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     To-day I was interested to speak about the Maldekian, or the people that comes from Maldek planet where today is the "asteroid belt", because that planet has been destroyed, time ago. Don't ask dates to-day, because you will miss the story.

     However, the "Family of Light" had corrected me, and inviting me to tell you the story from the beginning, from Venus.

     We all are souls and we all had lived on Venus, on Mars, on Maldek and now on Earth. Therefore, before we get installed here on Earth, our first stop was Venus.

     I had commented you, that we are Angels, and this is true. I have not commented how we arrived here.

     I had also commented to you that we comes from Dhal Universe, and that this Universe is close to Andromeda Galaxy. So, we can be called "Andromedian Angels", if you prefer.

     However, I want to start this story ... from Venus.

     Some question you have about human evolution will start to be cleared ... but let me start, and I will short in this first release.

     Like you will suppose there are no other race on Venus at that time than ... "we" the Angels, and so what you will suppose will be our partners? ... Ourselves.

     Therefore, from the first days we decelerate our light bodies until they became physical. Then we work to produce musical instruments to reproduce the Music from the Spheres. This become our obsession.

     After that the sexual relations between ourselves produce "incests" and therefore some remain "beautiful" and "others" start born ugly and with dysfunctions. "We" never suppose that, we were like children playing with toys, unaware about the consequences.

     This lesson is not to create more divisions ... but to tell you that we are all brothers and children from the same Father.

      Then was created a social division were the "ugly" got separated from the "beauty" ... and "the ugly" works for the "beauty" and so the social division starts from the same people .

.. but let me lead you to the words of "Ra", our Sun that was channeled by Amorah Quan Yin, in the book, "Pleiadian Perspective of Human Evolution" ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

--- Here you have a portion of the story, 4,500,000 years long ...


Now, let us take a look back in history at the seed of this confusion, denial, oppression, prejudice, and deeply hidden emotions. Yes, it goes back to the genetic impairments created through incest. Although the original violators were ignorant and naive about genetic damage from incest at the time the problem occurred, they still felt the sting of fear and shame at its discovery. Those who remained the “beautiful” people were secretly disgusted with and terrified by these mutants their race had created. They denied the fear that this could happen to them, as well as shame that they had helped to cause it; resentment was felt toward the “ugly” and “retarded” ones for reminding them of it. This fear of “ugliness” and “retardation” haunted their dreams and every waking moment. These negative feelings were never acknowledged outwardly. Instead, the “beautiful ones” overcompensated with arrogance, false compassion, and agreement to allow the mutants to leave and create their own colony. The Venusians missed the opportunity to learn more about compassion and love of the sacred essence in each person, choosing to feed their obsession with “outer form” instead.

There was, of course, conscious relief and release of tension when the mutants left, but deep down inside the Venusians always held a fear of being inferior in any way. The fact that the mutants existed anywhere on their planet was a deep source of pain. The shadow side of consciousness was born into the subconscious of these “beautiful” people, and they became addicted to physical beauty and artistic expression as an overcompensation for their fear, shame, resentment, lack of compassion and pure love, and prejudices. And yet, they maintained a “pure” race.

Correspondingly, the mutants developed a much more spiritually based culture and one that excelled at agriculture. Music, theater, and art developed in their colony as well, and yet the bitter sting of old, remembered prejudices and superiorities kept these arts in balance with the rest of their lives. They were as careful as they could be to prevent further genetic impairment through obvious incest, and yet they were a race with damaged genes. Though the pull to reunite with the original colony was always there to some degree, their own buried shadow side kept them isolated. They carried deep scars of shame and fear of their own physical inferiority. This fear and shame were masked by their spiritual beliefs in equality, sovereignty, and inner beauty, and yet the wounds lay untended emotionally.

The mutants found respectable work for even the most simple-minded among them, shared with one another equally, sang and worshipped spirit together, and grew as a race. However, the genetic damage was quite real and still with them, since genetic impairment also impeded their souls and spirits from being able to completely embody and function in full capacity.

The paradox was that each colony deeply needed what the other had. The “beautiful” people who were so physically obsessed needed the spiritual purity and memory of innocence of the genetically impaired. The mutant race needed the genetic purity to enable them to recover lost abilities and full soul embodiment. And yet, neither could get past their own buried scars and denial to realize their mutual needs. Even though miles apart, they were on the same planet. Therefore, what affected one group had psychological and subconscious impact on the other.

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