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Robert Dudley, Lord Leicester.

Was really Elizabeth I ... a Virgin Queen? ... According to studies produced by Dr. Orville W. Owen and him secretary Elizabeth Wells Gallup, seems that the answer is negative.

Dr. Orville W. Owen found a cipher in the Shakespearean plays where there are explained a double meaning.

Deciphering the codes we got that Francis Bacon was the children of the secret marriage between Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, Lord Leicester.

There are explained in details the tragical story of Anne Boylen.

There are several books resuming these dramatic discoveries.

I am including a list for you.

We want to complete this story with some comments from the book: Elizabeth Clare Prophet - "Messages from Saint Germain and the Seven Archangels".

Saint Germain was Francis Bacon, in one of his past lifes.


Giovanni A. Orlando

From the Message's Book:

Has been said that Francis Bacon was the highest mind in the Western World. He was a Philosopher, man of state, writer and master in literature, author of the Shakespearian plays and pioneer of the scientific revolution.

He was accepted like the father of the inductive science and the scientific method that precede the technological age who are living today. Bacon knows that only the applied science that liberate the people from human misery and heavy job that lead them to the very survival, and thus may open a quest for a high spirituality once know.

«The great restoration » — restoration after the decadency fall or ruin— was the Bacon’s formula to «rebuilt the sciences, the arts and any human knowledge starting from a solid and stable basis »14. This plan was published in a book titled (Novum Organum), which support the English Renaissance in the Elizabethan era. Along the years, he unites a group of men that was basically the authors of almost all the books for the Queendom of Elizabeth I.

Bacon also organizes a translation of the Holy Bible into English, such that the people can read the scriptures. This effort bring to us the beautiful edition made by King James.

In the decade of 1890 has been discovered some keys in the Bacon and friends works[1]. These revelations explained that was Bacon the real author of the Shakespearian plays and that was the son of Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, Lord Leicester, those who weed in secret.

If Elizabeth were recognized Bacon as his son he may become King of England. But she was interested to hold the title of “Virgin Queen” and fearing to lose their crown before the time, because their secret weeding, she never recognized Bacon as his son.

Instead, he grows like the children of Sir Nicholas and Lady Anne Bacon (a study on the pictures shown than Francis has a great similarity with Queen Elizabeth and Robert Dudley than with Nicholas and Anne Bacon).

When he was fifteen years old, the Queen told the story to him, but at the same time deprive him for any form about him rights to succeed her like a King. Later, Lady Anne Bacon confirms to him that the story the Queen told to him about his birth was true.

Instead to lose their faith, Bacon prefer to choose the path to the Universal Illumination trough the Literature and the Sciences, like a parliamentarian and crown advisor, and like a founder of secret societies and defender of the Colonization of the United States of America.

He hold all its faith in the New World. He wrote in cipher mode: “He lead all to the future, to a far land toward the porch of sunset [...] I hold the future always in my plans, hunting my reward, not in my time, neither my age or in my fellow compatriots, but in far people and in a different time, a second golden age of wisdom”.15

In 1621, Bacon who had become chancellor was charged with bribery and conspiracy. There is evidence that he prepared for his own defense but by order of King James, abandoned and declared culpable16. Bacon resigned his post. He was convicted and then imprisoned in the Tower of London, and banned from holding office or a seat in Parliament. After spending three days in the Tower, the king released him from prison and later pardoned. But Bacon wanted a full pardon that never came.

He died in 1626, under the skin of a hunted man who had never been fully recognized for his many talents. However, had triumphed over circumstances which would have destroyed men of lesser. For him, these challenges were part of the development of an ascended master.

[1] Dr. Orville W. Ownen discover this keys and him secretary Elizabeth Wells Gallup, publish her effort in: “The Tragedy of Anne Boleyn, A Cipher Drama”. In a second analysis the Shakespearian plays lead to an incoming “New Age of Peace and Enlightenment”.


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