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Four Angels ... know also in the Egyptian Tradition ...


Greetings in the day of the Messenger ... and the message today is about 'Acceptance' ... regarding Homosexuality.

     And I will back in time to ... the first time ... the drama of ... Assassination arrives against Homosexuality.

     Still considering ... basic concepts about ... Physics and the Polarity of the Soul in Male as well the Polarity of the Soul in Female ... and sacred concepts ... know in Egypt like 'KA' (Soul) ... 'BA' (Balance).

     The KA is the High Energy of the Higher Soul ... the God part inside Man and Woman ... and BA is the Sexual Energy ... that define the gender and the Humor.

       I will ... tell you a story about Humanity ... that I comment years ago ... and I will repeat and repeat each time you need. Now, today ... you need to hear it again.


    And the story do not begin in planet Earth ... but on Venus ... and continue on Mars ... still includes planet Maldek ... exploded ... and the (fourth chance) ... planet Earth.

     The story ... and is our story ... begins when some Andromedan Angels ... go to the Lord ... asking for an experience in time ... that regards ... Free Will.

      In the Heavens ... there are NO FREE WILL. Our Planet is ... the only place where ... is accepted and permitted Free Will. In the Heavens ... there are nothing but God Will.

      Now ... these Angels ... which are basically 'Blue Angels' ... under the assistance of Archangel Micheal ... arrive and lower their Higher Vibration.

        These angels ... do sex each others ... and ... according to the moment ... rise the 'Beauty and the Ugly' which was the first Social Division in Humanity.

(Click here or the image to read the original story)

      Now ... always on planet Venus ... and there are life on planet Venus ... and NOT on the Surface ... but about 400 Km down ... and not necessarily on third dimension visible frequency.

     On Venus ... like Angels ... people look and work ... in the Industry to produce Musical Instruments to reproduce the Music of the Spheres ... like Violin, Trumpets, Piano ... Classical Music ... Bach, Beethoven, Mozart ...

     And the Wealthy people were the 'Beauty' ... while the 'Ugly' people were the servant.

     This was the panorama ... for some time ... thousand of years ... However, were the Ugly who become Spiritual and the Beauty arrogant. (I got a Vision in a dream ... like a Ugly ... and Master ... in those days).

      Now ... the Ugly do not have a Syndicate ... and begin to War. The Most warrior people ... were expulsed to planet Mars.

        On Planet Mars ... the Male become very ... Torturators ... to use a Word. Man ... basically do not ask about Sex ... to their Woman ... but Violate them ... asking nothing. There were also Sex Olympic Games in Public and Sexual Exhibition of Male members ... and Sexual Performance ... all in PUBLIC.

         Their Children ... the Man ... reject this ... exaggerated behavior. The same was for the Woman, daughter of the Man.

          Now, the Man ... begin to collect Flowers for their Mother. This custom begin in Mars ... and man begin to mate with Man ... and Woman with Woman ... like a rejection to Violate the Partner in Sexual Performances, (or get violated in the case of woman).

         Therefore ... Homosexuality born on Planet Mars.

          The story is somehow more detailed ... I am giving the Guidelines and you can read the entire book.

(Click the book image or here to read the entire book)

     I hope you purchase this book. I, Giovanni title a Volume 6 in the collection, 'Galactic Alignment' to offer an updated and more complete version of this teaching.

       Now my friends ... things become ... complex.

       The first Homosexual in Mars ... begin to mate in secret and have sexual relation ... far ... very far ... from their Fathers.

        But ... some people discover them. A Civil War begin on Mars ... until was necessary a Heaven intervention.

        From the 'Part II - The Colonization of Mars' ... we can read ...

Hierarchical Intervention and the Law of Instant Karma-Year 5125

When it looked like the only outcome would be civil war, the Martian-born Pleiadians called for help from the etheric realms. In broad daylight, a lightship precipitated in the central square area above the colony, and a dozen Light Beings filed out: three golden Ra Beings, three red Ma-at Beings, three blue Ptah Beings, and three green An-Ra Beings. The delegation members first greeted those of their colleagues in Martian bodies and then addressed the people as follows:


“Before your people came to this planet, we agreed to allow you to develop your own way of living together and to remain neutral and non-interfering unless you called on us by consensus. The exception was to take place at the end of your first 5200-year solar cycle, at which time you would have to show evolution in order to remain in total sovereignty. That time cycle is nearing an end, and some of you still confuse sovereignty with the right to control others and take away their free will. All parts of your society now have a right to speak their truth to us and to one another, the right to be heard without harm. From now until the end of this solar cycle, we will assist you in determining the guidelines for the next time cycle, which begins in seventy-five years. We will allow no violence or harm to come to any of you during this time of review and decision making. We will return in fifty years to meet with all of you at the same time, and together we will determine the future agreements. Those who would take away the free will of others or destroy them, come forward now.”


In an altered state, brought on by the high-frequency light bodies and merkabah lightship before them, the patriarchs filed out from behind doors and buildings and came to the front of the crowd. The Pleiadian spokesperson said to them, “You have violated the sovereignty and free will of your brothers and sisters here among you. You have killed for power, prejudice, and greed. Yet because this planet is still under consensus rule, you cannot be removed, and we would not punish you even if we could. You have a right to learn and grow here.


“You must evolve. That is what you agreed to do before you, in the bodies of your most ancient ancestors, came here. At this time, the rest of the inhabitants of this planet are evolving and learning from the past. Unless you evolve and learn from the past within the remaining seventy-five years, you will be subject to the decisions made by those who are evolving. These are the terms you chose, and we are here to see that these terms are carried out.

“Until we return fifty years from now, you yourselves will immediately experience whatever you would inflict upon another. If you raise your hand to strike another, the force of your own hand will knock you down. If you seek to kill someone, your own hand will turn on you and kill your body instead. In turn, if you are kind and generous, you will be responded to with kindness and generosity. By these terms, you may remain here as part of the colony.

“You have another option. You may leave the colony altogether and start your own colony elsewhere on the planet. All those who willingly go may go. None may be forced. If you choose this option, you must return in fifty years for the planet-wide meeting with us. You will know the timing when a giant red comet moves across the sky, lighting the planet like a red sun for about five minutes. We will arrive again within one full cycle of each of your two moons after the appearance of the comet. What do you choose?”

Without exception, the patriarchal group chose to leave. Although they might not have been able to put it into words, they did not trust their self-control enough to withstand the instant-karma alternative. They knew they must digest all of this and have time to understand and choose—away from the pressure to be non-harmful. The group was told of an area approximately a two-week walk from the colony, and they departed for it at once.


Now, please consider clear ... that ... each person ... who deny it gender ... get ... attacked by his or her similar.

There are no 'norm'. The point ... now speaking from Kryon words is that ... 'ALL PEOPLE' ... live the both sexualities ... some man become Woman ... in the other life and some Woman become Man in their next life.

When a man ... reject to have sex with Woman ... loving Man ... it is because he will become 'Woman' in him next life, and vice-versa.

I hope you can accept your ... neighbors.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


PS. If you ask my preferences ... Well, I prefer you read a coming book,

PPS. Like I am speaking on behalf on compassion of the lovers and practice of Homosexuality ... I hope the same compassion about the Lovers and practice of 'The Romance of the Harem'.

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