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One day with the Aethers ... by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 17 January 2018 12:09





Greetings in the Mercury day ... The Green day in Piscean Age (the age of the Son) ... and Silver and Blue in the Aquarian Age (The Age of the Mother ...)

       Now ... we are playing special attention to ...

The Aether

       Used in Full in the 19th Century and removed because ... "invisible" ... may be fruit of some traffic ... From the Hinduism in Sanskrit ... "Ignorance" and "Demons" are related.

       May be some Dark Angel whisper to Einstein ears ... or he have no idea at all about Angels ... Dark and Light ...

       Indeed ... in Our Vast Quest we gain many "interesting" concepts.

  • There are 7 Aethers ... as well 7 Bodies in Man ... and 7 Main Chakras between 144 Chakras ... and across these Centers of "Cosmic" Energy ... The Aethers move.
  • The Trinity ... The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost

  • There are synonymous for the Aether ... one is Akasha ... Indeed the Aether is immobile and have a variable density. The Bhagavah Gita explains ...
As the all-pervading ether, because of its subtlety, is beyond taint, similarly the Self, though seated everywhere in the body, is ever taintless.
                                  -- The Bhagavad Gita 13:32.
  • We ... Humans ... and Our Column ... is pervaded by Pure Akasha ... like explains Madam Blavatsky

  • Following this schema ... The Four Elements ... Earth (Dense), Fire (Electric), Water (Astral) and Air (Mental) ... belong all to Human Body ...

         the Akasha and if we translate to Bhagavad Gita figures ... is the Ether or Primordial also supported in Egypt ... and are 5 ... the 5 Pandava ... 

A Picture with the Krishna and Five Pandavas: Aether (Yudhisthira), Fire (Arjuna), Water(Nakula), Earth(Sahadeva) and Air (Bhima).

  • Therefore ... like Taoism explained ... We have inside ... a Copy of the Universe ... and conquer these Forces ... The Four Forces is to conquer us and the Universe ...

           Across the 7 Chakras we can master ... the Combinations of Spirit-Matter ... Element ... take a look ...

You can read ... 9 The Four Elements in the Planes of the chakras

In order to master the flow of God's energy through the seven chakras, man and woman ought to consider the mastery of the four elements—of fire, air, water, and earth—as planes of God's consciousness.

For by the mastery of the four elements, you will then gain the mastery of the flow of energy through the four lower bodies as these bodies serve as coordinates for the establishment of the aura of God around the soul.

The four elements, so-called, are merely word matrices used to define the planes of God's Self-awareness that the individual is capable of realizing through the four lower bodies. Thus the etheric body is the vehicle for the fire element and for man's realization of God's awareness of himself as the sacred fire.

The highest frequencies that the individual is capable of realizing in the planes of Mater are focused through this body. The etheric, or memory body contains both the record of the soul's evolution in the causal body in the planes of Spirit prior to its descent into Mater and the record of all of its experiences in the lower octaves after the descent.

It is through the heart chakra, where the ascending and descending triangles converge, that the soul learns to exercise the sacred fire and its uses both in the planes of Spirit and in the planes of Mater.

  • Nikola Tesla ... because friend of Vivekananda ... gain some Mastery on these concepts ... and is Prana with Akasha the concepts to conquer ... There are another term °Fohat" ... similar to "Faith" ... Fohat is the ... propelling Akasha ...

  • Reverend Charles Leadbeater ... in his book ... "Occult Chemistry" ... talk about The Aether of Space ... which he call "Koilon" ... He talk about the structure of Anu and moves our Mind between Mulaprakriti or Mother-Matter ... which creates Matter (all Matter, the fishes of Lord Jesus miracles) ... to Koilon ... which is basically Aether.

Let us for the moment name this substance koilon1, since it fills what we are in the habit of calling empty space. What Mûlaprakriti or “mother-matter” is to the inconceivable totality of universes, koilon is to our particular universe—not to our solar system merely, but to the vast unit which includes all visible suns. Between koilon and Mûlaprakriti there must be very many stages, but we have at present no means of estimating their number or of knowing anything whatever about them.

To any power of sight which we can bring to bear upon it this koilon appears homogeneous, though it is not probable that it is so in reality.

Rev. Leadbeater was a Vegetarian and Clairvoyant ... He saw the Platonic Solid forms inside the Atom and write down in his book ... "Seems"  ... he saw also the Aether ...

    To conclude ... What is the Father? ...

     114 Christ was able to produce the miracles recorded in the Gospels, and many more, 115 because he had first mastered the correct use of energy.

116 He called the holy energy of Spirit "Father"; and of a truth, father the Spirit is to all manifestation.

117 The Father is all loving, all knowing, and all powerful, and he will make you all that he is. 118 But we have only begun to touch upon the correct use of his energy.

    -- Create! And the Cloud

Thanks ... and see you in the Future ...
Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.
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