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Tuesday, 31 August 2010 05:37

(Or October 10th, 2010)


Greetings in this very Pink Day of Love tailored by the Holy Spirit,

    Can someone with two degrees in Math, one at each side of Atlantic Ocean ... start to study Numerology by mandate of the Masters? ... Yes, Of course!

    Honestly for me, Giovanni, someone that enter in Math faculty in Caracas, in 1980 at the young age of sixteen ... and then perfect studies in Number Theory and publish degree thesis in Mathematical-Physics in two Universities, was "cool" to discover that a simple double sum of digits express incredible information ...

    In fact, the first to introduce these concepts was Angel or Master Kryon ... just reading on the Web.

    If you want to study and read to get a better idea:


    I want to share my experience on this matter telling you the meaning of five dates:

  • 07-07-07
  • 08-08-08
  • 09-09-09
  • 10-10-10
  • 11-11-11 and
  • 12-12-12

By the date 07-07-07, I was living in my country Venezuela. Venezuela is ruled by a Dictator and Dictator never say they are dictators. They say are saviors.

07-07-07, is July 07 2007 and doing the sum we get: 07+07+07=07*3=21 and 2+1=3 and 3 means change. Change but in a end-cycle year. 2007 is a the end of the cycle because 2+7=9, and 9 means end.

By that date I was not so expert in New Age concepts and honestly I need to study a lot of "sacred" Science. The year 2007 was for me a day of beginning and awake.

Then in 2008 I listen Master Kryon very frequently and he say in a speech ... please embrace the year 2008 like the year of God and show your Love to God, and so I did.

I start to write to speak about God at: http://www.giovanniorlando.com and then here at: http://www.futuretg.com.

The year 2008 is a year of beginning. In fact 2+0+0+8=10 and 1+0=1 leads to New Beginning.

When will be the New Beginning? ... This will be in the year 2017, because 2+0+1+7=3+7=10 and 1 leads to New beginning.

In the year 08-08-08, I was living in my Italian home. 08+08+08=8x3=24 and 2+4=6. And what means 6? ... 6 means Communication and the Communication I got on Nov 2, 2008 was impressive remembering my Twin Flame and my past life. Honestly I see my she in desperation because my death and that view or Akashic reading let me to understand who I was in that life. I prefer don't comment who I was.

You can read this page: The Meaning of Numbers from 2008 until 2018 ...

Please consider that because we are lived several lives ... our soul is divided not only in Masculine and Feminine polarization, the two Twin Flames, but also in other lives ... and we are living in other planets and dimensions at this very moment. At the moment of sleep we reach the parallel Universe ... and enjoy a place where everything "Is". The time is not linear and we there had buried the Jar or the Treasure of all our Wisdom ... the Wisdom and God facts of all our past lives.

Now I will consider 09-09-09. 09x3=27 and 2+7 is 9. 9 is end. End but in the year 2009, the year of Balance.

Please note that 2009 was not a year of Great Cataclysms, the first was on Haiti in January 2010, then in Europe, including the recent volcano eruption as well in Mexico Gulf.

2009 was the year of Water. 2010 is the year of Wind. 2011 the year of Earth (Be ready) and 2012 the year of Fire.

The last 09-09-09, Lord Meru spoke in Colombia ... it is in Spanish. Check out:


Of course masters will speak on 10-10-10 (Saint Germain announce an important new step in Earth Evolution) ... Also in China thousand of people marry the last 09-09-09.

Now, 10-10-10, or Oct 10, 2010. 10x3=3 and 3 means change in the year of ... Change 2+0+1+0=3.

Therefore there will be a good acceleration in awakening and planetary consciousness and love.

Of course the next 10-10-10 ... is a day of Love.

Now, 11-11-11, or November 11, 2011.

11*3=33 ... the number of Christ and 3+3=6 ... communication in the year of Gaia. Gaia will speak!

Therefore the communication will reach a new evolutionary step on Earth and

12-12-12, the announced day for Jesus return ... means 12*3=36 and 3+6=9 ... the day of Judgment according to Islam and Catholic ... in the year of Change.

In the name of the Lord, I have spoken today,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Don't fear the Love of God ... Please.


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