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Thursday, 15 February 2018 04:32


Greetings in the Holy Royal day of the King and the Queen ... the day of Archangels and the Will of God ... the Blue day.

     Now ... In the year 2007, I Giovanni ... your servant friend ... fellow like is the Eagle of Heaven and Earth ... got the green semaphore to discover ... the Book ...

 Was in the house of a sacred Woman ... I meet these books ... the other book you now very well ... is "Saint Germain on Alchemy".

Now, The Peggy Phoenix Dubro ... the name 'Phoenix' assigned to Madam Dubro by American native ... lead me to an "interesting" book on Free Energy ...

Both Books were published by two Americans (in the sense, they born in United States ... also Carlos Gardel and Pope Francisco 1 ... are Americans, according to my understanding) ...

In the "Bearden" book ... which is excellent I discover that ... Maxwell wrote his Equations ... not in the sample Vectorial simplified Edition all know ... but in Quaternions Notation ... in his first Edition dated 1873 ... by that date Tesla was not yet in United States ...

Now ... is very interesting ... to consider that he was ... like a Stranger, ... like a Latino today, or like an Italian then later ... the one that solve any Puzzle, give Electricity and Power to NY, first Rich people ... He invent the ... the 20th Century ...


Tesla was completed Stolen from all his Idea, spied and then discarded ... then ... like always happens those who stole everything from him, say, "I know him" ... he lived here ... I AM considering New York city ... but his last days were ... still like a Genius not exactly prosperous, but we cannot Judge.

May be the Evil behavior ... and continuous Jokes ... against Tesla forced to transform him in "forgotten".

Now, let me advice another Book ... and then conclude ...

This book and is not the only one ... explains that there are a missing component about energy in Maxwell Equations ... and we declare "standard" fake formula.

Let me quote for you,

Tesla once envisioned a vortex of pure energy while looking into a sunset. The result of this great Providential vision was polyphase current. A true revelation. But this, this was an original discovery found through an accident. It was an empirical discovery of enormous significance. Here was a new electrical force, an utterly new species of electrical force which should have been incorporated into the electrical equations of James Clerk Max- well. Surprisingly, it was not.

Tesla now questioned his own knowledge. He questioned the foundations on which he had placed so much confidence in the last several years. Maxwell was the "rule and measure" by which all of Tesla's polyphase genera- tors had been constructed. Tesla penetrated the validity of Maxwell's mathematical method. It was well known that Maxwell had derived his mathematical descriptions of electromagnetic induction from a great collection of available electrical phenomena. Perhaps he had not studied enough of the phenomena while doing so.

Perhaps newer phenomena had not been discovered, and were therefore unavailable to Maxwell for consideration. How was Maxwell justified in stating his equations as "final"? In deriving the laws of electromagnetic induction, Maxwell had imposed his own "selection process" when deciding which electrical effects were the "basic ones". There were innumerable electrical phenomena which had been observed since the eighteenth century. Maxwell had difficulty selecting what he considered to be "the most fundamental" induction effects from the start. The selection process was purely arbitrary. After having "decided" which induction effects were "the most fundamental", Maxwell then reduced these selected cases and described them mathematically. His hope was to simplify matters for engineers who were designing new electrical machines. The results were producing "prejudicial" responses in engineers who could not bear the thought of any variations from the "standard". Tesla had experienced this kind of thematic propaganda before, when he was a student. The quantitative wave of blindness was catching up with him.



    We need basically to recover the Lost Time in Electromagnetic ... in case we need to write new formulae with COP > 1 (Coefficient of Energetic Profit) ... COF=1, means Energy out = Energy inserted ... no profit ... COF < 1 ... The system lose Energy, Out is less than in).

    We need to re-write all 20 Maxwell Equations including the missing Tesla factor ... in Quaternions ... this give like a Lost Einstein paper whom also Studied Quaternions to improve Space-Time Physics ... a better understanding of Electricity and Magnetism ...

    Please do not forget the Quantum Mathematics ... which is fundamental.

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.
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