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Are there a Shakespeare's play speaking about America? ... If so ...What play?


Greetings in the Orange day of Venus (to-morrow ... permit me to anticipate that joy two hours before ...) ... the day of the Love to the Family ... the love to the partner ... the love for two ...

     And what better to bring to your lover ... than a Poetry? ... What better that whisper Shakespeare? ... Nothing better.

     And let me offer a small Poetry ... to you ... but speaking about the New English Temptation that Shakespeare was not Shakespeare.

     Here you have ...

     Oh Thou listener of the time ...
     Thou that Love my words full of mystery and grace.
     Full of Wisdom and Peace ...
     Full of Mastery and Light ...
     Have you ever ponder if me, or another was the very author of my Words?
     Can you think about?
     If I say ... 'It's me' ... Who you would have in mind?
     Bacon or not Bacon ...
     Queen or not Queen ...
     Word or not Word ...
     but because my words arrive to you from an interpreter
     let me say Bacon and Queen and Word.
     Francis Bacon I was ...
     Queen Elizabeth was my Mother ...
     and my Words you still hear ... but you are not think on them.


   I hope you like ...

   And the pertinent question was ...

   Are there a Shakespeare's play speaking about America? ... If so ...What play? ...

   The answer is easy and plain ... and so is the answer.

   The Comedy of Errors includes thy words ...

In act III, Scene 2 we have ...

ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE    Why, how now, Dromio! where runn'st thou so fast?
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    Do you know me, sir? am I Dromio? am I your man?
am I myself?
ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE    Thou art Dromio, thou art my man, thou art thyself.
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    I am an ass, I am a woman's man and besides myself.
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    Marry, sir, besides myself, I am due to a woman; one
that claims me, one that haunts me, one that will have me.
ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE    What claim lays she to thee?
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    Marry sir, such claim as you would lay to your
horse; and she would have me as a beast: not that, I
being a beast, she would have me; but that she,
being a very beastly creature, lays claim to me.
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    A very reverent body; ay, such a one as a man may
not speak of without he say 'Sir-reverence.' I have
but lean luck in the match, and yet is she a
wondrous fat marriage.
ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE    How dost thou mean a fat marriage?
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    Marry, sir, she's the kitchen wench and all grease;
and I know not what use to put her to but to make a
lamp of her and run from her by her own light. I
warrant, her rags and the tallow in them will burn a
Poland winter: if she lives till doomsday,
she'll burn a week longer than the whole world.
ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE    What complexion is she of?
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    Swart, like my shoe, but her face nothing half so
clean kept: for why, she sweats; a man may go over
shoes in the grime of it.
ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE    That's a fault that water will mend.
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    No, sir, 'tis in grain; Noah's flood could not do it.
ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE    What's her name?
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    Nell, sir; but her name and three quarters, that's
an ell and three quarters, will not measure her from
hip to hip.
ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE    Then she bears some breadth?
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    No longer from head to foot than from hip to hip:
she is spherical, like a globe; I could find out
countries in her.
ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE    In what part of her body stands Ireland?
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    Marry, in her buttocks: I found it out by the bogs.
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    I found it by the barrenness; hard in the palm of the hand.
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    In her forehead; armed and reverted, making war
against her heir.
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    I looked for the chalky cliffs, but I could find no
whiteness in them; but I guess it stood in her chin,
by the salt rheum that ran between France and it.
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    Faith, I saw it not; but I felt it hot in her breath.
ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE    Where America, the Indies?
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    Oh, sir, upon her nose all o'er embellished with
rubies, carbuncles, sapphires, declining their rich
aspect to the hot breath of Spain; who sent whole
armadoes of caracks to be ballast at her nose.

ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE    Where stood Belgia, the Netherlands?
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE    Oh, sir, I did not look so low. To conclude, this
drudge, or diviner, laid claim to me, call'd me
Dromio; swore I was assured to her; told me what
privy marks I had about me, as, the mark of my
shoulder, the mole in my neck, the great wart on my
left arm, that I amazed ran from her as a witch:
And, I think, if my breast had not been made of
faith and my heart of steel,
She had transform'd me to a curtal dog and made
me turn i' the wheel.

Unfortunately ... The BBC Edition removes the America word ... Opps. I have no idea why they did that ...

 If you look on http://shakespeare.mit.edu/comedy_errors/comedy_errors.3.2.html ... You will see my words are in Light.

I include the precise passage ... where the words where removed or unpronounced ...

 Now ... let me please ... Be Ironic ... Can I? ... I hope so ...

 And ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE has a special weakness for Luciana ... and he say ... (before in the play, same act ...)

... And he say ... before Luciana? ...

                after some words of Great Exaltation ... 

                She reply ...

                and he ... modestly confess ...

               ... and like a Lover do ... because in Love ... he continues ... moving the panorama to Logic ... May Logic works? ...


... and after these scene ... She disappear because the Pope have just arrived in town ...

Fare Thee Well

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Any English speaker ... must Love Shakespeare ... because Shakespeare is English ...

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