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Greetings ... in the day the of the Moon ... and what is a better Moon that ... Lake Titicaca? ... the Mirror of the History of the World ... and the Ancient Civilizations of Sudamerica (in Spanish)?

     And this book is very mystic ... In fact, is this book that engine Volume 2, 'The Book of Apocalypse explained ...' ... now also under development ... to reach also Third Edition.

Volume 1 and 2 ... of 'Galactic Alignment' ...

   The Book of 'The Secrets of the Andes' ... is an impressive effort and a full immersion not only in the Holy Past of South America ... of Colombia ... of Peru ... of Chile, Venezuela and the entire Continent ... but a full immersion in the Latest Golden Age ... and while Atlantis and Lemuria ... fight and fall ... and sank ... under the Oceans ... because they were two of the original seven continents ... respectively Atlantis under the Atlantic Ocean and Lemuria under the Pacific Ocean ... South America ... remains ... intact ... 

   In fact ... the South American Continent ... rules ... on the right ... close to the delta of Orinoco ... and many Scientist have no idea was happened.

   ... What happened was ... that Cosmic Master that arrive ... and release a 'Maxim Light' ... around where was built 'El Dorado' ... return to inform the people that ... the Continent was shock ... but the people do not believe it ... and many perish ...

    The Poseidon, Casimir Poseidon ... move to what today is ... California ... in these days ... around 12,000 years ago. 


    Why is Important to read ... 'El Secreto de los Andes' ... 'The Secret of the Andes' (Third Edition) ...?

    The first and many reason ... is because 'South America' is close to become a New World Power ...

    In fact, in Chapter 18 ... I recover an important speech from Angel Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll on the right ... and Giovanni Orlando on the left ... on (Milano Marittima, Italy, Sep 20, 2013.)

who say ...

If you know the topography of the sea, and the boat still in one direction, is not difficult then to predict what goes to happens when the boat goes there.  And so I did. And now we are here. The destination of that boat is almost ... complete. And if you look what I told you, we say Human Consciousness will shift and that Earth will change. Many fear it. Kryon start to talk about war yet again, and that is never what I say. I want you look around, and see what is happening in your land, as well as in the lands around you.

Yet there are still those who say: “Well is only a bomb of positive things. We are destined to be victims of time. We will repeat all the energy we did”, and they raise the hand like some authority and they say, “Look at South America! Always happens. Always in troubles.” With the leadership and the wars, with the disagreements seems like just go through a wave of dictators, problems from the top to the bottom. Twenty one years ago, I told you that what’s not the case.

Indeed this may be the end of an age. The end of an old age. The end of the cycle of negativity. The end of a cycle of becoming victims of the planet.  And there is evidence all around you, that I am right. And there is joy. And I am right. Is everywhere. You can watch for it.

South America becomes stronger. A larger world power. A power not in a military way, power in a stable way, in an integrity way.  A model about how things works. That’s is what we see.

And there are reasons.

(You can read this chapter for free ...  18. The SouthAmerican Shift, by Kryon and Giovanni A. Orlando)

There are no Great Happiness for a South American to see ... Its Land Free and with Joy ... No other happiness is great than this ... Well, there are other!?

   What other happiness? ... Humm ... The Balance of the Sin ... The Balance of the Fall of Men ... and Complete Healing of the Planet ...

The Balance of the Sin ... is Peace on Earth ...


  And while some will think ... South America will become a Military Power ... Opps ... No.

  In accord to the Words of Kryon,

A power not in a military way, power in a stable way, in an integrity way.  A model about how things works. That’s is what we see.

   South America ... is going to become a Lighthouse of Spirituality for the World ...

  ... And you have here ... Pope Francisco ... healing the Church ... in permanent mode and a Guide for many ...

Pope Francisco.


   Therefore ... South America ... will ... become Stronger ... and be healed ... because also in South America were a Garden ... with the Beautiful Caribbean Beaches ... the Beautiful Weather ... which now spread ... also in Italy ...

    There are many secrets Humanity need to fix and to heal ... One is the Atahualpa curse ... Where is 'El Dorado'? ...

    The Secret of the Andes is ... a Spiritual Motor to engine a Change ... from the Past ... from over 12,000 years ... to the Future ... which is ... also the Future of the World ...

Giovanni A. Orlando
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