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Greetings in the Royal Jupiter-day of the Archangel Gabri-el and Micha-el ...

     And the name of these Archang-el(s) ... like Ab-el ... ends in "EL" ... which is a Word that means GOD (a Type or Face of God ... like EL-HOIM) is another type of Great Face of God ... like Elohim Hercules or Elohim Mer (Meru) ... or their Female Partners Alohim Amazonia ... partner of Hercules and Elohim Mara ... partner of Lord Meru ... Lord Meru is a Cyclop and "EL" ... means an "L" ...

     Please note the Right Angle ... 90° in the Letter ... and the Shift of Degree 90 is an Exercise of Multidimensionality ... Check Our Book ... "El Secreto de los Andes".


    We can say that Niels Abel ... momentum began when he depart to Europe from Norway ... in a 20 months journey.

    In Norse (Norwegian) language we can read:

    1825: Niels Henrik Abel får reisestipend, og starter sin 20 måneder lange reise i Europa.
I Berlin møter han store støttespillere.

1826: I løpet av 1826 får Niels Henrik Abel syv artikler trykt i Crelles Journal i Berlin, og i oktober leverer han sin store avhandling til Institut de France for trykking. "Jeg tør uden Bram sige at den er god. Jeg er nysgjerrig efte at høre Instituttets Dom" rapporterer han hjem.

1827: Niels Henrik Abel vender skuffet tilbeke til Christiania. Parisavhandlingen er forsvunnet, og han tror at den er tapt for alltid. Gjennom familie og kjente skaffer han Christine plass som guvernante hos familien Smith på Frolands Verk. Hit kommer Niels Henrik på besøk ved flere anledninger.

1828: Niels Henrik Abel vikarierer for professor Hansteen ved Den militære høyskolen, senere også ved Det Kongelige Fredriks Universitet i Christiania. Denne sommeren er utsiktene lyse til et professorat i Berlin, men han er alvorlig syk, kreftene svinner hen. Han tenker igjen på den forsvundne ”Pariseravhandling”, og er bekymret for hvordan det skal gå med sin forlovede.

1829: Den 6. januar, i ”Bukkerommet” på Frolands Verk, skriver Abel for Crelles Journal sitt siste matematiske arbeid. Han formulerer hovedtanken fra ”Pariseravhandlingen”, og den er dermed reddet for vitenskapen. Professor Mittag-Leffler betegner denne dagen som en viktigere dag for vitenskapen, enn keisere og kongers fødedager og nasjoners merkedager. Til vennen, B. M. Keilhau, får han sendt en bønn om at han må ta seg av Christine.

Etter 12 ukers sykeleie, dør Niels Henrik Abel i Bukkerommet på Frolands Verk, den 6. april, 26 år og 8 måneder gammel.

   In English ... (or Angel-ish) we have:

   1825: Niels Henrik Abel gets a travel scholarship, starting his 20 month long journey in Europe.
In Berlin he meets major supporters.

1826: During 1826, Niels Henrik Abel has seven articles printed in the Crelles Journal in Berlin, and in October he delivers his great thesis to the Institut de France for printing.  "I uden sige that it's good. I am curious efte that the Hearing Institute's Dom  "he reports home.

1827: Niels Henrik Abel is facing disappointed Tilbeke to Christiania. Parisavhandlingen is missing, and he thinks it's lost forever. Through family and famous, he acquires Christine's place as governess in the Smith family on Frolands works. Over here, Niels Henrik will be visiting on several occasions.

1828: Niels Henrik Abel vikarierer for Professor Hansteen at the Military College, later also at the University of Oslo, Norway. This summer the outlook is bright to a professorship in Berlin, but he is seriously ill, the forces are dwindling. He thinks again of the Forsvundne "Pariser treatise", and is concerned about how it should go with his fiancée.

1829: the 6th January, in "Bukkerommet" on Frolands works, Abel writes for the Crelles Journal's latest math work. He formulates the primary idea of the "Pariser thesis" and is thus saved for science. Professor Mittag-Leffler denotes this day as a more important day for science, than emperors and Kings ' birth days and national anniversaries. To his friend, B. M. Keilhau, he has sent a prayer that he must take care of Christine.

After the 12-week sickbed, Niels Henry Abel dies in Bukkerommet on Frolands work, the 6th April, 26 years and 8 months old.


    Now ... The Europe of 1829 ... was not so ... inconsistent like the Europe of "Bankers" (Sorry for the Bankers) ... of today.

    In fact, many people ... specially Scholars ... like Abel ... or Bach ... talk, speak and write in many European Languages ... not one.

    So German talk French ... French German and Italian ... Italian French and German ... and therefore is not a surprise that on a Mathematical Journal like Crelle Journal (Crelle is another Mathematician ... from Germany) ... we find Abel Papers written on French Language.

     I, Giovanni ... have considered "interesting" to offer the Crelle Journal ... Volume Four (Vierter band) published in Berlin 1829 ... where appear many Papers from the Pen of Abel.

    You can read ... in French ...

  • N. 3 - Note sur quelques formules elliptiques
  • N. 8 - Mémories sur une classe particulaire d’équations résolubles algébriquement.

   Click the next image to download the Journal composed by 414 pages ... where appear articles of Moebius (the same of the strip), Dirichlet and many others.

   And ... with the cordial invitation to discover Abel ... we conclude ... Day 3 ...

Giovanni A. Orlando.
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