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Greetings in the Mars-day ... the day of the Love of God ...

     And Italy ... is very loved by the Heavens ... The Saint Patron of Italy is Saint Francis ... and Saint Francis was Master Koot Hoomi ... these last statement is know by great lovers of Wisdom and Heaven is the place of the Wise ... I cannot declare myself a Wise ... but a mere apprentice ... a simple Apprentice.

     And ... while Shakespeare visit Italy ... at least this is the idea of many ... to the point to declare Shakespeare Italian ... because there were a travel you (and seems Shakespeare) did ... from Sicily ... from The Winter's Tale ... to Rome ... like from Titus Andronicus ... Coriolanus ... Cesar ... Anthony and Cleopatra ... Romeo and Juliet ... Two Gentlemen of Verona, The Merchant of Venice ... The Taming of the Shrew in Padua ... Macbeth also in Italy ... etc.

    But William Shakespeare ... which is simply a pseudonymous to declare ... Will-I-AM (I too ... Ladies and Gentlemen and my Will is Higher ...) to Shake and Spear ... also Cristoforo Colombo is a pseudonymous which in Spanish means "Cristobal or Cristo va" ... a "Colonizar" ... Cristo va como una Colomba ...

    Francis Bacon wrote the plays ... and not the person you suppose ... His Father ... the Earl ... who was married to Elizabeth I (the Queen) ask me for Silence ... but unfortunately ...


    We are not here to talk about Saint Germain like Shakespeare ... but Saint Germain the Merlin of Camelot ... like Alchemist.

    All the Governors are Alchemist ... but you consider they are not ... Any person is Alchemist ... and one of the most elementary view on Alchemy is "The Art of Cooking" ... Italians with French are the best.

    But while in France Saint Germain was welcomed ... and there are Editions of ... "The Book of Saint Germain on Alchemy" ... in French ... but also in German ... as well in Spanish ... still the Mother Land of Paolo Coelho ... "O Alquimista" ... in Italian ... in Florence was prohibited ... was more close to Witchcraft and the medieval folklore ... before the "Rinascimento" ... Still necessary ... very necessary in Italy ... as well in Europe ... Of Course in the World ... like in Greece ... where Saint Germain was Plato ... or in Egypt where he was Hermes Trimegistus ... living centuries ... better you consider Millenniums.

    I got the first edition of this Book in Caracas (Venezuela) ... and I purchase the second Edition in California in January 2008.

   I publish the Third Edition (punctuated like the Holy Bible, but I punctuate ... by hand and this includes mistakes) ... Then, I move to LaTeX and when will become available will be perfect and complete.

    Let me describe a little ... OUR EDITION (4th Edition ... not yet released ... but soon) ...

    Well ... first there are the "Core" ... which is composed by 3 Books ... which I, Giovanni re-define like:

  • Base Course on Alchemy ... 9 Chapters.
  • Intermediate Course on Alchemy ... 12 Chapters and ...
  • Advanced Course on Alchemy ... 3 Chapters.

  This will give you ... 9+12+3=24 Chapters.

   If you multiply by 6 ... You got the Magic number 144.

   We have all this and we offer ... "something" for free ...

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Now ... We have much material ... beyond these 144 "Chapters" ...

  To begin ... We have 9 Chapters we declare ...

New Discourses of Saint Germain.

  These Discourses are very recent ... from 2009 ... until 2012.

  This is Book 4 ... and will be ... without any doubt ... in Spanish, Italian and English.

   There are also Book 5, 6 and 7 ... related to Old Alchemy ... but only in English.

   Why only in English? ... to invite to learn English ... everyone.

   The Book related to the image below is ... Book 9 ...

    There are also a Book 10 ...

    And now what? ...


     Well ... Saint Germain on Alchemy ... engine also ... the Set of 144 Courses ... we declare ... FTHumanEvolutionCourse ...

   In fact ... the Opening to Shakespeare from a mother-language Spanish ... like I AM ... that live in Italy ... like I AM ... was "invited" by the Book, Saint Germain on Alchemy.

    In fact, we can read ...

39 Let the sincere student who would ponder and practice methods of mind and memory control, which are the methods of God himself, 40 acquire the habit of consciously giving to this blessed Higher Mind, or Christ Self, the responsibility for designing and perfecting the embryonic ideas and patterns of his creation. 41 For many of these patterns which at first appeared to be consciously conceived by the alchemist frequently have their origin within this higher portion of the blessed Self.

Remember, twenty-four hours of each day your Higher Mind is active in expanded dimensions. 43 This blessed Comforter, unknown and unexperienced by you outwardly, waits to be called into action and does function free of ordinary space/time limitations. 44 Employ your Higher Mind, then, both as your apprentice and as your teacher; for the Holy Spirit of truth moving therein can lead you into all truth! (John 14:17,15:26,16:13).

I would like to call to the attention of the students that if they so desire, they can immeasurably assist themselves in the alchemical arts through outside reading. 46 Care must be exercised in this, however, so that the byways of technology and scientific theory do not serve to divert the mighty flow of alchemy as the greatest science into byways of materialism where the ends are said to justify the means.

I realize full well that many related subjects would not only be boring, but also beyond the comprehension of some of our students.

Desiring not to limit the masses of mankind from having the blessings of alchemy. I have deliberately stated many of these points in such a way as to make them easily understood. 49 Let no one feel, however, that all knowledge can be reached through a single approach or without effort and study.

I suggest for those wishing more technical information to augment the course that they study wave propagation, the mechanics of the quantum theory, elementary and advanced chemistry and physics, seismology, astronomy, geology, and related subjects.

These studies, together with courses in the humanities, the world's religions, and the Shakespearean plays, will be of immense value as you are guided from within and also by your personal tastes.

Let none feel that the pursuit of such extracurricular subjects is absolutely necessary or the mandate of the Masters, 53 for the teachings of greatest importance are included herein, albeit in some cases between the lines.

Let God guide: and to those who do not recognize his reins, I say, fortune is as fortune does!

    --  Methods of Transfer (click to read in full)


   Therefore ... the Discovery of ... that Einstein Theory is Wrong ... proposed in 2009 by Italian Prof. Marco Todeschini ...

   ... join to consider the Aether ... proposed by Walter Russell ... like "The Universal One" ... same term adopted by Saint Germain ...

  ... etc, etc, etc ...

  This creates a New Library ... of impressive books and concepts ... many to be released for the first Time in Human History ... and while know in the East with other names ... never knock Western Science doors.

   Shakespeare is called to be quoted ...

There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy [science].

Giovanni A. Orlando
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