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Here we comment pills about Wisdom Physics.

Here we comment classical Newtonian Mechanics to describe our 3D, as well Quantum Mechanics, and Study of Waves, like Electromagnetis, Gravitation, Electronics, and similar matters.

Just a comment. If we speak about the EM (Electromagnetic field) of the Human Body ... Where we can classify it? Biology, Physics or New Age. ... I said all.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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71 The 'fake' Einstein Theory and the Millenium Problems by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1041
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74 Can Future be Changed? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 1140
75 Adding a New Actor in the book 'Why Einstein Theory is Wrong?' ... the Russian: Георгий Антонович Гамов (George Gamow) Administrator 990
76 How Lord Jesus multiply the Loaves and the Fishes? ... How Nature multiply itself? ... By Walter Russell and Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 1066
77 Editorial #155: Introducing the British Scientist and Philosopher: Sir Oliver Lodge ... in Editorial mode. Administrator 986
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79 Can we measure Cosmic Distances with Banach Lattice? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 927
80 Can we learn High Physics for Sci-Fiction movies? ... Is the 18-hours travel made by actress in accord with the Theory of Relativity? ... Administrator 881
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