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Greetings in the Royal Blue day of the King and the Queen ... the day of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel ... Gabriel is first ... Michael his Brother, with Raphael ...

      And you work ... you study and you gain Wisdom ... Your Knowledge rise and so your Mind ... Your Brain expand you Horizons and you gain more confidence with Heaven.

      I confess ... I listen about Kryon ... The Angelic Entity in Caracas, Venezuela in 2007 ... more than 10 years ago ... and I dedicate 10 years to study and my books includes some of such teaching with Authorization ...

     But What you will read today ... can resume in few pages ... more then 50 books of Elizabeth Clare ... or more than 50 Audio or shows from Kryon ...

     Like I explain these books arrive to me ... without too much effort.

     For my is a Continuous Fight against Darkness ... that do not want people know these concepts because they offer a definitive golden key ... 

     Yes, you can purchase the book ... which include this information ... You can borrow from Libraries or Web-Libraries now under control ... but ... only an advanced Scholar has more expertise because remember more than you about its Eternal Essence ...

     The Book is ...

   This is the Story of a Man, Dr. White (who I consider was Saint Germain) ... that meet a boy and explain the secrets of the Universe in a ... short Walking, in Chicago some dozen of years ago ... The Book was published in 1963, for the first time


Chapter 2

The Nature of Existence


You were an engineer and manufacturer during many of your incarnations
in the Poseid Empire.
The device for taking motive power directly
from the atmosphere was perfected about twenty tiiousand
years ago, and you were among the many who understood its workings.
Perhaps you may be instrumental in its rediscovery."
— Dr. White.

Abstract In this chapter Dr. White introduce to Richard important concepts of High Physics that explain Reality and Religion


1 Dr. While and Richard began to walk toward the candy store, which was about a half mile away. The elderly gentleman mused to himself where he should begin; and as they walked. Richard looked up at him with admiration. That this man should take such an interest in him was flattering, and that the doctor should speak to him without a patronizing mien or oversimplified language was even more gratifying.

2 Dr. While was firmly precise but extremely kindly and considerate. An atmosphere of security seemed to emanate from the man.

Do you know how an atom is constructed?" Dr. White began.

4 "Sort of," Richard shrugged. 5 'Tell me what you know."

6 "Well, it's got a positive center and electrons that are negative and go in circles around the center."

7 Dr. While asked. "What are the electrons?" 8 "Bits of matter." 9 "What does that really mean?" he persisted. 10 "I'm not sure."

11 "Do you suppose they can be likened to tiny balls flying in an orbit like planets around the sun?" Dr. White suggested.

12 "That's a good explanation." Richard said thoughtfully.

13 "Actually, electrons and other subatomic particles aren't in the least bit solid; they are 'bundles' of energy. "

14 The charges of electricity they are represented to possess are merely a convenience to explain certain attractions and repulsions relative to charged and magnetic fields.

15 You are probably aware that every particle within an atom moves in an orbit.

16 Even the proton in the atom's nucleus travels a very tight orbit which determines its apparent diameter.

17 In addition to orbiting there is another important motion of all subatomic particles, and this motion is called nutation. It is valuable for you to understand nutational motion because it is the very key to the secrets of the universe.

18 Every subatomic particle spins about its own internal axis, and nutation refers to a wobble of the axis of rotation.

19 "Each particle in the physical universe experiences a nutation period of precisely the same rate."

20 ''What does that mean?" interrupted Richard. 21 "It means that each subatomic particle of matter and each quantum particle of electromagnetic energy spins on its own axis just the way our planet Earth turns on its poles, and that all these axes wobble at one constant rate regardless of the energy or mass of the particle. It is important that you distinguish between spinning and orbiting.

22 Although all particles spin, those particles which also travel in closed orbits comprise matter whereas energy particles travel in straight lines.

23 Energy can be converted into matter and vice-versa, but the nutational rate of these particles never varies; nor is there any physical power in the universe which can alter the nutational rate one whit.

24 "Incidentally, gravity and magnetism, which are different manifestations of the same force, are inherent in the axial spin of etheric particles."

25 "One day men will derive more power for motors directly from this source than they shall ever achieve from fuels, electricity, or nuclear disintegration."

26 "How could that be?" Richard challenged rather scornfully.

27 The doctor smiled indulgently and said, "You were an engineer and manufacturer during many of your incarnations in the Poseid Empire. The device for taking motive power directly from the atmosphere was perfected about twenty thousand years ago, and you were among the many who understood its workings. Perhaps you may be instrumental in its rediscovery."

28 "But twenty thousand years ago was before the stone age. Richard protested.

29 "More exactly between stone ages."

30 "I've never heard of anything like that before!"

31 "Much exists in this universe which would be wholly impossible within the framework of your present philosophy. Fortunately, these things do not require your knowledge or belief in order to exist. If you will but listen, have patience, and maintain scientific openmindedness, you will profit immeasurably. 32 All things will eventually yield to full understanding, but you must devote your life to that end.

33 "Now back to our discussion. As you will see `matter' is essentially a concept of our sense perceptors. which themselves are of the same 'matter.' 34 Our world and everything in it is composed of atoms, but atoms are only packages of energy whose seeming solidity and integrity are due to the circular motions of their components.

35 An atom is almost entirely empty space consisting of a central blob of whirling energy sheathed by the orbits of electrons.

36 The orbiting electrons describe a more-or-less spherical shell of energy: but don't imagine that this shell makes the atom a hollow ball of some concreteness.

37 The emptiness in which the subatomic particles exist can be visualized by the supposition that if the nucleus of an atom were enlarged to the size of our sun. then the shell described by its electrons would be twelve times greater than the diameter of our solar system.

38 A pound of iron, which seems quite solid and ponderable to us, is merely an aggregation of swirls of energy separated by comparatively vast reaches of emptiness.

39 This illustration also applies to our own bodies. 40 The cells which comprise our
tissues, nerves, and blood are of the same intangible swirls.

41 "Do you have these concepts pretty well in mind now. Richard?" "I think so." the boy
said. "Except that I've never really understood what a quantum is."

42 "Electromagnetic energy-such as radio, heat, light, and X-rays-can be envisioned as traversing the ether in the form of bullets, or packages, called quantum particles.

43 "I've heard of the radio waves traveling on the ether." Richard said, "but what is ether?"

44 "The entire universe is permeated with a 'basic energy' which is, you might say of a rarified concentration compared to the energy bundles which comprise atoms and quantum particles.

45 It's hard to conceive of 'basic energy' with the same understanding associated with energy, for the 'basic' type has no motion and cannot impart force.

46 It is quiescent, passive, and imperceptible. It is the mother of energy and matter.

47 It is that from which all things are created. Yet. despite its all-pervasive nature, about the only evidence we have of its existence is the wave phenomena of the propagation of light.

48 'This 'basic energy,' or ether, imposes a limit on the speed of light. Otherwise we might expect a quantum of light to achieve any speed depending on the amount of energy that could be exerted upon it.

49 If space were truly empty nothingness, then radiated energy would be able to travel at any rate in an infinite range of speeds instead of having an upper limit which we have named the speed of light.

50 All electromagnetic radiations travel at exactly the same maximum speed through space, whether it be low-energy radiation or high-energy radiation.

51 "Analogous to the way that air is the carrier of sound vibrations, the "basic energy' permeating space is the 'fluid' carrier of quantum particles.

52 Particles of radiated energy must buck the speed barrier inherent in 'basic energy.'

53 As particles comprising electromagnetic radiation proceed through space, a chattering effect with wave-like pulses results.

54 The more energy a particle has. the greater is the frequency of its chatter. Are you following my explanation?"

55 "Very clearly!" Richard exclaimed. The boy was surprised that words he had never heard before seemed to convey their meanings with acute clarity. It was not until a later year that he realized his understanding was probably induced by Dr. White.

56 "Fine! But let's not forget that I want to explain reincarnation, prescience, and telepathy. I went into detail concerning atoms and energy so you would have a basis of understanding for more transcendent concepts.

57 What we will discuss next is also basic: and although it will be entirety new to you, kindly remember that many brilliant men and women base their philosophy of life on these facts.

58 You too will one day embrace these beliefs because only they sustain the test of all experiences and rationality.

59 "Now that you have a fair knowledge of the inanimate physical world, we shall discuss the phenomena of living things in relatively simple terms.

60 To begin, there are seven planes of existence in the universe.

61 The physical plane is the lowest of the seven, and it consists of atoms of matter and quanta of energy ordered by time.

62 The physical plane is referred to as the lowest plane because the nutational rate of its constituent atoms and quanta has the slowest frequency of the seven planes.

63 Our planet, the stars, and the light we see are all of this lowest nutational rate.

64 "Each of the seven planes of existence consists of atoms and quanta, and each plane is differentiated from the others by the nutational rate of the matter and energy composing it.

65 Therefore, there are seven nutational rates-one for each plane of existence.

66 No scientific instrument on the physical plane of existence can detect or measure the presence of the higher, more| refined planes of existence.

67 Atoms and energy of one nutational rate are not en rapport, as it were, with those of a different nutational rate.

68 Inasmuch as the nerves composing man's five physical senses are of atoms of the same nutational rate as those of any other physical instrument, these senses are also unable to perceive the higher planes.

69 However, certain powers inherent in Mind can provide the means whereby the upper planes may be 'seen.'

70 "Intelligent beings exist on all seven planes, and the bodies of the persons who function on any given plane are compose of atoms of that respective nutational rate.

71 A being living on one of the upper planes enjoys the inherent mental ability to naturally discern all the planes which are of lower nutational rate than the plane on which he happens to function.

72 "Every man alive consists of four bodies-all interpenetrating an coexistent

73 All atoms, regardless of the seven variant nutational rates, are constructed in generally the same way. And because atoms are almost entirely empty space and are separated from one another by relatively large distances, the four bodies of a man simultaneously coincide in space.

74 The component atoms respective to each body commingle without interference with one another.

75 "Man's body of lowest nutational rate, which is his physical body, is the one of which we are commonly aware.

76 This body is subject to time, temperature, and the chemical equilibria unique to the lowest nutational rate. Only the physical plane is subject to time.
As Albert Einstein has shown, time is a function of matter and vice-versa. Without mailer there can be no time; and without time there can be no matter.

77 "The next highest body of man functions on the second plane of existence, which is known as the Etheric Plane.

78 This body of man, called the Vital Body, coalesces the physical body and determines its shape. 79 Because the physical body is constantly breaking down and renewing itself with the chemicals provided in our food, the Vital Body maintains the pattern so that we are recognizable from month to month.

80 On the Etheric Plane is also the energy which sustains the vegetable "Spark of Life".

81 The Vital Body is within the seed of every growing thing, and as the Vital Body grows, so does the physical body-be it plant, animal, or man. The Vital Body is responsible for many of the phenomena presently ascribed to the genes.

82 Among other things, the Vital Body regulates the healing process after wounds and disease.

83 "The body of man which is next above the Vital Body is known as the Astral Body. The nutational frequency of its component atoms is of the third plane of existence. This is the plane and body man uses after the death of the physical body.

84 The Astral Body corresponds to what is commonly called the 'spirit' of a man, and the plane of existence is often called the plane of light.

85 Persons of clairvoyant abilities who have gained glimpses of the transcendent and radiant beauty of this plane of existence have given rise to the beautiful concepts of 'heaven' and the "place of afterlife.' 86 The Astral Body, or 'spirit,' is composed of atoms just as is the physical body. 87 The difference lies in the nutational frequency.

88 "The fourth and highest body of man is called the Mental Body. 89 This body is not very well defined in a man until he has developed it consciously from its rather nebulous, immature slate into a body through which he may actively function on the Mental Plane of existence.

90 This is the highest estate of man.

91 When a person by means of intellect has advanced himself to the extent that he has fully developed his Mental Body, he has then also achieved freedom from rebirth. 92 Forever after he is immortal."

93 "Wait a minute. Dr. White." Richard said somewhat in agitation. "I have lots of questions."

94 "What do you want explained?" Dr. White asked patiently.

95 "First of all." 96 Richard began, "you are talking about freedom from rebirth, and I get the idea that you mean a man can become immortal just by being very smart."

97 "I used the term in the sense that a man is immortal when he no longer needs to occupy a physical body which is subject to pain, old age. and death. 98 When a person earns immortality, he may enjoy continuity of learning upon higher planes without the interruptions inherent in rebirth, childhood, and human error on the physical plane."

99 "But people die!" Richard maintained.

100 "People do not die! Only physical bodies die! Man is man. His realm is upon the fourth plane of existence the Mental Plane. He occupies a physical body on the physical plane in order to learn. 101 Your body is your horse, your vehicle. It provides a means of locomotion and tools in the form of hands and muscles so that you may deal effectively with the world.

102 "All the human beings occupying this planet came into existence at the same time-somewhat more than a million years ago. 103 Collectively, all of these persons are known as the 'human life-wave.' 104 The term' life-wave' is derived from the fact that the life energy for a human being is of the fourth nutational frequency, and nutation can be expressed mathematically as a wave motion.

105 There are seven life-waves-one for each plane. You and I are of the human life-wave of the planet Earth; individually we are known as Egos. The word Ego in this usage is always capitalized.

106 "At any given time, approximately one-sixth of the human Egos assigned to this planet are incarnated into physical bodies or vehicles. 107 To date, you. Richard, have incarnated almost three thousand times."

108 "But why?" 109 "Because when our human life-wave was brought into existence, every Ego among us was absolutely ignorant. 110 We knew nothing, but we had certain unique gifts which were designed to make us learn. Ill Inherent in all Egos is Mind-a power of the fourth plane of existence.

112 In this respect we are created in the image of God. The qualities of Mind are memory, desire, will, curiosity, consciousness, conscience, creativeness, intuition, emotion, and reason.

113 Granted these mental endowments, our task is to learn everything there is to be known about the four lowest planes of existence.

114 Naturally, one cannot be expected to start at the top when one is totally ignorant; so the first task of each Ego is to master the most elementary plane of existence-the physical plane.

115 This involves learning trades and arts, the science of the physical universe, and most important, how to get along with other Egos socially, morally, politically, and economically. 116 Obviously, this cannot be learned in just one lifetime.

117 "Is it not logical and just that a man be allowed many, many lifetimes to build knowledge and morality into his Ego's experience?

118 Whatever a man is unable to accomplish in one life he can take up again in the next until he has mastered his problem. 119 Step by step, life by life, he builds his Egoic experience until, at last, he has mastered every problem offered by the physical plane of existence.

120 When an Ego has evolved his mental ability so that he enjoy a perfect body in a personal environment exactly to his liking and has learned to perceive the higher planes of existence while still occupying a physical vehicle, then it can be said of him that he has mastered the physical plane.

121 Thereafter, he need no longer take on a physical body and suffer the limitations of being earth-bound.

122 When this stage of freedom from reincarnation has been attained, the Ego is known as an Adept.

123 He may now advance more rapidly in understanding of the higher planes until He has mastered everything there is to be known of the physical, Etheric, Astral, and Mental Planes. When an Ego has added all this knowledge unto himself, He is known as a Master."

124 "Such a syslem seems like so much work." Richard sighed. "What's the purpose of it?"

125 "Ultimate advancement to the pinnacle of existence-to be one with God! 126 You cannot become one with God until you are His equal in knowiedge of everything.

127 God has provided the means and the intermediate steps to do so. 128 It is the very meaning of our presence here. 129 God created us in order to glorify Him in the greatest way imaginable, which is to elevate ourselves to His very level.

130 This concept must not be thought sacrilegious. It is a long, difficult road for us, but it is rich in the satisfaction it provides all along the way. The higher we progress, the more work we do for others.

131 Our tasks become more difficult the farther we advance; yet the rewards become correspondingly more worthwhile.

132 "God has His being on the seventh plane of existence, which is known as the Celestial Plane.

133 Just because an Ego has reached the state of human perfection where He has become a Master functioning on the Mental Plane of existence does not mean that He is nearly a God.

134 To the average man, the magnificence wiiich is a Master is truly beyond comprehension; yet the Master has accomplished but a comparatively elementary course along the path to becoming one of the Celestial Host.

135 When an Ego becomes a Master, He is ready to progress to the fifth plane of existence. However, his progression must be held in abeyance until the rest of the Egos of the world have also attained Mastership, whereupon They all advance simultaneously.

136 Several millions of the Egos assigned to this planet, who were created it the same time as you and I, have already achieved the status of Master.

137 They devote most of Their efforts now to aiding the rest of humanity along the path towards Mastership so that progression to the fifth plane of existence can be realized as soon as possible.

138 'The fifth plane is called the Angelic Plane. No man from this planet has ever reached the Angelic Plane of existence."

139 Richard interrupted Dr. White by raising his arm in the manner of a schoolchild in a classroom.

140 "When I was in second and third grades," Richard began, "I used to go to Bible school. The teacher there told us that people became angels when they die, and then they go to heaven to fly-around playing harps forever"

141 "That's what many Christians believe. Richard."

142 "I know. But forever is billions and billions of years. I would go nuts doing nothing for that long. 143 It seemed so silly to me I quit going to church. Your idea sounds more logical, but I can't decide if it's true or not."

144 "I don't expect you to be converted by my discussion even though the things I'm telling you were well known to you before you took on your present body. 145 Your later reflection upon this information will reopen the way to you, but it will necessarily take many years.

146 It is important that you now be exposed to these facts so you don't stray too far from the truth. 147 And the future questions that will be posed by your ever-expanding philosophy can be answered by dredging up from your brain the information I'm giving you. 148 You will later be able to prove for yourself the verity of what I have to say."

149 "If, as you said. Dr. White, these things were well known to me before, why don't I remember them now without your having to tell me?"

150 "You really do remember them because knowledge is carried with you forever as part of your Egoic mind. 151 However, you must transfer the information to your present brain in order for you to use it consciously and rationally."

152 "Isn't the Mind and the brain the same thing?"

153 "Not at all! Mind is a power-an energy of the fourth plane of existence; it is part of the Egoic equipment. The brain, on the other hand, is a physical organ of the physical body.

154 The brain is a marvelously constructed electro-chemical switchboard and calculating machine. Most of its practical use is as a large automatic control center for body functions like breathing, walking, and digesting food. The frontal part of the brain is capable of what is called conditioned-reflex.

155 This involves the forming of relations between cause and effect and forming memory responses. Such things you will understand much better after you've had more schooling.

156 But right now let it suffice to say that the brain and mind arc intricately interrelated so that each functions to the purpose of increasing Egoic knowledge.

157 "When you were born into your present physical vehicle, its brain was completely blank.

158 The experiences you have had so far in this life are recorded on it.

159 The ability to break through the barrier between the events remembered by one's brain for this lifetime and the mind's Egoic memory of all past lives is built into man but one is not likely to accomplish this feat until trained by someone who has already done a himself.

160 When an Ego incarnates, he brings his character with him.

161 That is why no educational system will ever mold all persons into one type.

162 "The vast majority of people go through life without trying to penetrate their own minds. 163 They are like so many paupers carrying with them a vast fortune in rubies lied in a sack but living and dying in poverty because they don't know how to untie the knot.

164 You are fortunate in that you will later be shown the way to untie the knot and perceive your real self.

165 Then you will know that man is deathless. 166 It is lack of knowledge that continues to bind men to the pain and uncertainties of physical incarnation.

167 Once a man finally understands that his every effort toward the acquisition of knowledge furthers his eventual freedom from the cycle of rebirth, then his life takes on an invigorating purpose and a sustaining drive to pursue truth.

168 But the information needed to make men free has been long forgotten by traditional Christianity even though Christ taught it and it was known to the inner circle of the original followers."

169 Richard considered this for a while and then returned to a previous thought.

170 "Where do people go after their bodies die? Is there really a heaven?"

171 "When the physical vehicle dies, the Ego occupying it is said to undergo transition.
172 The Ego then uses his Astral Body and resides on the third, or Astral, plane of existence.

173 The Astral Plane is the resting place of each and every decarnate Ego. 174 Here he may study his strengths and weaknesses in order to plan his next incarnation so that it will afford the situations and surroundings most likely to advance his personality development and his ability to control his environment.

175 "We have the right to choose our parents, our time of birth, and the circumstances in which we shall be reared. Every one of us alive today purposefully and consciously chose the parents to whom he was born. The race, creed, nationality, body type and economic status we chose were designed to forward the tasks that will best hasten our advancement.

176 "It is important that knowiedge of our tasks be closed to us after we have reincarnated so that we may truly master them.

177 If we were aware of our self-assigned problems, we would be all inclined to feign their solution in hypocrisy and not real have solved the problem s at all.

178 For this reason our past lives and experiences are purposely shut from us. 179 However, the essence of what has been learned during previous lifetimes comes with us into a new incarnation.

180 "Despite outward appearance, all mankind is striving for perfection; but very often the tasks of a lifetime are so difficult that we lose ground instead of advancing.

181 The Ego acquires knowledge through actual practice, for all information must be actually tested to become knowledge.

182 Thereby, he builds his soul. Soul, then, is knowledge which becomes the means by which the Ego may accelerate his progress and deal effectively with the problems of life until all such problems of life has been solved.

183 "It is God justice that we shall not be tested beyond our ability.

184 However, we may be required to strive to our utmost to pass our tests. We should seek adversity, for through adversity we grow.

185 At every turn mankind has the kindly offer of assistance from Those who have already risen to the rank of Mastership, which we could just as well have gained had we applied ourselves as They had.

186 They were just as blank as new Egos as we. 187 Our habits of skepticism have for many lifetimes closed the door to wisdom; yet the blame is wholly ours that we do not experience the security, immortality, wisdom, and power it is our inheritance
lo enjoy.

188 Indeed, we have added to the burdens of those seeking spiritual advancement by our condemnation and persecution of them."

189 "You said before that we all go to the Astral Plane when our bodies die." Richard said. "Does that mean there is no hell?"

190 "The Christian concept of a beautiful after-life for righteous souls is called heaven, and it can be correctly identified with the upper Astral Plane.

191 When I make the distinction of upper Astral Plane. I do not mean to imply a greater altitude but rather a higher degree of spiritual attainment.

192 Everyone resides on the Astral Plane between incarnations and that includes evil men as well as good men.

193 Good men gravitate to the upper level of the Astral Plane, where they experience a beautiful, bright, and serene existence; but depraved Egos descend to the lower reaches of the Astral Plane, where darkness, hatred, and misery abound in hellish, wild confusion."

194 "Where are heaven and hell?"

195 "Right here, all around us. 196 Egos like you and me who are in physical bodies, and those occupying their Astral Bodies, and Masters occupying Mental Bodies are all co-existent here on the surface of the Earth."
197 "Do you mean spirits could be walking alongside of me right now?" Richard asked with a shiver. 198 "Yes. As a matter of fact, there is quite a following of especially interested Egos who are accompanying us at the moment."

199 Richard stopped in his tracks. "That's quite a thought!" the boy exclaimed. 200 "How do you know?"

201 "Because I'm able to see them." Dr. White assured him.

202 For more than a minute Richard stood quietly savoring the thought of unseen, intelligent beings standing within his reach. "It's funny," he said slowly.

203 "I can't see anyone or hear anyone, but I've often had the strangest feeling about someone being around me. I never considered it seriously though. I'm sure glad the sun is shining!"

204 ''You see, lad, no matter what a person may do, there is someone observing his every action.

205 Even our pirate thoughts are automatically recorded for all eternity." 206 Richard's eyebrows raised in wonderment a he glanced at Dr. White.

207 "Remember that the Mind is a radiant power of the fourth nutational rate. Mind exerts a special power of the second plane of existence known as the Etheric Plane.

208 Every thought and deed of every human being since our creation is impressed upon the Etheric Plane by vibrational means. This record can be transcribed by Minds capable of attuning to the recorded vibrations.

209 The way it is done is similar to a radio picking up only one desired wavelength out of all the different frequencies being broadcast by many stations. The phenomenon is a matter of sympathetic attunmement.

210 The Etheric record is known as the Book of God's Remembrances or as the Akashic Record.

211 Now you can see how I was able to know about your prescient experiences during your trip to Florida and about your comprehension of infinity. 212 Come, let's continue on our way to the candy store. I see we are almost there."

213 Richard's mind was preoccupied with all the things he had just learned; so he resumed his stroll beside Dr. White in an automatic way. They had walked about a half a block when the boy broke the silence.

214 "You mentioned prescience again. How could I have known something was going to happen before it happened?"

215 ''You dreamed it during the twilight phase of sleep. Sometimes the Ego stretches forth his consciousness into the Astral Plane during sleep in order to receive advice on some particular problem or to team certain things of current concern.

216 Usually we have no conscious remembrance of these astral contacts, but certain persons seem able to retain partial awareness of their experience there.

217 If you recall. I said that time is a function of the physical plane. No other plane of existence experiences the rigid sequencing of events as does the physical.

218 This means that Egos functioning above the physical plane, including persons temporarily contacting the Astral Plane during their sleep, enjoy a mental perceptiveness which affords projection into the past and future."

219 "I have another question. Dr. White:' 220 "What is it?"

221 "You said that when people's bodies die, their spirits go to the upper Astral Plane which is like heaven. But if as you also said, no man has ever reached the Angelic Plane, aren't churches wrong when they claim we become Angels after death?"

222 "That's a Christian folk legend. Richard. 223 Nowhere in the Bible does it state that man becomes an Angel after death. 224 This idea probably got its start from a misinterpretation of Christ's answer to His questioners concerning marriage in heaven.

225 He replied that those who have earned resurrection are like the Angels since they do not die again nor do they marry. (Mark 12:18-25) and (Luke 20:34-46).

226 It was the Angels who created the Earth and evolved man's physical vehicle. The Angel in charge of the Angelic Host and Their great work of creation was Jehovah, who is so great in comparison to man that He is as God to us. 227 So how could a man become equal to his creator merely by the death of his physical vehicle?

228 "Before you ask. Angels do not have wings. This idea persists from the days of the ancient sculptors who devised the idea of portraying Angels and gods with wings to differentiate Them from statues of mortal heroes and kings.

229 Since the gods of the ancients were of the "upper world,' wings seem to have been a reasonable symbol.

230 Actually. Angels have bodies composed of atoms of the fifth nutational rate, and They function on the fifth plane of existence where there is nothing comparable to our atmosphere to sustain winged flight.

231 "Even though Jehovah and the other Angels are very high upon the evolutionary path, there is still another plane of existence between Them and God. It is the sixth, or Archangelic Plane. The Archangelic Host of our Solar System is presided over by Melchizedek. 232 It was He who borrowed the physical vehicle of a man and was known to us as Christ.

233 "And now you have learned the names of the seven planes of existence which, in ascending order, are: the Physical. Etheric, Astral, Mental, Angelic, Archangelic, and Celestial."

234 Richard looked perplexed: so Dr. White asked him, "What is it that bothers you?"

235 "You say that the Angels were our creators. That just doesn't agree with science. How do you account for dinosaurs living hundreds of millions of years ago:and what about Darwin?"

236 The boy had never doubted the scientific version of evolution, but now he could not easily choose between Dr. White's statements and the school texts.

237 The growing admiration he felt for Dr. White caused him to respect the man's opinions even when they were in conflict with his own ideas.

238 "I shall tell you the truth about creation, and you will see that no facts are left unaccounted for. But first I'm going to buy that ice cream cone I promised you."

239 Richard had not noticed that they had arrived at the candy shop. They went inside, but the boy's anticipation of an explanation of creation supplanted his usual eagerness toward the rare treat of his favorite confection.

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2.6. What are the units of nutation?
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