathematics, may be ... three of four persons have a good approximation about this ...


  It is extremely disgusting ... to see ... and live in a Perfect World ... almost bankrupt ... because some four people pretend to take for them ALL the Wealth. It is disgusting.

   For me ... John ... like a Follower of Jesus Christ is perfect clear ... that ...

This World have enough Wealth ... to make extremely Happy ... everyone.

   Now, this do not mean ... The Actual Chaotic Music ... will produce Wealth for people or a Country. No.

   Close the Doors to Wealth ... Create Chaos in Science ... Negate Reembodiment like do Catholic are measures of Evil ... not of Christ.


   At last ...

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. -- John 8:32.

Have Joy please,

Giovanni A. Orlando.
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