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Saturday, 31 August 2019 13:27


Greetings in the Royal Blue-Sky day of Mary ... the Queen of Aquarius ...

      Now ... in Heaven ... where everyone gain the Mind of God ... I mean its speed ... and the speed is related to the speed of the Electrons around the Nucleus of the Atom ... you have no Past and therefore you have no reasons for discussion.

      The Chohans are ... The Chief ... some claim there are Seven ... but there are more.

      Many are the Books about them from many directions ...

      One of the Wonderful is ...

The Lords of the Seven Rays ... or the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, founded by Lord Meru in South America, in Titicaca.

 Seems yesterday when Dinosaurs walk the planet ... or Lemuria fall ... and Lord Meru move to South America ... its name "Mer" belong to ... A-Mer-ica ... Mer is type of "L" ... a type of "Elohim". Hercules is also an Elohim ... but Mer is a "Cyclop" ... check my book ... in Spanish ...

   In fact, Koot Hoomi ... talk in this book in the Part that belong to Brother Philips ...

  This is the time of 'revolution'!
It is the time for those who are pure of heart to rise up
and put down the dark forces of the Earth.

(This is how Saint Francis and Pythagoras looks today)


   But who is ... The Maha Chohan? ... He is the Chief of the Chohans and the Chohans are Chief of the Flames ...

   Maha Choha say ...

I AM the Maha Chohan for the purveyance of light, for the infilling of the messenger once again that you also might be filled, that a living fountain of love might then spring forth and distribute the waters of eternal Life unto the waiting chalices. And each waiting chalice that is filled becomes a new center of a new sun—and finally the fountain of the I AM Presence once again becoming a center and delivering to other cups held out for the water of Life.

  He ... the Maha chohan describe its friends ... the Chohans ... but this description is not "Actual" ... is "Obsolete" ... the Chohan changes ... but if you never knows them ...

Many upon earth cannot identify with the walk of Jesus Christ. Therefore, let them learn of Saint Germain. Let them know they can win the crown of knighthood by following the seventh-ray master. Teach them of his expertise in alchemy and that they may stand to guard the bastions of freedom anywhere and everywhere in whatever field of service, in education itself, and win the laurel of the ascension flame and mantle—the basic teaching we go back to because some have not heard it.

Let people see in you the face of Paul the Venetian. Let them see the divine art in your life, even if you do not become an artist. Let them see art and beauty and grace and the science which this master holds. Let them know the meaning of the Apostle Paul. Let them understand Nada who has served as Chohan of the Sixth Ray. Let them understand justice. Let them understand Serapis.

And then bring all together and let them know what is the power of the Holy Spirit, what is the Maha Chohan. For I would have you walk the earth in my mantle, but my mantle is seven coats of colors become the white light. If you desire it, pursue then those seven virtues and seven rays.

Now ... I will post the latest Month of my FTLunarCalendar where you can learn the New chohans and the relative Colors as well the Angels assigned day by day ...

    The day of Koot Hoomi is ... Mars-day (Tues-day).

    Now ... You have ... the Words of Maha Chohan who was Homer ... in his days ...


I speak unto the light of the Sun, I direct my call to the far-off worlds, and I speak to the light of the heart and the lilting note of each one’s own song of the soul.

I, the Maha Chohan, stand in this congregation of those pursuing the path of Almighty Righteousness. And I come with the sword to deliver the Woman and all her seed throughout the earth from the tempters, the vultures themselves, who would bring to pass the resurrecting of the past to besmirch the screen of the present in attempt to hinder the caravan of Light. This has cut off the path of sainthood for many a soul of great virtue over thousands of years of the standard plots and ploys of the fallen ones.

I AM in the heart of the lotus of the Buddha. I AM in the heart of the devotee of Mother. I AM in that heart now, expanding the Light, expanding the Sacred Fire!

Let the fiery trial consume, therefore, not only the karma of the individual or the dust upon the veil of the saint—nay, let the fire consume more, even the infamy of those around the world this day who yet seek to subdue the Mother and her seed to World Communism, to world materialism, to tyranny and totalitarianism of every kind, even in the world of religion itself.

When the churches of the nations unite in the councils of the false pastors and take from the people their funds and give them to fund the World Communist movement, who has then ascended to the pulpit? <1> Who stands there but the seed of Satan himself? I demand the exposure, for I AM the Maha Chohan.

As Christ was crucified naked on the cross, so fear not, daughter of Zion. For this term is the soul, collective soul-identity, of all people of Israel—of all that Is real.

   -- The Spirit of Community

as well ...

God has received you at the end of your last incarnation and has said to you, “My beloved, you have not completed the work, you see. You have erred in this regard. You could have done better here. You neglected and turned away from a great opportunity to bring comfort and a teaching to life. Because I love you, I give you the gift of life and opportunity again to go forth and feed my sheep, feed my sheep.”

This is the plea of the eternal Christ in heaven. “Lovest thou me? Lovest thou me? Feed my sheep.” <18> And you said, one and all, “I love thee, Lord. Send me again. Send me that I may feed thy sheep!” And so it came to pass, by and by, that a home was found and a mother and father, and you were born again by water, soon to be born again by Spirit. <19>

Thus, all who are here are here because of the quest, the quest for the Holy Grail—first to drink the cup that received his blood, to drink the communion cup of the Last Supper, and then ultimately to understand that the body of Christ, universally and mystically with you all, is that chalice of which you also must become a part—questing the Holy Grail taught by Mother Mary of old, taught in England for which Camelot was first founded.

   -- The Fiery Trial


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.


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