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Greetings in the White day of Purity ... the day of Venus ...

     Learn English for the people that born in non-English countries ... may be a pleasure, an adventure or an Odyssey.

     It is my wish that the Quest ... to learn English become a pleasure or wonderful adventure with a happy end. Not an Odyssey.

     The English Language ... need like other languages ... the necessary Love and dedication.

     May be you want to learn English for Business or Pleasure. May be it become a necessity ... whatever is the reason you need to be Efficient and Coherent ... in your training.

     An important and fundamental component is 'Pronunciation' ...

     Before to push my Words ... I need to clarify ... that English (or any Language) become like a personal habit ... after he is acquired.

     In other words ... each person have a personal Language ... a personal mode to speak ... to write and to communicate ... this 'habit' tends to perfection ... with the Help and the nurture of Culture increasing the Vocabulary, perfecting the Pronunciation ... and correcting Grammar or Mistakes.

    The Union of the language used by a Community or a Country is what define a Language.

     In modern times ... A New Code or Alphabet has been designed and introduced. The IPA, or

International Phonetic Alphabet.

     It is a very particular Alphabet that interact with the tone, the position of the tongue, the aspiration, the stress and the position of the Throat and the Tongue to speak a particular Vowel or Diphthong or Consonant.


    Because International ... it does not regards ONLY English ... but Spanish, French, German, Italian and any Language.

    Of course this article regards English Pronunciation.

    The IPA has been established to have common sounds for Texans, Californians ... and people living in London or Birmingham as well Australia or New Zealand ... or New York.

    In fact,

    My name sounds different in United States than in England ...

    The Cambridge English Pronunciation Dictionary, 18th Edition ... offers the solution.


    You can choose and listen over 230,000 words ... in both British and American English.

ˈlɪn.əks , ˈlaɪ.nəks , -nʌks , US ˈlɪn.əks


    Therefore ... You can speak Perfect English ... If you can speak correctly ...

     You need to have a Wide Vocabulary, Good Grammar and Perfect or as perfect as possible ... Pronunciation.

     You can still add the Study of Etymology ...

      Including the Study of the Shakespearian Plays will lead us to become a Great enthusiast of English Language as well we will underline Our character.

      The IPA is as follows,

       If you want to study pronunciation you can purchase the ...

     Future Technologies will announce its Course Face-to-Face in Southern Italy, around 2012.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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