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Saturday, 07 September 2019 09:02


Greetings in the day of Mary ... the Queen of Aquarian Age ...

       Still from a "fundamental" Book to a ... "Dedicated" book ... concepts may disappear ...

      The Fundamental book is ...

     The "Dedicated" book to the "Cosmic Clock" is ... The Cosmic Book ... (I, for fellow friend ... have both ...)


   The missing point is a fundamental one ... but "The Universe is Just" ...

   The missing point is ... "The Squaring of the Circle" ... have you ever wonder ... Why Pi ... began with "3" ... and not with 8? ... or "5"? ...

   "3" is related to the Triangle and the Trinity.

   "3" has been the Natural Number for "Pi" in Antiquity.

  You can read in full ...


A Lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

   Is possible to Square the Circle? ... The Answer is ... "Yes!"

   Now, this do not means you will ... understand or be able to do ...

   What means ... to Square the Circle? ...

   Squaring the circle has been defined by the Messengers as drawing forth the flame of God and precipitating that flame within the temple for the purpose of the resurrection of the soul to eternal life.

    Saint Germain explains ...

When individuals understand the meaning of the squaring of the circle, they will recognize that the foundation of the temple of individuality is within the framework of the cosmic circle (or the cosmic whole) and that the squaring of the circle does propound* into the world of individual achievement the opportunities which life brings to man’s doorstep, as the Goddess of Justice has often commented to me.

You, precious ones of the light, are treasures in the mind of God. And as treasures in the mind of God, you came forth in the Beginning as immortal, soulful† beings, enamored with the creativity of God and the desire to express it. Through misdirection and misadventure, mankind have departed from the original blueprint of Almighty God. And while they have dramatically brought about a world shaped to their own ends, the destiny and plan of the Infinite One has been canceled again and again in a holocaust of destructive activity.

Mankind today, lured by the glamour of the ego and the intensified action of mortal greed, are constantly being pulled down, like mariners who were lured upon the rocks [to their destruction] by the Sirens of old. Then, as Samson was shorn of his hair by Delilah, so men are stripped of the vital spiritual energies of life which are intended to infuse their beings! Thus the brothers of the shadow, like Delilah, seek to lure mankind to the delights of the senses so that they become enamored with and victims of their own outer-world glamour, thus desiring to perpetuate self and person above and beyond the divine intent of cosmic unity.

Mother Mary ... also comment about ...

The habit patterns in this life are dyed deep; so are the channels deep. Therefore remember the work to be done for the clearing of the way for the balanced threefold flame. Thus, the power of balance, the wisdom of balance, the love of balance, the purity of balance—these three plus the white are the squaring of the circle.

Lord Himalaya ... who was a Manu and walked Earth in the latitudes of Tibet ... say ...

The divine intent locked in the mystical circle of life has never been translated into the dimensions of the square—except in the lives of those victorious few whom you call the Ascended Masters.  (Squaring the Circle)

Therefore only a Saint ... do ... did and will do ...

Sanat Kumara who is "The Eagle before the Throne" explains ...

This is the gospel that is the squaring of the circle. It is the gospel of the Woman unto her seed. And it is the gospel taken by her seed and given as the seed of Christ to all who can accept its challenge to “fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come:  and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.”

Archangel Uriel explains ...

How do you get cosmic transmutation? You get it by the squaring of the circle. You get it by the action of dynamic decrees. You get it by increasing the strength of your spirit. You get it by raising the plume of sacred fire on the altar of being. You get it by expanding the heart. And finally, you get it by the giving of yourself many times over.

Lord Hilarion ... who was Apostle Paul ... explains ...

Understand, then, that truth is the matrix of the City Foursquare. It is the squaring of the circle of infinity. It is the precipitation of the white-fire core. It is the handmaid of the LORD God of hosts. It is the personification of the Mother ray. It is the culture of the Mother and the science of the Mother. It is your discipline in the Law.

Beloved Portia ... explains ... the need to Square the Circle ...

There is no need to wait. For, after all, God is the doer and he is the karma-free being in your midst—free of desire except that which is lawful to be justice in action everywhere, worlds without end. That is your true God consciousness!  Act upon it!  Do not be intimidated by your own momentums of the past—of yesterday or an hour ago.

These are the unreal factors in the equation. Let them be cast out!  Let the t be the symbol of the cosmic cross of white fire, and let the x mark the place of the coming of that cross, and the y be your own God-identity. And therefore these unknowns are not unknowns but they are the signs of the coming of the Son of God in the Son of man by the mathematical formula of the geometri­zation of the Word.

Indeed, all is number. The question you must ask yourself:  Indeed, what is my cipher?  Will I forever be the unknown quantity in the alchemical equation or will I determine to be the x factor of God’s equation that is multiplied by light and the infinite squaring of the circle?

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Have a Happy Week-end,

Giovanni A. Orlando
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