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Welcome ... in this section we will include the Tips and News about Human Evolution.

Human Evolution is connected with us like a being ... living in a planet. And therefore we comment about Medicine, Vibrational Medicine ... and human biology, as well Human History.

Of course, because we live within an Universe, we comment about Astronomy, and Physics, as well Chemistry. And because all this need Mathematics, we comment about Mathematics as well.

Enjoy human being ... we are moving to a big holiday after long time.

Welcome to the party ... you are the honor guest!



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1 Can we propose a Theorem on Human DNA? ... Administrator 59
2 Quali sono le dati relative ad Atlantide? ... Mosè con i 10 Comamdamenti? ... e il Grande Diluvio? ... Administrator 63
3 One day with the Assyrian Tree of Life ... Administrator 84
4 Editorial #1.2018: A day in Europe ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 448
5 What was the Strategy of Future Technologies in 2017? ... Sabbatical ... Administrator 793
6 One day with Adama ... at Shasta, CA ... by Denise Laberge Administrator 619
7 One day with Jophiel Our cerebrum, cerebellum and the Galaxy ... by Archangel Jophiel Administrator 592
8 One day with the Templars ... by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 705
9 One day with ... Man and No-Man ... by The Great Divine Director and Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 723
10 One day with the Six-O'Clock in the Cosmic Clock ... Victory in the Threefold Flame by Serapis Bey Administrator 639
11 What are the differences betwen Left and Right Brain people? by Archangel Jophiel Administrator 716
12 A Gift: The Shield of the Aura by Koot Hoomi and Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 797
13 The Art of the King begin in your Neurons (Part 1) ... by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 887
14 Who was the Lord of the Garden of Eden? ... by Elizabththe Clare, Lord Maitreya and Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 918
15 The Purification of the Human Aura ... by Lord Koot Homi ... Administrator 1066
16 Another day Holding the Balance of World Karma by Goddess of Liberty Administrator 1001
17 One day with the " Balance of World Karma" (Part 1) ... by Goddess Liberty and Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 855
18 The Birth of the Christ Perfection ... by Archangel Gabriel ... and Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 877
19 One day with the Golden Mind of Dr. Freud ... by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando Service 970
20 Is Sapiens ... The Homo Sapiens? ... by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1058
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