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The German language and me have a special feeling, basically from the Mathematics world, but not only. In my days when I was a teenager, I spend a summer translating the book, "Gründlagen der Analysis" y Edmun Landau, like a first part of him Einführung in die Differentialrechung and Integralrechung from German to Spanish, with the help of the English edition.

From some magic, this english edition is available here for free, in the Analysis section of FTHumanEvolutionCourse's FTLearningKits (The Free Books).

However, from today we offer the David Hilbert Speech: David Hilbert - Mathematische Probleme, in the New German Section in the FTLearningKits.

I beleive that we have a debt with German people for their incredible mind in technology, and of course I include here my friends from Austria.


Giovanni A. Orlando. 

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