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A Picture from William-Adolphe Bouguereau which we re-propose as 'Faith'.


Greetings and Happiness in the Sun-day ... the day of the Lord ...

    And people is like is ... 'Their level of Understanding is ... as they was trained to have ... and that they have. No bit more ... not bit less'.

    A Generation of Torturators ... never want to give up ... and they prefer to continue to torture.

    In their mind ... 'Is not permitted the World: End'.

    But there are a good news ... 'All them ... have Women in their family' and to them ... I address these words ... whom comes from Archeia Faith.

    Archiea or Female Archangel Faith is the Female Polarity of Archangel Michael ... in the first Ray, the Ray of the Will of God.

 Enjoy the Words of Faith!

Giovanni A. Orlando
Chapter 02

The Judgment of the dweller on the Threeshold
The Vigil of Faith

Children of the One Who Would Join the Armies of the Faithful and True:

I am Faith, guardian of the flame of Michael the Archangel. I ensoul the Mother light of faith in the mission of my beloved. I stand with the women of the world and with the Woman clothed with the Sun, (2 Cor 6:2) the defender of the God consciousness.

I am that consciousness rising as the bow of faith from which the arrows of hope and charity are sent by the hand of the Eternal Archer to the hearts of the children of God everywhere. I hold the immaculate concept for your faith, and I keep the home fires burning while Michael and his legions go forth to do battle with the dragon and his fallen angels. (Rev 15:6-7).

Women of the world —you to whom is given in this moment of cosmic destiny the opportunity to keep the flame for the sons and daughters of God —come to me as I draw you close to my heart of living faith.

Faith is the power by which your dreams come true.
Faith is the will to be and to do.
Faith is the action of the sacred Word.
Faith is the voice of God I heard.
I see you as you are.
I know you as you were.
I supply the energy to confer
The immaculate conception of your origin in God.

Mothers of the world, it is your faith in your children, your husbands, and your loved ones that will see them through their night in Gethsemane, their hour before the tribunals of earth and heaven, their moment of surrender on the cross of Alpha and Omega, and the three cycles (Gen 2:9) in the tomb of Mater where they, too, must work out the problem of life and death, the problem of the planes of consciousness and their infiltration by the astral hordes.

It was the faith of an archeia that was focused in the vigil of the three Marys.(Rev 4:4) By faith they kept the vigil at the cross; by faith they stood at the door of the tomb; by faith they beheld the risen Saviour. You, too, must uphold your faith in the sons and daughters of God in the moment of supreme testing. With Aaron and Hur, you must hold up the hands of Moses for the great and notable day of the Lord's victory; and by faith you shall see the discomfiture of Amalek and his people with the edge of the sword of truth wielded by Joshua, the chosen one.(Rev 4:5).

Let your faith be the soaring of consciousness that shall mount up with wings as eagles (Matt 5:18) bearing the hopes of mankind to the altar of God where in the flame of your living faith he will implement the plan divine.

I come on the wings of Archangel Michael to speak to you concerning the golden vial that he has released and the karma of its contents. Indeed this plague is a dark energy that covers the sky at noonday as though the hand of God had scattered the dust of the centuries, distributing to the four winds mankind's willful pollution of the elements of being.

In this hour of the judgment, the Lord God has not left you comfortless, (Rev 15:8) O my children. The sword of Kali is a comfort to all who adore the Mother flame. And to all who would be in the center of the fires of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter is come!

And it is given unto you to stand on the sea of glass mingled with fire, to place your feet on the platform of Almighty God that he has lowered into manifestation for your refuge, for your strength, for your overcoming of all darkness by the sacred essence of the Lamb of God.

Therefore, sing the song of Moses! (Rev 16:1) Sing the name of God, I AM THAT I AM! And chant the AUM into the night and into the day. It is your homing —your call to the Father-Mother God. And your callings are the weavings of your soul weaving the ladder of light, even Jacob's ladder whereby the angels of our band, ascending and descending, provide the way of escape to all who worship the Christ, and him only, in the love of living and in the life of loving all free.

Therefore, sing the song of the Lamb, saying: "Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints. Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy: for all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest." (Rev 15:2)

And this shall be the mantra of those who espouse the flames of Michael and Faith for the victory of the Lord's hosts. This is the mantra that was given by the angel of Jesus Christ unto John the Revelator that you in this hour of the victory might have the sacred Word to implement the victory by the sword of the Spirit. (Exo 3:14).

Now my legions come forth! And they stand before the altar of the Divine Mother and before her representative on earth. They stand before the children of God to bind the powers of darkness, of doubt and fear, of the spirals of disintegration and death.

For in the flaming presence of faith is the transmutative action of the law. This is the hour for the reaping of the sowings of doubt and fear and death. Therefore the angels are come to take from you the harvest of your wrong sowings in the will of God. Prepare yourselves; and let them come to separate the tares and the wheat (Rev 4:8) of your consciousness, and let them gather the tares that they might be burned in the sacred fire of the will of God.

See them come; for they, too, are of the armies of the Faithful and True (Sanat Kumara - Check the Book of Apocalypse explained ... or the coming Second Edition).

The Faithful and True is the Lord Christ who comes to claim his own, and his armies roll in numberless array. See them as they come marching from the Court of the Sacred Fire! And there is no end to the heavenly formation that descends this day with the great teams of conquerors to proclaim deliverance to those that have been brought captive before the unrighteous generation.

As you enter the fray, enjoining the hosts of the Lord, put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the lieutenants of Lucifer. (Rev 11:3) These are the devils who have deified evil, who have worshiped the golden calf (Rev 2:11) and raised up the carnal mind to pervert the serpentine energies of the caduceus, which even Moses raised up in the wilderness as the sign of Christ's healing wholeness unto the children of Israel. (Rev 16:2)

Face squarely the enemy within and without and receive the admonishment of Alpha, who has declared:

Now let all evolutions and lifewaves know:
The challenge of the hour is the consuming
by the sacred fire of the cause,

effect, record, and memory of all that has been impressed
upon the body of the Mother

—that body the entire cosmos —
by the fallen ones.

Now let us behold how the Fallen One has left seeds of rebellion even
in the four lower bodies of the children of God.
And so the Evil One came and sowed the tares among the wheat.

Now let the sons of light go forth! Let them go into the fields white with the harvest. Let them, as the reapers with the angelic hosts, separate the tares from the wheat. And let it be done by the fiat of Alpha and Omega! Let it be done by the action of the flow of sacred fire from the I AM Presence of each one!

More dangerous even than the Fallen One are the seeds of rebellion that remain to be consumed, for the seed contains within itself the pattern of the whole. And therefore I release the light of the fiery core of the flow of our oneness for the canceling-out of the seed of the Fallen One. I release this energy to the level of the etheric plane, the plane of fire. Farther it cannot go without the assent of your free will and your invocation, for the sacred fire will burn and consume the wheat with the tares unless it first be assimilated in the consciousness of the light-bearers.

Let the sacred fire, then, in the increment that can be borne by each one, be sealed in the third eye and the crown and in the heart as a trinity of action that can be called forth and released in the plane of the mind and the mental belt of a cosmos. It is the mind of Christ that the fallen ones have determined to seize, to misuse. They have no power from Alpha and Omega; yet the fiery core of life within the children of the sun has been used to affirm that power, to acquiesce to it and to reinforce it.

I say then, withdraw by the authority of your free will all affirmation, all consent that you have given unto the fallen ones, unto their rebellion, unto the seed, and unto the carnal mind of your own creation. Only thus will the mental belt be cleansed of the remnant of the Fallen One.

Now let the beast that occupies the bottomless pit of the subconscious and the desire body be exposed also! And let it be seen that this creation instigated by the fallen ones has also received the seal of your approval. For that which remains untransmuted, which you have failed to challenge, that which exists in consciousness, is therefore the creation of free will. And until you will to call it back, to undo it, to restore it to the fiery core for transmutation, it remains a blight on the whole of cosmos.

Only when you challenge the dweller on the threshold of your own cosmos and your own consciousness — the rebellious one —can you breathe the breath of life and know "I AM free!" Therefore, that judgment that has come to the Fallen One, meted out by Alpha and Omega, must also resound within the consciousness of every living soul. And the Alpha-to-Omega, the atom of identity in the fiery core of your own being, must release the spiral that renders the judgment whereby the dweller on the threshold passes through the second death and is no more and has no longer any habitation in the whole consciousness of that life which you call your own, but which I am here to tell you is my very own —mine to give, mine to take. And I can claim that fiery core, that replica of the Great Central Sun, when the cycles roll and the law of being returns the drop unto the Ocean.

You have a cosmos! You have an energy field assigned to you! Let the four quadrants of your creation be purged of every residue of the Fallen One! Let them be purged by your free will aligned with my own, aligned with the Four and Twenty Elders who render judgment in the God Star. And let the earth body as well be free of the impressions of rebellion and the ego that is set apart from the Divine One! (Rev 16:2)

And so, my beloved children, by faith let us forge our God-identity. Let us hearken unto the message of Alpha and know that as we fulfill the word of the Father-Mother God, we shall be the Word incarnate. As above, so below, we are the oneness of the divine union. And our son, Micah, Angel of Unity, encircles the earth, traversing the lines of longitude. He with his angels of unity carry the flaming sword to slay the dragons roaming the continents of the mind to divide and conquer the body of God upon earth.

Archeia of the First Ray
For faith, for unity in the will of God.
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