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Wednesday, 16 November 2011 11:46

FTOSX Desktop 2003 screenshot ...


Greetings in the Green-day of Healing ...

    ... And still the Operating System market ... still the Linux Operating System ... still UNIX need Healing.

     Of Course!  ... Of Course!

     The Best accepted UNIX is and remains ... MacOSX ...

     They claim to be the 'OSX' ... but they do a wrong Math.

     There are also FTOSX ...

    FTOSX was released like the Linux based Alternative to MacOS X ... and actually is 'stopped', in 'hold position'.

    Like a Curse ... UNIX

   remains ... without a Desktop.

   Because the only venerable Desktop for UNIX is ... actually MacOSX Lion.

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    We at Future Technologies ... choose KDE and for a while release and announce, FT KDE

    But we apply our changes ... only in a minimal fashion.

    Our Higher Invention remains the FTOSX Arena ... that lead to the 'Personal Operating System'.

    and we did three times, FTOSX 2001, 2002/2003 and 2004.

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   The Operating System Desktop remains as ...

   This projection is dated by remains valid ... because MS Windows hold the Leader Position and is not UNIX.

   We ... will announce not our plans ... because much technology had changed and new technology have appeared ... but Our Dream ...

The UNIX Desktop Dream ... will be fulfilled.

  We all the necessary respect ... I, Giovanni claim that new Software Engineering ... enter in UNIX from 'Bad' established Desktops like KDE or GNOME, or others less effective.

   Time ago ... The Open Group release the CDE.


   The KDE born like a CDE for free ... based on Qt Trolltech Libraries, and GNOME born like a KDE alternative to use 'real free' libraries.

    What lost of time ...

    Steve Jobs's NeXT is what is MacOSX ... to-day with their relative evolutions ...

    Both are UNIX ... but the UNIX Desktop remains a Dream ... for now!


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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