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Sunday, 03 November 2019 14:32


Greetings in the Holy Sun-day ... the Yellow day of the Sun, the day of the Lord ...

     And ... FTHumanEvolutionCourse ... a group of 144 Courses ... organized according the Rose of 13 Petals ...

     is ... from a first point of view ... An Extension of "FTLinuxCourse" ... a Set of Six Courses to teach Linux ... know up to 20 Countries ... around the Millennium ... final course released in 2002 ...

   In those days ... there were no "DreamWeaver" on UNIX ... not Illustrator on UNIX ... etc.

   This is an Idea ... extend "FTLinuxCourse" ... all written in HTML (visit the entry on Linux Journal ... https://www.linuxjournal.com/article/3785)

   The other idea is the "Divine" ... related to "The Call" .... the Saint Germain call ... that let me produce ... "The Third Edition" ... (Today I am an Alchemist ... )

48 Desiring not to limit the masses of mankind from having the blessings of alchemy. I have deliberately stated many of these points in such a way as to make them easily understood. 49 Let no one feel, however, that all knowledge can be reached through a single approach or without effort and study.

I suggest for those wishing more technical information to augment the course that they study wave propagation, the mechanics of the quantum theory, elementary and advanced chemistry and physics, seismology, astronomy, geology, and related subjects.

These studies, together with courses in the humanities, the world's religions, and the Shakespearean plays, will be of immense value as you are guided from within and also by your personal tastes.

Let none feel that the pursuit of such extracurricular subjects is absolutely necessary or the mandate of the Masters, 53 for the teachings of greatest importance are included herein, albeit in some cases between the lines.

Let God guide: and to those who do not recognize his reins, I say, fortune is as fortune does!

I am a bit hopeful that material science will not look too much askance on the control of Matter by the power of the mind and spirit.

I doubt that religion could justly deny the so-called miracles which demonstrate (if they are to be believed) that individuals who have lived upon earth have been able to practice transmutation, which is simply changing one form into another, such as water into wine; (John 2:1-11) 57 amplification and multiplication of the atomic and molecular substance, such as multiplying the loaves and fishes; (Matt 14:15-21) 58 and precipitation of the elements, such as calling down fire from heaven. (2 Chronicles 7:1-3), 2 Kings 1:10,12).

Equally wondrous feats performed by masters unascended and ascended indicate a most exact science of control over Matter and energy.


  Therefore we ... have ... Humanities and Science ... to understand ... Alchemy which is the Science of the Miracles of Lord Jesus and the Saints.

  Therefore the ... Know-how necessary is impressive ...

  One book to another ... the beginning was marked by ... Healing (Elegant Empowerment - by Peggy Dubro ... Book #4 in November Proposal)


    Let us ... begin to list 144 thematic ...

  1. Is there a God? ... (See My Answers to Stephen Hawking questions ... by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando)
  2. What creates God ... Await the Book ... "Why Einstein Theory is Wrong?"
  3. Why Mathematicians do not study Music?
  4. Why ... The Triangle (2D), the Sphere (3D) and any Polyhedron ... are tools to learn "Time".
  5. What is Time?
  6. Prove Time is composed by a Dust ...
  7. Is time Travel possible?
  8. Is Space Travel possible ... without vehicles? (Like Teleportation)
  9. Is possible to transmute Elements? ... from one to another?
  10. Are there a Mathematics of Time? ... Yes, the Mayan used ... Is the Mayan Mathematics (See Jose Arguelles books)
  11. Is Time related to Consciousness? ... (Yes ... See Carl Johan Calleman - The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness)
  12. Is the Einstein Theory wrong? (List three causes ... 1) Speed of Light variable. 2) There are an Aether. 3) Lorentz Transformation lead to erroneous conclusions. There are no Twin Paradox)
  13. How many Equations James Maxwell produce? (20 Equations in 20 Variables)
  14. What is the value of the Cosmological Constant? ... Is necessary?
  15. Are there are Twin of the Black Hole ... called White Hole?
  16. What happened at 2012? ...
  17. Where are the Mayan? ... The Egyptian? ...
  18. Is the Mathematics of Spirit ... the same Mathematics of Time? ... related to the Cosmic Clock? ...
  19. How many times ... Lord Jesus return to our Planet ... before the year 0 ... and after the year 0? ...
  20. What is the Science of Karma?
  21. How many wives had ... King Solomon?
  22. What let the Universe expand?
  23. How many Universes are there? ... What is the type of this Universe?
  24. Is possible to travel between Universes? ... between Galaxies? ...
  25. Is the Riemann Hypothesis ... correct?
  26. What are the Chakra? ...
  27. Who is Lord Maitreya?
  28. What Element between the Four Basic Elements ... represent Arjuna ... the personage in the Bhagavad Gita?
  29. Who is Saint Germain? ... What Ray or Flame represent and why?
  30. Who was Sanat Kumara? ... why is so important for Lord Jesus?
  31. Who is El Moria (Morya) ... and what Flame or Ray represent?
  32. What means ... Gabriel ... related to Archangel Gabriel? ... to what Ray serve? ... What is its position in the Hierarchy of Archangels?
  33. What means Michael? ... What is its color and role? ... What is its position in the Hierarchy of Archangels?
  34. Who is the Twin Flame of Archangel Michael? ... have them a Son? ... in case affirmative what is his name? ... His name is Micah.
  35. What is the Ki? (Japanese term of Chinese - Chi, or Egyptian Ka)
  36. What Machine invent Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama?
  37. What is the Human Aura? ... Is possible to see ? ... What means the colors of the Aura?
  38. Are there a New Symbol of Tao ... after 2012? ... Yes!
  39. What is the origin of the number: 3114 B.C. where Long Count of the Mayan Calendar began? ... What about the other numbers: 8239 BC, 13364 BC and 18489 BC ...?
  40. What are the Feigenbaum constants?
  41. One question is why does the circle have only one center and the triangle have more than 6,000 and the list grows?
  42. How many forces act on any Airplane in flight?
  43. What is Ne-Waza in Judo?
  44. What is Universal Calibration Lattice®? ... Is possible to balance?
  45. What is the Stoff ... comment Georg Riemann?
  46. Is possible Riemann wrote a book on Electromagnetism and Gravity? ...
  47. What is Geometry ... according to Riemann?

  48. What is the First DNA Layer of Energy? ... Its name appear in the Holy Bible?
  49. What is the Pythagorean Tetractys? ... Is possible Galileo Galilei know it?
  50. What Figure from Luca Pacioli Divina Proportione is this?
  51. Who wrote the "Magnificat"?
  52. Is possible Kepler Laws confirm the Newton Inverse Square Law of Gravitation?
  53. What is the value of Φ? ... and Φ-φ?
  54. Is possible are there an Universal π? ... Is possible that number is Natural? ... or Rational?
  55. Who write the Shakespearean Plays? ... Not say ... only William Shakespeare?
  56. Appear the Word ... "America" in "The Comedy of Errors" ...? ... In case affirmative in what Act?
  57. What is the role of UNIX (Linux) program "awk"?
  58. Who compose this Music ... Test8.mp3?
  59. How many Mb (Mega bytes) are in 1 Tb (Tera-byte)?
  60. How many Equations about Electromagnetism wrote Lev Davidovich Landau in his "The Classical Theory of Fields"?
  61. What is the Chemical Element after C (Carbon)?
  62. Is Hydrogen (H) ... the first Chemical element ? ... and what is the first Chemical element according Marco Todeschini? ... and in Walter Russell Periodic Table?
  63. How born a Planet ... according Walter Russell?
  64. What is the meaning of the 8D (Eight Dimension) ... according the Pleiadians ... exposed by Barbara Hand Clow in her books?
  65. What is an "Influential Number" in Quantum Mathematics?
  66. What is a Vailx? ... according Edgar Cayce books?
  67. How much is the sum of the internal angles of a triangle?
  68. What is the distance between the City of Cape Town (CPT) in South Africa and Buenos Aires?
  69. Is possible to run Windows 32-bit programs on Linux?
  70. What is the distance between Falkland Island and Madagascar?
  71. What is the speed of rotation of the Planet?
  72. What is the distance between the Planet and Venus? (farthest distance)
  73. What is the Akasha?
  74. What are the Four Forces of Nature?
  75. What is the discipline Beloved Pythagoras win in Olympic Games?
  76. What is the "Casimir Effect"?
  77. What is the reason is popular Gunnar Nordström?
  78. What are the Etherons ... discovered by Ioan-Iovitz Popescu?
  79. What is the Order to become King between the first son of Prince Williams of England and the first son of Prince Henry?
  80. How Elijah Taken Up to Heaven? ... Who watch the process?
  81. What is the Symbol of King David?
  82. What was the name of the Prince son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba?
  83. What is the Twelfth Planet?
  84. How many planets are in the Solar System?
  85. How many fishes Lord Jesus said were catch in the net in the popular miracle?
  86. What is the most popular miracle of King Solomon?
  87. What is the Maxwell Demon?
  88. Is possible to gift "Time" to others? ... In case of affirmative answer Why?
  89. What means MP4?
  90. What is the Graphical Resolution of a 4K Movie? ... Is superior or lower 1080p? ...
  91. What is an RPM file under Linux Operating System?
  92. In what Constellation is located planet Ummo?
  93. Where comes from the Holy Grail? ... is Metal or Stone?
  94. Is possible Lord Jesus have a Wife in his days in Israel? ... When them get married? ... is that marriage described in the Bible? What is the name of the Wife? ... Got they children?
  95. Who kill Julius Caesar? ... what did Antonio?
  96. Got a Children ... Julius Caesar and Cleopatra?
  97. How many lands (in Square miles) conquer Alexander? ... Where he die?
  98. What is the J. S. Bach Riddle?
  99. What Greek Philosopher wrote "The Republic"? ... and who must rule that Republic according to him?
  100. What Platonic Figure appear after Human DNA is balanced ... according to the UCL?
  101. Why is famous William Rowan Hamilton?
  102. Are there Maxwell Equations for Electromagnetism written in Quaternions?
  103. How many in numbers are Human Population? ... What are the countries with Higher Population? ...
  104. Who were the Twelve Olympians?
  105. Why is famous Jason ... leader of the Argonauts? ... Was real or Myth?
  106. What were the reasons that engine the famous "War of Troy"? ...
  107. What is "God"? (quote the Bible)
  108. Who were the "Maxwellians"?
  109. How God creates Nature?
  110. What invent Bill Gates at Microsoft?
  111. What invent Steve Jobs?
  112. What are Objective-C and C++?
  113. What was the reason because Wolfgang Pauli got a Nobel Prize?
  114. Is correct to say that David Hilbert discover Einstein Formulae before him?
  115. What is the reason Albert Einstein got a Nobel Prize?
  116. Why is "corridor" reason because Nikola Tesla do not get a Nobel Prize? ... Who get that prize instead?
  117. What is the Value of Mach speed? ... Is the Mach speed superior to the Speed of Rotation of the Planet?
  118. How many Knights ... sit in the King Arthur round table? ...
  119. According to the Cosmic Clock ... what Jesus Apostle sit at the 9:00' ?
  120. What is the latest Linux Kernel?
  121. What is Reiser4? ...
  122. What means Opensource philosophy?
  123. What is the meaning of the number ... 144? ... and 3?
  124. Have Numerology ... valid reasons to exist ... or is fantasy?
  125. Have the electron a component inside? ...
  126. Are there a relation between "Prana" and "Electrons"? ...
  127. What is the Maitreya Idra?
  128. What is the name of Asanga Paradise?
  129. How many books and what are the names ... Maitreya gave to Asanga?
  130. Are there just one Big Bang ... or is a continuous process?
  131. What is the Value of Planck Constant?
  132. How we can calculate the square root of a segment?
  133. Is possible to extract ENERGY FROM THE VACUUM?
  134. Who was John Bedini?
  135. What is the Sea of Dirac?
  136. What other property has the number 36 ... excluding it is a square?
  137. How many Worlds has the Yggdrasil?
  138. What is the Fermi Paradox?
  139. Why is popular Myron Wyn Evans?
  140. What discover Dr. Wilhelm Reich?
  141. Can we say ... Georges Lakhovsky ... discover how to heal Cancer?
  142. Would be possible Charles W. Leadbeater ... saw the Chakras and the Quarks?
  143. What declare Max Born in his autobiography about Nuclear Atomic Bomb launch?

... There are more ...

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando
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