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Monday, 05 February 2018 12:08


Greetings in the Moon day ... the Crystal day of the Moon, the day of Master Jesus and his White Perfection ...

     The Color White includes all the color together ... while the Violet or Blue (equal) ... represent the Strength of the Will related mostly to Saint Germain.

      Now ... when I was sixteen years old (like Confucius say) ... I began my Quest ... and reading Lobsang Rampa books ... I always read about Astral Travels ...but I never did ... one in conscious mode.

       Was in 2007 ... that my "teacher" a Woman ... in Caracas, Venezuela ... training a group to perform such travel ... in a EMF Session. Then for the first time ... I watch (in full color) my Akashic records ... Three Scenes for my Past lives ... was re-lived and was an unforgettable experience.

  • The first was on a Ship ... on Columbus ship ... and I was liar ... because I call "Land, Land" ... (or Tierra, Tierra) ... but I was aware there are no land at all ... and Saint Germain who was Colombo told me ... "America cannot be discovered by a lie".
  • The Second still more interesting ... I was a person of impressive importance ... may be a King ... very different than this life preparing to say Good bye ... I have no idea where ... but I consider was in Europe ... and I saw a Woman with ... "The night is on her hair". You cannot imagine how I feel.
  • The Third ... I was a very bad boy in Orient ...

  And this is the Story of the Akasha ... There are a System as well ... there are Personal ... as well Planetary ... or Galactic Akasha ... all is registered.

     ... Honestly my life change for no return back ... and I began a Quest to really learn ... Science ... also after two degrees in Math, with expertise in All Sciences ... and still to have built ... a Personal Operating System.

       Now ... recently a New Word ... began to knock my ears ... looking for resolution ... This Word is: "Fohat". (do not belong to standard Dictionaries).

       All these concepts will find an answer in the Book ...

      But let us talk about ... "Fohat".

      I do not play too much attention when I find first time ...

      I can say that is mostly related to the Madam Blavatsky Theosophist Movement ... which is Spiritual.

      There are a Magazine titled "Fohat" from Canadian Theosophists ... but what is Fohat? ...

       The process of EMF Balancing began a day when I receive a second book from Saint Germain pen ... which was the first Edition of ... "Saint Germain on Alchemy" ... like you know I have produced the Third Edition ...

    And in this book ... I got ... a new meaning for "Fohatic Energy" ...

    22 Each student should recognize that geometric figures such as the square, the triangle, the circle, the ellipse, and the parallelogram are employed almost universally in creating within the macrocosmic as well as the microcosmic three-dimensional world. 23 Although higher forms of creativity are found in the mathematical world of algebra, calculus, and trigonometry, the highest symbology of all known to us at inner spiritual levels is the science of engrammic rhythms.

24 This study deals with the control and release of energy, with engrams 1 (which term we use to refer to the causative key behind the effects observed by worldly scientists and called by them engrams), 25 with the use of mantras, 26 with the storing of fohatic energy, 27 and with safeguards activating principles of demarcation between the evolutions of the human consciousness in the planes of Matter and the world of perfect divine order that exists in the planes of Spirit.

28 When contemplating this science, one should bear in mind that even the infinite, omnipresent consciousness of God, 29 as it extends itself into the realm of the material creation, 30 moves through the gamut of creative expression from simple patterns to those of increasing complexity.


1 Engrams: noun, a change in the neuronal structure of the brain, representing a memory. Please read Dianetics by Hubbard for additional information about Engrams.


     Now ... to be a little bit more clear ... We can say ...

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  -- Hebrew 11:1

     Therefore ... Faith is the substance ... and Fohat is the Energy (Electric) store that keep the design and the matter together by Order (of the Word).

       Evidently you need to read the ... "Secret Doctrine" ... but also his Physics ...

       The Book ...The Physics of the Secret Doctrine explains ... that Fohat is ... according to the Secret Doctrine ...

       " The dynamic energy of Cosmic Ideation; or, regarded from the other side, it is the intelligent medium, the guiding power of all manifestation, the Divine Thought transmitted and made manifest through the Dhyan Chohans, the Architects of the visible World."   (S.D., vol. i. p. 44.)

          The Chohans are ... the Ascended Masters ... organized by Color or Flame.


      Madam Blavatsky explained many concepts ... and she was the one who occupy ... "The Office of the Messenger" ... to the World.

      After she ... who ... had ... Full Support from Koot Hoomi (actual Chohan of the Pink Ray) ... and El Moria (Chohan of the Yellow Ray) and Saint Germain (Chohan of the Violet Ray) ...

        After she ... the anointed was ... Godfre Ray King in United States ... then "the two olives" or Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Prophet ... actually you know who ... are ... there are Millions.

        There are 3 Editions for Two Volume Set ... while my favorite is the Third Edition ... which has the Editing and was used by Alice Bailey.

         Madam Blavatsky also wrote "Isis Unveiled" ... most related to Mathematics and Sciences ... while the Secret Doctrine is more related to Philosophies.

For now, for today ... is enough.

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.
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