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Wednesday, 04 September 2019 16:21


Greetings in the Royal Blue day of ... Archangels Michael and Gabriel ... Gabriel is first ... then Michael, then Raphael.

      Now ... considering Science have no idea what an "Angel" is ... but soon will have ... We concentrate on "The Aether".

     If we see the Lives of some Professors ... like Edmund Whittaker dedicated to Aether ... or Prof. Albert Einstein dedicated to Relativity as well Arthur Stanley Eddington who dedicate his life to design and propose a "Fundamental Theory" of the Universe ... or Victor Prasolov author of "Polynomials" as well Cyrus Colton MacDuffee author of "The Theory of Matrices" who studied at Colgate University (Cool Place) ... What we have? ... We have impressive Scientists ... which life follow an Illusion. Sorry.

    This do not means some of my Past Lives were not completed ... indeed you prepare for the last one ...

     How is the Story of the Aether ...?

     You because Einstein reject and people prefer smile than study ... consider there are not. But removing this and many other important concepts ... Your Life is Empty. Absurd. The real purpose of life like to be Wise ... travel Time ... and perform Miracles which Everyone can and must ... remain in "Limbo".

     Because I have great compassion and appreciation for ... Arthur Eddington ... he wrote two books:

  • Relativity Theory of Protons and Electrons ... This means he consider Relativity was right and apply (or intent to) Electrons and Protons. He also wrote (well was compiled by Edmund Whittaker) ...
  • Fundamental Theory ... a collection of "interesting concepts" ... BUT ...
   But ... Eddington do not know about the Electron and/or the Proton ... or the Atom and the Atom do not know about him.
   This "lack of friendship" is lethal.
   Without the friendship of the Electrons or Atoms of ... Just to say ...  Galilee Sea you never can walk on such Sea. The same if valid for Red Sea or Death Sea.
   Let me introduce fast ... the concept that ...
  • Lord Jesus walk on Galilee Sea.
  • Saint Francis walk on the Air.
  • San Giuseppe of Copertino (LE).
    Where is the Aether? ... The Aether is latent and must be invoked or called into action.
    Who can call it? ... Eddington? ... No. Whittaker? ... Well, neither but he knows more ... Myron Evans ... neither can call into action while he dedicate his life and knows about the Maxwell Original Equations ...
    A Saint or ... someone which Wisdom and Mind (Faith) is so strong that can enable the Energy in Space and produce ... "miracles", which are nothing than ... an exercise of the Mind.
    Also the "Art to involve Atoms" ... You are friend of one Atom ... and the other Atoms follows the original instruction are "interesting" and "to be learn".
Sorry for the aficionado of ... impressive Calculations which are but a requisite ..

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando
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