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Tuesday, 10 February 2009 00:00

Discover the secret of the seven vowels ... and ... the seven days of the week, the seven basic colors, the seven musical notes ... and the main seven different sacred attributes for the qualities of God, the Seven Sacred Flames.

It is a real joy for me, to replay these notions ...

In the last days we speak about the why of the name of each day of the week. They are connected with the so-called seven heavenly "wandererers", visible to the the naked eye, and they are:

Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Sun.

Then, we speak about Thoth and Hermes Trimegistus in Egypt, when the civilization of Atlantis disappears, and Thoth move from Atlantis to Egypt helping to refund "the civilization".

Atlantis was basically the second great failed intent. Lemuria was the first.

We also speak some days ago, about the seven sacred flames, and promise to start a meditation on the first Ray, Blue. The Ray of the God Will, which day is represented by Monday.

Now, let me formulate the first question and answer immediately. Who invent the writing ? ... and the vowels? ...

Thoth invent the writing and therefore the vowels. Logically, we are speaking in dates around +10,000 years ago. Before him there were only symbols like the Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Sumerian alphabet as well the Chinese characters.

So, our letters consonants and vowels, comes from 14,000 to 11,000. A precise date is possible.

Now, to close the problem of the vowels, we will ask to you: How many vowels are there?

For someone that grow speaking with Italian and Spanish like me, there are a simple answer: 5: A, E, I, O, U. That's all.

But in English the situation is more complicated. The Random House Websters College Dictionary, explains that the vowels are: a, e, i, o, u and sometime y and w.

But, the situation is more complicated. Some books explains that there seven, other books explains that there are fourteen, like the magic book written by Joselyn Godwin - The Mystery of the Seven Vowels.

In fact, she comment about the common triangle, including 14 vowels,


A normal vowel diagram, from The International Phonetic Alphabet, show us a different approach. Counting: Close, Near-Close, Close-Mid, Open-Mid, Near-open, Open x Front, Near-Front, Central, Near-back and back, we get a 30 vowel table, when we included the "rounded" feature like a smooth tone.

This is the table we comment,



It belongs to a complete page from the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), which regards, all languages...

Click to download PDF

The popular book serie Robert J. Dixson - Complete Course in English, comment about 18 between Vowels and Diphthongs.

At last, a phono chart offer 20 vowels.

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Theoretically their number is limitless since vowels merge imperceptibly into one another just as musical pitch do.

Now, that we are figure out the vowels, let us speak about the connection between the vowels and the planets.

Before to continue we will offer the seven vowels for the Greek alphabet.

  • Α, α alpha (a)
  • Ε, ε epsilon (short e)
  • Η, η eta (long e)
  • Ι, ι iota (i)
  • Ο, ο omicron (o)
  • Υ, υ upsilon (u)
  • Ω, ω omega (long o)

The assignation from the Greek to modern English comes from Abbé Jean Jacques Barthélemy (1716-95) in Les voyages du jeune Anacharsis en Grèce published in 1787.

Now, we can offer a assignation between vowels and planets:

  • 1st Heaven - Moon alpha
  • 2nd Heaven - Mercury epsilon
  • 3nd Heaven - Venus eta
  • 4th Heaven - Sun iota
  • 5th Heaven - Mars omicron
  • 6th Heaven - Jupiter upsilon
  • 7th Heaven - Saturn omega

Please note the assignation to the Heavens in order to the day of the week, and now to the vowels.

Some days ago, we publish a comment from the Kybalion released by Three Initiates of Hermes Trimegistues. This is the statement:

Spirit and Matter are but the two poles of the same thing, the intermediate planes being merely degrees of vibration.

But, how we can move from degree to degree ? The vowels and words offers this path, that are connected to each one of the seven planets ...

If now we try to look for an assignation between the vowels and the musical notes, we found the following table:

  • Monday (Moon - C or Do)
  • Tuesday (Mars - G or Sol)
  • Wednesday (Mercury - D or Re)
  • Thursday (Jupiter - A or La)
  • Friday (Venus - E or Mi)
  • Saturday (Saturn - B or Si)
  • Sunday (Sun - F or Fa)

Thus, the week was conceived (doubtless by Hermeticism) as a terrestrial trace of the "harmony of the spheres".

And so, any music from Mozart, Bach, Handel or any other is not but an harmonic conversation with the spheres, the seven first planets.

We can do more, and we will found an assignation between the vowels and the colors,

  • Y. 1. Violet (Red and Blue) - Most Refrangible Ray - Sanguine, Sardonys Dragon's Tail.
  • W. 2. Indigo (Opaque Blue) - Purpure. Amethyst, Mercury.
  • U. 3. Blue (Azure) - Sapphire, Jupiter.
  • O. 4. Green (Yellow and Blue) - Vert. Emerald. Venus.
  • I. 5. Yellow - Or. Topaz. Gold. Sol.
  • E. 6. Orange (Red and Yellow) - Tawny. Tenne. Jacinth. Dragon's Head.
  • A. 7. Red. Least Refrangible Ray. Gules. Ruby. Mars.

I will quit here (for now) this beauty discussion that join most of our path.

There are also seven archangels, seven sacred Rays that are the seven attributes for the qualities of God.




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