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Welcome ... in this section we will include the Tips and News about Human Evolution.

Human Evolution is connected with us like a being ... living in a planet. And therefore we comment about Medicine, Vibrational Medicine ... and human biology, as well Human History.

Of course, because we live within an Universe, we comment about Astronomy, and Physics, as well Chemistry. And because all this need Mathematics, we comment about Mathematics as well.

Enjoy human being ... we are moving to a big holiday after long time.

Welcome to the party ... you are the honor guest!



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161 The Judgment of the dweller on the Threeshold by Archeia Faith Administrator 1018
162 Let us speak about Glory ... let us speak about Poetry. Administrator 1045
163 What Heaven thinks ... about Homosexuality? ... Administrator 1070
164 Editoriale 185: Un regalo nel giorno del Signore: Cos’è Crisi? … Una Lezione? e Trionfo da Maestro Mer dal Libro della Apocalisse spiegato ... Administrator 904
165 In the day of the King and the Queen ... I give you Power! Administrator 1087
166 Editorial # 184: Do you know ... there are a New Symbol of Tao? ... Administrator 1065
167 What is the Yuga we are living now? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1161
168 In the day of Love ... we gift a New Chapter: Love! Administrator 1291
169 A new free chapter from 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' ... Wisdom! Administrator 1537
170 Editorial #183: Can we bypass the prophetic Apocalypse of John of Patmos? ... Administrator 1102
171 L'illuminazione è una porta aperta a tutti ... da Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1109
172 Forgotten Science, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Science ... just some columns in the Collection: 'Forgotten Science and New Age' Administrator 1371
173 Bach, Shakespeare, Kandinsky and Riemann (A New Quadrivium) ... with examples of Plato, Leonardo, Cantor and Gauss ... Administrator 1301
174 Strauss, Bach ... Pisano ... vite dedicate a Dio ... Administrator 2098
175 Plato, Pythagoras and Holst ... The Music and the Heavens ... Administrator 1418
176 Editoriale #182: Le separazioni e le Riunione ... come scalini di Conscienza ... Administrator 1092
177 What is the difference between an Angel and Archangel? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1468
178 What is the Hermetic Philosophy? ... from the Book 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' ... Administrator 1286
179 Editorial 180: Government for the Glory of God by El Moria. Administrator 1080
180 "Behold ... Ye are Gods" ... by El Moria ... Administrator 1633
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