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Greetings in the day of the Queen ... the day of She ... when the Orange fragrance of Venus ... engine the Poetry ...

      And I begin to offer this channeling yesterday ... but because is connected with the Past ... I do not publish. I prefer to submit to you, to-day.

      Channeling information is very sweet ... is sacred and is holy.

      We can have ... Kryon from the Magnetic Service ... channeled by Lee Carroll ... but also for Mr. Liani in Caracas, as well for other persons in South Africa, or Australia ... including Peru. The same angel ... by many persons.

      My group of Energy ... or the group of Persons ... more close to me ... at Energy Level ... channel Maestro Mer, or Elohim Mer (God Meru), which name is in full ... Aramu-Muru. He, Maestro Mer ... told me and confirm me ... some of my past Lives which I list in full order in my book, 'The Book of Apocalypse explained ... by Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Sanat Kumara. The Return of Lord Jesus'.

      My Group of friends ... more close to me, are the people of 'La Casa de Sirio' in Medellin, Colombia founded my good friend Raul Yepez, who channel in exclusive mode ... Lord Meru (Maestro Mer).

      They ... perform the Ceremony of the arrival of Lord Jesus ... which has been transcribed in my book ... (Actually only in Italian ...)

      This edition includes chapters from ... FRESH Words from Mother Mary ... many, many Discourses from Lord Jesus (all from La Casa de Sirio) ... Discourses from Sanat Kumara at the moment of the arrival of Lord Jesus ... as well the Story of the Holy Grail. Also discourses from El Moria, about the Seven Seals, and of Course discourses from Kryon (The Magnetic Angel) who explains the meaning of the number 666. It is a unique and sacred book!

      There are another group ... which channel Ascended Master Adama from Telos. Adama is one of the tripulants of the Mother Ship which comes from the Dahl Universe. Elizabeth Clare, Mark Prophet, Saint Germain, El Moria ... all were tripulants ... and Lord Jesus was the captain (Kirk) of the ship. This trip was over than 4.500.000 years ago ... and Archangel Michael was the First Officer aboard.

        There are Kahu Fred Sterling channels Master Kirael.

        There are the people of The Summit Lighthouse ... where Mark and Elizabeth ... release many books, and Them appears also in the Book of Apocalypse:These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. (Rev 11:4)

        Patricia Cori channel the High Council of Sirius. Peggy Phoenix Dubro channel its Higher Self that teach her the EMF Balancing Technique.

        There are Gregg Braden who works on High Physics, DNA ... releasing good books.

        And of Course ... there are one ... your fellow Friend ... that protect the Holy Grail in the past ... and return between you ... Your Knight! ... me.

        My name is Orlando ... Giovanni Orlando ... ;) ... I prefer wine ... and to execute the NEW Holy Communion ...


     (No shaken, nor stirred ... Martini ... not Whisky ... Wine and Bread and for holy purposes. To re-establish the covenant with Mother Earth).


     Now each person ... use the Dictations for a specific purpose. Some write books ... like Lee Carroll also because Angel Kryon invite to do so. Also Patricia Cori did and they works together and publish a book with Tom Kenyon ... there are many, many people ... Madam Kishori Aird ... many, many persons ... in all the World.

     Each one has ... a specific 'mission' ... and use the 'Dictations' for particular purpose.

     Also the Holy Bible ... is a performance of channeling ... and channeling is Alchemical transmission of sounds ... which are words. The Lord Jesus miracles are alchemical precipitations of chemical ... well-seasoned foods ... like the Wine (from Water) or the Bread or the Fishes.

     We are the 144,000 ... there are NO OTHERS ...

     And from Grail to Grail ... from cup to Cup ... we return to England for last Quest.

     Can Camelot return? ...

     I have corrected the next words ... including the Word 'El' .. before Moria (written in the form MOR+IA). In fact, El Moria, who now serves the Yellow Ray ... and now is the Ray of Healing ... which day is the Sun-day ...

     Interested people who want to listen where El Moria, or Elohim Mer explains the NEW Colors of the Flame can contact me ...

     El Moria means EL(King, God), which Father is MOR from Planet IA. El Moria, is the King of Planet IA ... on Sirius Constellation and its color is Blue. He is of King of IAns ... and visit us ... frequently. He also invite us ... welcome aboard ... of its Ship.

      Now ... I ... Him Knight ... and your Knight will leave my word to him ...

      Remember ... Like-attracts-like ... If you arrive here ... is because you ear about Camelot ... and you hear again ... 'The Call of Camelot'.

      May be ... YOU ... Got a Planet ... but before ... mature Wisdom, Power and Love. Is Love the Key to Wisdom and Power.

Your Eternal Holy Knight,

Giovanni A. Orlando.


The Call of Camelot

Knights and ladies of the Table Round, did you think that we would not hear the call of Camelot? Did you think that you could leave us out of your festivities? [Audience laughs.] Well, I say, we have been preparing for many a day, and our angels rejoicing in the way to come, to come to that place where we might give the new birth to Camelot and to send forth the call. This is indeed a moment, for you see, it is the moment when we can begin to weave anew that precious nucleus, that matrix of the Cosmic Virgin.

The cycles have indeed turned, and I sent forth the call for an evening of Camelot when I gave to the messenger the dictation for the outline of the program of this conference. From Darjeeling I sent forth the call, for I would come to be that future king, that one among you who would ring the bell of the soul. Do you hear it now toll? It is the bell that is chiming that special gong. It is the song of those who know, who know the hour of the coming again of the hosts of light.

And therefore I plant my sword Excalibur here in the heart of life, here in the heart of the living, here in this place. And I come. I come to call my own that we may now atone for all lesser deeds and bring with us even now our steeds that we may ride, ride to the castle of light and there see the maidens, their lamps burning bright. They are trimmed now because they have come once again to fulfill the inner vow.

I AM El Moria of the flame. And now with the ascended powers that I wield, I can send forth the wisdom and the love that is for the very nurturing of those souls that I long, long have loved. Who told you that we were very far removed from you? We have been here all the while, all these years and centuries. Really, no time or space has passed in this joy of the return —all as it was, as it was then, the return to the white flame and before us the vision of the Grail that we must carry into the new world and into the new age.

Now you have come, each one, to put your hand on the Grail, to touch that base, to be here a light-bearer this time without fail. All the components of Camelot are here, even those forces of self-destruction. But this time they will be seen for what they are and put into the flame —nevermore, nevermore to reign, even in the hearts of the fallen ones.

Let them also hear our call, for I send forth as my gift this New Year's Eve an intense action of my heart's love for the will of God. As I have fashioned a gift, it is the gift of the flame of forgiveness. Of course, we have long ago forgiven those who disturbed the matrix of the chalice. But I send forth the melting fires of mercy to soften their hearts that they might begin anew. I send forth unguents of forgiveness. Will you do the same? Will you do the same and therefore be free of blame of the Lord God above or the Lord God here below?

Forgiveness, then, is the inauguration of the cycle of Camelot. Let all who hear my words, let all who read my word then know that I, El Moria, stand. I stand in this place and I send forth that line. It is the honor, it is the truth, it is the grace and love of forgiveness whereby all can reenter by the door by which they have left and gone astray, gone astray, far afield from that energy field that is the mind of God.

I call to each and every son and daughter around the planetary body who has once heard of Morya, of Saint Germain, or even of Lanello or the Mother of the Flame. All who have once heard of that call, let them hear again; for we do extend to all the gift of pardon, and of all we ask as well that pardon which is due. And therefore in this mutual love and forgiveness, let us begin anew.

Truly it is a cycle for new beginnings, truly from the beginning we were winning. And so all of this energy to and fro out of the way of the central magnet of our purpose now can in an instant be drawn into the center, reconsecrated; and out of that energy, out of that substance redeemed, we would fashion the image of a Lord Christ, Lord Jesus, the one whom we adore.

Let, then, all this energy that has passed through the flame be for the coming of Christ and Buddha within the heart, within the Church, within the home. Come, then, children of Israel, people of the one God, come. And by the Lamb and by the rod let us atone. Let us atone. And therefore let us be for the transmutation of all cycles, and then let us see what we can build for our God and for the children of our God. Let us build. This is the age of the building, this is the age of cycles turning, this is the moment of the coming and the blessedness of being.

Let all, then, who have heard of Camelot, let them come. Let them come from the farthest shores, let them come again, let them hear the call and answer; for I would discipline and I would nourish and I would train chelas, and I would bestow the gift of knighthood and the flame of Mother to ladies of the flame. I would return you, then, to the jousting and to the tournament. I will return you to the holy quest.

And then one day we will have our Table Round, and it will be our physical focus of the Great Central Sun and of the council chambers in India and in America where Chananda sits and all who serve, where Confucius comes and Lord Lanto and Mary the Mother. There, too, you will be bidden to sit. And we will have our Council of the Round Table, and that council will be the forum of light-bearers who are born to take the light of earth and fashion the new order of the ages.

I AM El Morya, I AM one, one with my own chum [audience laughs], my own Lanello, and my Merlin, and our Guenevere is here, and each and every one of you we hold so dear and so very near. I embrace you, each and every one. Now look for the handclasp of Lanello and the touch of Merlin and, as you see, the smile of Mother who is with friends of old.

Your friendship to our Mother has been for us a comfort and to her the sustainment of life midst the tear and the laughter and the walk and the being here on earth. In the joy of the Buddha, we send gratitude for your vigil in the victory. We will never leave you, we will never leave you so long as you love and love and love. Yes, it is I, El Morya. [Audience laughs.] And in my hand I hold a cup. It is a cup of good cheer, a toast to the New Year.

Precious ones, in the chalice I seal you. And I bow before the next king and queen who will come to be in the center of the sun, the focus of Alpha and Omega. I bow before the one —you say you know not who? Why, of course, it is you and you and you and you! Welcome, king and queen, prince and princess, born to rule and born to reign. Come, come to Camelot again!

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