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The New FTLogo ... now with the Multi-dimensional Caduceus ... with new Company Motto: 'The Light Company'


Greetings in the day of the Silver Ray of Balance ... The Balance of God ...

     And Scientist (in my case with your Permission ... to be so called) need to read many and more books about Literature ... not only Mathematics and Physics ... but also Dante's Paradiso (Paradise) ... which in Story is famous for the first, not the Third and Last book ... in His Divine Commedia.

     The 'Commedia' ... understanding Comedy ... is not really funny ... and Dante Claim to be Divine ... but correcting and enhancing Great Dante Alighieri ... which become a New Actor in Our Book about Einstein to ... discredit and dismantling Einstein Theory ... because ... most Scientist ... including Professor Einstein are Atheist. They do not consider God in their Math nor in their Universe ... Where they can suppose God is? ...

    We are ... celebrating our 20 Anniversary this year ... and Our dream to improve and involve community with Tweets and/or small pills of Wisdom or Quotes ... can be declared successful.

     We are producing many changes in Our Logo ... that can be reflected in Our Evolution ...

  • We ... from today are called 'The Light Company' ... because in the Light lies the Secret of the Universe. (Walter Russell wrote a Wonderful book about 'Light' titled 'The Secret of Light' which we are studying and also Saint Germain in his lessons on Alchemy say, 'The mind of Christ is synonymous with the mind of Light and characterizes one whose attunement is specifically directed to the Higher Intelligence.') ... Therefore Light is not only Light ... but Wisdom and we are made of Light.
  • We include the Multidimensional Caduceus ... including concepts of Western, Eastern and Arcane (understanding Archangelical ... Wisdom) ...

I hope ... that no Medical Doctor can feel offended for this inclusion ... because they ... by example do not understand why Hermes or Mercury hold a Caduceus in his hands ... is not to offer in a second moment a pharmaceutical medicine ... which sometimes is necessary ... but to remember Multi-dimensionality.

    In fact, Hermes which is basically Hermes Trimegistus (Saint Germain) ... the Founder of Alchemy ... hold a Caduceus in his right hand.


    There are many explanations regarding the Caduceus ... not only from the Physics, but also for Medicine ...

    In Ayuveda or Indian Medicine ... we have the Ida and Pingala and the Sushumna ... It is evident the connection with Caduceus ...


    This Ida and Pingala ... when activated become Two Serpents ... which are 'interesting' in the Sexual Union and were know by Mary Magdalene which use and adopt a Serpent Bracelet (or Snake Bracelet) ...

   She was a Saint Woman ... Saint of Saint ... and wife of Lord Jesus ... and because her Snake Bracelet she was Judged like a Bad Woman ... Of Course like 2000 years ago ... Some people ... assign Sex with something Dirty ... but Honestly Sex is Sacred ... All Sex ... because Sex is the maximal expression of Love ... and Love is characteristic of the Fifth Dimension, 5D.

   Thefore the Caduceus ... is not ... only the Vertebral Column and the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna ... where the serpent ... of Energy ... move on the Column ... but is also the Caduceus of the Dimensions ... Even and Odd ...

    In fact, I like a Mathematician ... was only listen God Anu ... the God of the Fourth Dimension that begin to understand and get confidence with these concepts.

    God Anu say in the Pleiadian Agenda ....

"We mined gold from Earth, and we use it to protect our planetary aura when we come into the solar system. When we are farthest from the Sun, we come close to Sirius, but Sirius does not have planets. Our rela­tionship with Sirius is about stellar consciousness, not planetary con­sciousness. The Sirians are the archetype of our stellar evolution, as the Pleiadians are the source of your stellar evolution. If we did not have Sirian higher awareness influencing us on some level, we would not evolve, as you would not evolve your spirits without the Pleiadians.

"I am a lonely god contemplating the end of Earth as I've known it. I am a very important being. Soon—from 1998 to 2000—there will be a convention of the Galactic Federation to discuss Earth. Anyone seeking life is a member of the Galactic Federation. We will call together entities of 2D, 4D, 6D, and 8D who have an interest in the condition of Earth. Why the even side of the dimensional caduceus, and not the odd side? The even dimensions of the alchemical tree of life create structural laws for the Galaxy, and the odd dimensions live out the laws by exploring free will. The very laws of existence must be rewritten so that the life that lives them out can remain free. It is not that one side is better than the other; each one just works with different agendas. We, the gods of 4D, are the ones who know that we must write new laws of existence.

"Have you seen all the fine temples we've built on your planet? We must have your genetic material to continue our species when we are out in space, so we build first-class hotels for our visits. My ultimate objective for humanity to have a pure genetic strain for its own sake. Then we wouldn't have to influence you or change you when we arrive; we could just intermingle and sojourn with you. Like adults who are ready to begin relationship without either party needing any more maturation, we would meet as equals.

"We are the gods who come down to Earth, called by you the Nephilim of the Hebrew Bible. We built your temples as places for pregnating Earth species with our seed. The ancient stories of the solar princesses and priestesses who mate with us to birth future kings and queens are real. This is a long story, a long relationship that you can only explore through time. All that is useful and relevant now is for us to examine together a series of behavioral patterns that have become part of your culture as a result of your attempts to cope with our visitations. Like a lover who finally realizes that his visits changed the one he loved, I want to know from you how we have changed your world.


Therefore add the Caduceus is fundamental we add recently the Rose ... of the Holiness ... representing the Government of Heaven ... and beyond we have the City four Square ... where the 25 Archangels dwell ... and beyond God Itself ... the Prime Creator.

If you want to read more about the 25 Archangels ... You can read it in Spanish.

                                                               The 25 Archangels

   Do not worry ... is not a Divine Comedy ... is just the interacting of Multiple Agendas in Multiple Dimensions ... Humm ... Be Holy ... because you are Holy from the beginning.


Giovanni A. Orlando

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