We includes here the relative "wisdom pills" to the English Languages course, basically built around the Shakespearean plays and inedit works from the master.


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41 The Art of Teaching English Language ... by Giovanni A. Orlando (updated) Administrator 1836
42 Two lessons on the Shake-spearian plays ... Administrator 1588
43 Enjoy 37 Shakespearian Plays from the BBC ... Administrator 1846
44 A New Lesson for English: The Prince and the Pauper ... Administrator 2007
45 A New Lesson for English: Enjoy the Shakespearean play: Trolius and Cresida Administrator 1747
46 A New Lesson for English: Enjoy the Shakespearean play: Much Ado about Nothing ... Administrator 2235
47 What is the Shakespeare's opinion about the separation of England from the Catholic Church? Administrator 2154
48 Who was the Elizabeth I husband? ... Administrator 3383
49 What is the Shakespearean play cites Thomas More? Administrator 2375
50 Ye have angels' faces, but heaven knows your hearts. Administrator 2336
51 How many Shakespearian plays have a title about King Henry? Administrator 2354
52 How is your Calligraphy ? ... Administrator 2506
53 A second Addendum to English Course Lesson 2 Administrator 2220
54 Necessary Addendum for English Course: All´'s Well that ends Wells Administrator 2385
55 What Shakespearean plays speak about Love? (Now solved) Administrator 2873
56 Enjoy the Shakespearean Play: "The Birth of Merlin" Administrator 2467
57 English Lesson #2: Transcribe to paper the following Kryon speech Administrator 2584
58 What languages join English and Romance Languages? Administrator 2318
59 How many of the 6,912 living languages do you speak? Administrator 3318
60 Mixing two English Dictionary ... Administrator 2052
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