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Greetings again in the name of the Lord ...

     And is sad ... to see the ... rejection of the Lord ... the rejection to the Truth ... the rejection to Love.

     Here we will read ... a concept which is missing in 'standard' Religions as well 'standard' Science.

     And remain clear ... that an incorrect Religion lead to a bad or incorrect Science and viceversa.

     The Book of Apocalypse explained ... resume not only the message of the Angels and Archangels, but also the missing concept of the Female Archangels ... called also 'Archeia'.

      I, Giovanni modestly am enhancing the borders of Science and Physics ... using the messages of Angels, Archangels and Archeias.

      When we get clear ... the concept of Angels, small Angels and Archangels ... we will forget the Judgment.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


Chapter 4
Ratify and Confirm the Judgment with your Own Being by Christine
The Opening of the Door of Consciousness
by Christine

Children of the One Who Would Bear the Torch of Illumination to an Age:

I am the eternal light of the Christos in the feminine ray. I am the Archeia of the Second Ray. I come in the flaming consciousness of the Christ, of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; (Rev 19:16) for I am the champion of the Christed ones.

Sons and daughters of God who walk the earth in the light of the Logos unmoved by human tyranny or the condemnation of the fallen ones, you who keep the flame of life, know that I am with you in the intelling Presence of the I AM THAT I AM and that I send angels of Jophiel and Christine who come in the name of the Cosmic Virgin to protect the consciousness of all who love the Lord with all their hearts and souls and minds. (Matt 22:37)

Wherever there is a glimmer of the light of the Christ, wherever there is a flickering in the consciousness and then a bursting-forth of a facet of the mind of God, there the angels of illumination are magnetized to enhance that energy, to enlighten minds and hearts and souls already one in the mission of the Lord and Saviour.

To acknowledge him is to open the door to your own Christ-identity, and to deny him is to close that door. And this is the message of the Spirit of the Christ unto the churches: "Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him, and he with me." (Rev 3:20)

The opening of the door of consciousness is a sacred ritual that must be performed by the children of God in this age. To open the door to the Christ and to the seven Spirits of God [the seven Elohim] and to the seven stars [the seven causal bodies of the seven rays] (Rev 3:1) is to open the heart and the chakra of the heart to the love-wisdom-power of the Logos. When you consciously, willingly allow the Christos to enter there, the divine spark is quickened by emissaries of the heavenly hierarchy who have already attained to the measure of a God flame and its manifestation.

Understand, then, that to reject the heavenly hosts and the Faithful and True (Sanat Kumara) who leads the armies of heaven into the battle of Armageddon (Rev 16:14) is to seal the door of consciousness against the light of your own Christ-perfection. And this is the dread of the seven archangels — that when we enter the octaves of earth we find no room in the inn of being, no chamber in the heart where we are welcome, and the light of the Mother is rejected by those who fear her all-consuming love.

The Lord God has said, "Seal the door where evil dwells!" But mankind have inverted the command and sealed the door of the Christ consciousness to their own hurt and their own destruction. The dread of the archangels is the dread of the awful day of judgment — awful only for those who have sealed themselves from the contact of the Christed ones and the blessed tie of hierarchy that binds mankind to the law of his own inner being.
Hear then the words of Jesus the Christed One to the inhabiters of the Holy City: "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate. For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord." (Matt 23:37-39)

See how the pure person of the Christ extending through flesh and blood the love of God and of the great brooding presence of the Cosmic Virgin, symbolized in the hen that gathereth her chickens under her wings, was not able to turn the hardness of their hearts that to this day is the rejection of the Christ consciousness on Terra. And therefore in every century the children of God and the children of the wicked one have the opportunity to stand in the presence of the one who is anointed for that cycle to be the Word incarnate.

And to all who reject the person of the Christ in the sons and daughters of God, the edict of the Lord is delivered: "Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord." To receive the Christed ones in the name of Jesus the Christ is to seal your own Christ-identity. And when you ratify the presence of the threefold flame within you, lo, you behold standing before you the risen Saviour!

My name is Christine because I have enshrined the light of the Christ in the energies of Mater. I ensoul the eternal Christos in the fiery core of the atom as my service to the Cosmic Virgin. I keep the flame of cosmic intelligence as the intelling love of God, as the indwelling wisdom, as God telling the ancient story of the Word and of the law and of the power of his name in the hearts of all the creation —in elemental life, in the plants and the trees and the gentle creatures. For although they have not the Christ-intelligence of the threefold flame, they have that inner intuition of the intelling of the Lord God.

Energy is God. And therefore the core of energy, as that energy flows from Spirit to Matter and returns again, is the Mediator, the Christed One, the great transformer of the energies of life. In the white-fire core of the atom is the point for the transition of consciousness as above, so below.

Energy is God —self-luminous, intelligent, obedient to the law of the One. Wherever there is intelligence, there I AM amplifying the flow of the intelligent electron. More intelligent than the rebellious generation who have usurped the light of God's energy are these electrons who have elected to do and to be the will of God. Their flow is with the flow of the eternal Christos.

You see, God's energy will not forever be confined to the limitations and the imitations of the counterfeit creation. As the Lord has said, "My Spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh."(Gen 6:3) The Lord God will not forever allow himself as energy to be imprisoned in the matrices of imperfection.

Therefore cometh the judgment. Therefore the second angel, my own beloved Jophiel, has poured out his vial upon the sea. Let all who worship God release the golden light of illumination's fires that the sea might be glazed with the golden light of the sun and that that sun might form the pathway over which the sons and daughters of God walk in witness of the truth.

I am the consciousness of Wisdom that teacheth her children. I am in the heart of every mother that rocks the infant Messiah, imparting the flow of knowledge and understanding. And now I quote for your benefit the words of Alpha, who counseled the children of the light to confirm the judgment within their own being:

Let all be alert! Let all know that the passing from the Macrocosm of the one who instigated the rebellion of the angels is a point for the release of great light in the Macrocosm. You are globules of identity suspended in the Macrocosm of my own self-awareness. And that light which inundates the cosmic sea cannot penetrate the sphere of identity which you are unless you will it so. Therefore I come to say: Ratify and confirm the judgment within your own being; and only then be satisfied in the law and in the victory.

Judgment is nigh. Understand that unless you release the judgment in your own microcosm and withdraw all support of the energy veil, when the judgment comes and the skeins of consciousness are found to be woven inextricably with skeins of evil, then the entire globule must pass through the spirals of Alpha and Omega. And this is the ritual, then, of the canceling-out of that which cannot be absorbed into the sea; for by free will it has not willed it so.

You are set apart as a diamond suspended in crystal, suspended in ruby, suspended in agate. See how the crystallization of the God flame which I am must be made your own. You determine the fate of your own cosmos. So let it be. So receive the warning that perhaps there is even greater danger now than when the Adversary was personified before you; for now it remains only the subjective awareness, and that subjectivity is the burden of the soul that longs to be extricated from that substance that has no part with light.

I AM Alpha. I AM Omega. When you know that you are Alpha, that you are Omega, then — and only then — will you find yourself in the white-fire core of the Great Central Sun. Children of the One: Forge your God-identity! (Alpha, "The Jugdment").

Let the sun of God expand within your heart and let your meditations be upon the blessed sun —expanding, expanding as the brilliant golden white light from the altar of your very own heart. When you give your mantras and invocations, when you recite your decrees definitive of the divinity within you —above all, when you pray to our Father-Mother God —let not your attention be attenuated in outer manifestation, but rather let it be concentrated in the heart.

And as that heart fire expands and expands, taking in the all of your being and your four lower bodies, you will be confirming the judgment of the law. You will be refining your soul energies in the great cloud of the Spirit. You will be building the forcefield of the Great Central Sun magnet that will surely magnetize to you, even as I AM THAT I AM, the heavenly hosts who nourish and sustain the children of God through all of the trials and tribulations of this world.

Therefore intensify, O intensify that sun! See it now! Adore its golden glow! Feel the intensity of the love of the Logos within you contacting all throughout a cosmos and beyond who adore the one supreme God. By the power of the central sun focused within you, the Christ will put down the carnal mind, the Christ will consume the dweller on the threshold and all subconscious layers of selfishness and rebellion against the one true God. Your soul longs to be free. Take then the mantra of the free! Forge your God-identity with this saying of the Lord: "I AM Alpha and Omega in the white-fire core of being!"

Let this be the acceptable word of the Lord that comes forth from your mouth, the sacred instrument of the voice of God. Let this be the acceptable word, the fiat and the command uttered unto the atoms, molecules, and precious electrons of being. "I AM Alpha and Omega in the white-fire core of being!" Let this be your finding of yourself in the white-fire core of the central sun on this the acceptable day of salvation and the appointed time of the judgment.

Children of the One: Forge your God-identity!
of the light of the Christos


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