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Sunday, 17 May 2020 14:50


Greetings in the Sun-day ... the day of God ...

     And I will take advantage to ... give away a Gift ... (I did time ago) ... but now in PDF ...

     Let me be Ironic ... The idea is you do not believe ... so I can finally to Holiday Cool ...

     Now ... Irony is a good recipe ... but ...

  • To Master the Atom (I do not yet Master the Atom ...)
  • To Master Time and Space (I am an apprentice) ...
  • To be Happy ... I AM happy ... or
  • to Heal Anxiety ...

You need to become an Alchemist

     Only God ... can give you the degree of Alchemist ... thanks to your Higher-Self ... I hope you know what means "Higher Self".

      Before to begin ... The Gift ...

Click to read or download ...

  My name is NOT included in Second Edition ... I begin to work on that book ... producing the Third Edition ... but was created or edited manually ... and in some cases the "punctuation" is wrong ... Then I begin to work on the Fourth Edition ... to offer a New Theory of Matter ... and this need to connected with High Physics ... therefore ... is a Work to produce many volumes ... at Unison ... in different Subjects in different languages ... Not easy, not immediate.

    The Book "Saint Germain on Alchemy" is a Compendium ... this means is a Union of many books.

    Second Edition was re-channeled from first ... really perfected ... and includes 4 books ... You can download and/or visit archive.org and read there.

    There are Story between me and this book and of course between me and Ascended Master Saint Germain ... I will tell you both Stories today.

    First (1) ... I planned to order that book before my travel to my birth-city Caracas ... before 2007 ... that was impossible ... For some reason I do not order that book ... but appear in the Library of a woman ... from Switzerland ... that practice EMF Balancing Technique. A very sacred person.

     I ask that book to she ... that was first Edition and she approve to let me read ... She also gave me another book I also read.

     Magical facts ... I comment in my books happened ... So, from a Situation "rare" ... I got a sum of Money and travel to Los Angeles ... I there purchase the second Edition ... and I also have other books from Master Saint Germain.

      To describe shortly ... my story with Master Saint Germain in this life ... I can tell you ... that was not the first time ... I got a book from him. The first book was "The Magic Presence" ... more exactly ... "YO SOY la Magica Presencia" ... which was produced illegally in Colombia ... Blessed Illegality because otherwise I cannot read it ... but the Universe is wise.

    After that book on Alchemy ... I got "Mensajes de Saint Germain y los Siete Arcangeles" ... and we now count three ... but also the Kybalion ... because Saint Germain was Hermes ... and we count 4 ... Well Sacred Friends ... Now, I am close to count 3500 book in the Bibliography of Why Einstein Theory is Wrong.

   Let us return to the Book ...

   The Book of Saint Germain on Alchemy ... in any language ... I have the book in five languages excluding Italian ... I am producing ... have many books.

    To understand better this concept ... I can say:

  • The First Book is ... or can be called "Basic Alchemy" ... This includes 9 Chapters.
  • The Second Book is called "Intermediate Course on Alchemy" ... This includes 12 Chapters.
  • The Third Book is called "A Trilogy of the Threefold Flame" ... and includes 3 Chapters: Power, Wisdom and Love.

  There are more ...

  The Second Edition above ... produced by Elizabeth Clare and available on Archive.org ... talk also on the "Secret Story of United States" and "Saint Germain and Jesus" ... I do not enter in that concepts.

  My Third Edition instead ... includes ... NEW Discourses from Saint Germain ...

  I can talk about the Total of Nine Discourses on "Saint Germain on Alchemy - Fourth Edition".

  These are the New Discourses ... more rich  that those included in Third Edition:

Fourth Edition will includes:

  • Book_04_Chapter_1_25_The_Seven_Laws_of_Magic
  • Book_04_Chapter_2_26_The_Alchemy
  • Book_04_Chapter_3_27_Realize_your_Dreams
  • Book_04_Chapter_4_28_Live_Longer
  • Book_04_Chapter_5_29_The_Transmutation_of_Time
  • Book_04_Chapter_6_30_The_Nobility_of_the_Magician
  • Book_04_Chapter_7_31_The_Sacredness_of_Water
  • Book_04_Chapter_8_32_Premonition
  • Book_04_Chapter_9_33_The_I_AM_and_The_New_Society

My idea with this Book in English is to offer 9 Books in One. In Spanish, Italian ... is different ... because people is different and need appropriate content ... until ... all the books will be the same.

Like an Author or ... "Messenger of Saint Germain" (and there are many ... mostly in South America) ... There are a different Goal for Fourth Edition vs Third Edition.

The Goal of Third Edition was ... give away ... "New Experiments of Alchemy" ... "The Meditation of the Full Moon" ... "The Iodine experience" ... etc. Only Third Edition have this.

The Goal of Fourth Edition ... is more extensive and is ... not only give previous information but ... connect "A New Theory of Matter" with the Old Atlantis.

To create that connection ... mentally speaking ... I produce a chapter which title is: "Tesla, the Alchemist of Atlan".

The "popular" or "mysterious" Nikola Tesla ... that invent or discover the Alternative Current and move Electricity from Niagara Falls to NY City ... was the Alchemist of Atlantis. Here you can see ... or read ... "Patricia Cori - Atlantis Rising".

There are also a Chapter ... related to ... An Anti-Gravitational Vehicle that can be "stable" in the midst of a Storm ... the Vailx.

For this propose ... I, Giovanni ... creates a Website ... called "Air-Vailx" ... is actually ping-ing to the same futuretg.com ... So, please Relax.

Atlantis was "the second Garden" ... "Lemuria was the First Garden of Eden" ... there were another two Gardens at the same Time ...

  • One in South America ... See or read ... "El Secreto de los Andes" ... in Chapter 13 ... "Ciudades Sepultadas en Amazonas" (or Buried Cities on Amazon) ... and
  • India ...

 Yes ... The Golden City of South America is what is called or was called "El Dorado" ... now is below Amazon river. You do not need to go ... in Physical ... You can go in Astral ... like in explained in "YO SOY La Magica Presencia" ... as well "El Secreto de los Andes". When you Master Astral travels ... you can travel in Space ... and then ... you can travel in Time too ...

Yes ... you can travel in Time ... You can go to the year 3000 ... I do not ... that ... Saint Germain and also other people does ... You are involved with Coronavirus ... "To Be or not To Be" ... etc. Sorry ... but is the Truth.

Therefore in my love ... I want you learn Alchemy ...

What are your concerns? ... Anxiety? ... Good.

Read Chapter 9 on Book 2 ...

Let me Gift ... a piece ... for your Joy ...

For this lesson we will permit the students to experiment with and develop proficiency in the creation of the cloud while we go afield for a moment to discuss one of the major deterrents to successful alchemy

I refer to anxiety and anxiety syndrome.

Strange as it may seem, most negative manifestations stem from anxiety, including the awful sin of masochism.
Since it is generally acknowledged that humanity have a desire to be happy and that they have the right to pursue happiness we ask this question: Would it not be wise for people in all walks of life to work toward the healing of those conditions which they bring upon themselves through their unfruitful anxieties?

We avow that there are lawful concerns all that men and women should make reasonable provision for their future and for eventuality which they know from personal experience may arise.

But it is so unnecessary for them to become apprehensive about life in general, or even life specifically, to the point where their apprehension unbalance, their thinking, their emotions, and their entire psyche.

Anxiety is the great warp of life.

It warps perspective without producing any perceptible benefit whatsoever.

Anxiety is the cause of people's tendency to hoard the goods of this world.
Like frantic squirrels they pile up their winter's supply of nuts.

They accumulate an oversupply of every imaginable item, and they deprive themselves of happiness by their unwarranted concerns and their unnecessary and time-consuming preparations for every eventuality.

Just as we do not expect that the students will cease to be providential, so we do not expect lint they will become unduly involved in anticipating
a doomsday that never arrives.

Anxiety is a symptom of insecurity; it stems from man's incorrect concept of himself and from his lack of perspective.

Many people feel unfulfilled, un-loved, unwanted, and they are not sure of just what they should be doing with their lives.

Their uncertainties under adverse conditions are easily limited into mental and emotional states of depression bordering on extreme self-deprecation.

Considering these facts and bearing fully in mind the power of creative energy, we have decided that before going more deeply into our study of alchemy, we shall advocate for all of our students an utter mental, emotional, and even physical catharsis.

We shall achieve thereby a purification of the consciousness and being of man an emptying, if you will, of unstable conditions so that our alchemical creation may take place under the most sterile and clinical conditions possible.

You see, it is so easy for a negative ingredient to creep into our formulae that we must take every possible precaution before we begin our experiments.

Without first purging ourselves of all undesirable qualities,
we would find ourselves, with the best of motives,
amplifying our negative instead of our positives as we proceeded to employ the wondrous power of alchemy.


I hope you read the Book ... but YOU NEED A GUIDE ... Someone that is more advanced that you in this concepts and let you help to purge unwanted  conditions from your psyche.

Read the Book ...

A Final Gift ... A Poetry ...

121 I do not say there arc not other great mysteries waiting to be revealed in connection with alchemy. 122 I know that there arc. 123 I do say that

124 The way of the Tree of Life Which is the perfect secret
That God has guarded from the curious and profane Remains a penetrable mystery
To him who is not ashamed To wear his wings. To him who understands The diligence of each day
To him who is content to place his hand In loving
trust that destiny is ours.
To him who is willing to forsake
A past that has not produced
The blossoming beauty he craves.
To him whose heart reaches up as a cup
To the highest and sweetest,
The noblest and best Lord of all
In the desire to have imparted to himself
And every part of life
The best of gifts.
He speaks in summoned, loving tones
Of inward communion,
"O Father, not my will but thine be done!"
To him there is conveyed the highest crown.
The word "dominion."
He is the Son, the Alchemist,
The beloved one.
He can divide the loaves and fishes,
Walk upon the waves,
Fulfill his own and others' wishes.
And be the Great Benefactor.
In him the Immortal Spirit prevails,
The ultima Thule is seen.

Thanks very much,

Your friend,

Giovanni A. Orlando

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