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Greetings in the Orange day of Venus ... the day of the Ladies ... the day of the Love in the Family ... Let the World be a Family ...

      Now Jophiel is a particular Archangel ... he is a Secondary Archangel ... Only Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are the Main Archons ... or Archangels.

      And Uriel talk to John the Beloved in Patmos ... Jophiel is another Secondary Archangel ... all have Billion of Angels.

     Now ... this "Lesson" like many we offer ... is particular ... because it explains why the "Gray Matter" is Gray ... in Your Brain. All has ... This is a reason because, I Giovanni dislike Gray color ... there are others ...

     And this Lesson like many lessons we offer ranges from Geometry ... to Physics ... to Cosmology ... to Neurology ... etc  ... to Theology.

     I, Giovanni read it ...in

(Click to read on Google Books ...)

  Here I read about the meaning of the Actual Battle of Armageddon which is Spiritual ... between Light and Darkness ...

  Here, in this Book ... I learn about Planet Hedon (destroyed close to Mercury) ... Their rites adopting Drugs ... still to The Culture of Pleasure (which is an induced fantasy) ...

   Now ... before to gift you this lesson ... Let me quote two paragraphs ...

   For wisdom is indeed a geometric method whereby you, as the human monad, a dot upon the cosmos, may draw a straight line directly to the heart of God—for you know so well that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and the rule of wisdom is the shortest distance between your heart and the heart of God.

    Humm ... My Colleagues in Mathematics ... will got some inspiration ... I hope ...

    We can now quote ... what happens when we perform "decree" ...

I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, these decrees are a method whereby you create the thought matrixes, the wondrous parallelograms and circles and triangles of spiritual symbology, in the ethers and upon akasha, which causes a release of the tremendous power of fohat—which, in itself, is a greater assistance to mankind than they ever dream of in their outer consciousness.

    Without new release ...

    Here you have,

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

Vol. 25 No. 46 - Beloved Archangel Jophiel - November 14, 1982


The Power of the Angels of Illumination

He that getteth wisdom loveth his own soul:
 he that keepeth understanding shall find good.


May the blessings of eternal wisdom flow from that wondrous fount of God’s flame of illumination, and comfort every heart here. Beloved ones, may every heart upon the planetary body and in the entire cosmos be exalted by the buoyancy of Divine Wisdom.

I am come this day to declare unto you the power of the angels of illumination; for I, Jophiel, salute every heart who yearns to have wisdom above all other desires.

For wisdom is indeed a geometric method whereby you, as the human monad, a dot upon the cosmos, may draw a straight line directly to the heart of God—for you know so well that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and the rule of wisdom is the shortest distance between your heart and the heart of God.

Precious ones, geometric figures are so valuable. You have heard it said that God geometrizes. You are aware of the fact that the square, the circle, the triangle, and all geometric figures do express in wondrous symbology those basic laws and concepts upon which the universe is created.

For those of you imbued with artistic knowledge are fully aware of the fact that the canvas itself is but a plain surface upon which you superimpose those concepts of your minds and hearts, using the medium of the paint, with brush and palette, and that exquisite ingredient, the knowledge of art within your heart, to transfer from your minds to the canvas before you the beauty that is inherently within you.

Mankind today cannot trace a quality of beauty they do not possess. They are unable to imitate or to mimic the Great Cosmic Law. I ask you, beloved ones, of all the artists upon this planet, who has been able to duplicate that which God hath wrought by his wisdom? And yet, you shall.

Every archangel, every cosmic being bows before the mighty fountain of divine illumination. By it, in days of eld, men raised wondrous temples to God upon this planet by methods of spiritual joy and glory, whereby they were able to manipulate matter and energy in a fashion now quite forgotten by the mind of man.

The science of electronics which manifests today is but a dim glory of those past ages when the high priests stood in the temples of old in close contact with their own divine God Presence and were able to invoke the power of levitation upon matter, which rose with the lightness of a feather. The heaviest stones would float in the atmosphere and move by the will of the high priests and those priests skilled in the art of levitation of matter.

The physical bodies of mankind and all matter were directly under the control of the brilliant flame of divine illumination which flashed forth and linked itself with the ray of power and the ray of divine love to produce by the power of the three-times-three, in all worlds of action, the action of the great illumination flame—bringing about ease and peace in the control of matter and energy which mankind has not experienced since the precious golden ages now long past.

Those of you who yearn to see mankind free, rejoice that the time is at hand when greater and greater light of golden illumination shall shine forth upon the planetary body, and lightness of heart shall replace heaviness of heart, because mankind shall understand how to harmonize heart with heart, how to harmonize heart with God, and how to utilize illumination so that it is not rigid or frigid in its action to cause them to become distinctly separatists—separating themselves from the consciousness of God into an egocentric orbit whereby they do not recognize the need to cooperate with one another in love and in drawing forth that harmony which will make of this planetary body a veritable paradise in the universe.

Ladies and gentlemen, those brilliant, flashing angels of illumination who have come with me are now, as I speak to you, actually covering the great glory of the universe, lest it should so bedazzle your eyes that you would not even be able to see the light of the physical sun. I tell you, beloved ones, you do not know the great caution which is exercised by the Great Law.

Some men today are led astray by the psychic forces that are in action in the universe, and they have the idea that it is not necessary for them to decree or to attune themselves by the power of spiritual decrees with those higher octaves of light. I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, you must admit to the great truth of the power of illumination and invocation, and recognize that whether your human likes it or not, this is a method whereby you may find the greater light in greater ease than any other upon the planetary body!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to call to your attention that throughout the land of India, countless yogis are sitting in the silence and meditating upon God without producing nearly as much a release of cosmic energy as is released in one minute of these sessions whereby you call forth and invoke light, because you invest your energies consciously and willingly on behalf of mankind as an act of the love that is within your heart!

When this love flows forth from your heart, the great cosmic masters in their wondrous devotion, by fulfilling the cosmic law, are able to balance that energy which you give by giving a greater quantity by far to mankind than they could ever do without the great release of energy which you give.

I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, these decrees are a method whereby you create the thought matrixes, the wondrous parallelograms and circles and triangles of spiritual symbology, in the ethers and upon akasha, which causes a release of the tremendous power of fohat—which, in itself, is a greater assistance to mankind than they ever dream of in their outer consciousness.

I would like to tell you now something about the wonders of the angels. I would like to point out to you that just as you sit within your body temple and enjoy your powers of perception so that you are able to look out upon the world at large and behold shape, form, substance, and dimension, so the angels are able to sit within the focus of their being, which is a starry body, as it were, of great power, charged with the ability to carry forth messages from the very heart of God to every corner of the universe charged by divine love. And these are able to behold the wonders of all eternity, sights which your eyes have not beheld, and to listen to sounds which your ears have not heard. These blessed beings are not lacking in perception.

Beloved ones, there is a consciousness in mankind which tends to glorify the present state of man’s consciousness and clutch it and hold to it and grasp it as though they would not forsake it for anything in the world, as if nothing better existed in the universe. I would like to point out to you the words of the beloved Jesus, who stated so clearly to mankind that he who seeks to save his life shall lose it, and he who loses it for the sake of the kingdom of God shall find it again. <1>

I tell you, beloved ones, the present senses which you enjoy are but a dim perception of that which you shall see clearly when your eyes are opened by the power of divine illumination to behold the glories of the kingdom of God! Mankind need not fear that God, in all his great love, has not prepared for them a place of such wonder and beauty as has never entered into your heart or imagination, regardless of the fact that you have speculated almost in an infinite manner.

Ladies and gentlemen, the angels are in no way bereft of joy. We are not different than you are in the sense that we do not have a consciousness. To have a consciousness, beloved ones, and to enjoy perception is the blessing of every angelic being. And we have a fierce loyalty to the Godhead which has kept us from swerving from the paths of light and has kept us ever in the service of the light.

For those of us connected with the spiritual uplifting of mankind are indeed concerned in an unusual manner, insofar as the love radiation goes. For anchored within our hearts, although we be angels of illumination, is a tremendous love for mankind, which keeps us sometimes anchored in a most uncomfortable atmosphere when mankind insist on vibrating at a rate which is uncomfortable to themselves as well as to us.

I would like to point out to you, then, that there is a method whereby you can keep your own consciousness high, and that method is to feel God’s love anchored in your heart simultaneously while you feel God’s love and wisdom anchored within your minds. It is possible, then, for you to utilize the center of your heart as a sun of divine love and to use your brain as a radiant focus of the power of illumination’s flame so that all density is indeed removed from your consciousness.

The cerebrum and the cerebellum are as the great Milky Way is in the vast starry universe. These are intended to be mighty continents of power anchored within the head area of every man whereby great currents of illumination may flow through those wondrous folds of your precious brains, creating therein a golden flame of illumination and removing the so-called gray matter from human consciousness, which is but the distortion of the pure white light into the qualities of gray by reason of the addition of flecks of shadow created by human ideas of great density and opacity.

I, therefore, pray that this day the angels who have come with me release into the forcefield of your blessed beings those mighty currents of light which are the Mercury diamond-shining mind of God and will flow across your brains—flashing there, scintillating as the sunlight upon the water, and removing therefrom that density which is created by reason of human thought and feeling lowered down toward the vibratory action of jealousy, doubt, fear, dishonor, and a lack of integrity.

I would like to point out to those among mankind who are addicted to the use of nicotine that this in itself creates a tremendous density upon the surface of the brain so that the dura mater and pia mater, so named by mankind, are not able to flash forth the divine intelligence in a proper manner. When mankind, therefore, will lay aside this specific habit of smoking, they will find that it will indeed increase the flow of spiritual illumination to them.

Now I am not in any way, beloved ones, interested in a direct opposition to the great tycoons of the cigarette industry in your nation, for the Lords of Karma will take action in due course of time against them. <2> And they shall find that the record is very gross, and that which they have done will indeed prove to them at inner levels that they have sold their soul for a bowl of soup and for a “mess of pottage.” <3>

Nevertheless, those who do this shall return to balance every jot and tittle of their karma. The Great Law requires it, and let none think that they can escape; for it is not the intent of the karmic law to permit them to escape until they have paid every last farthing of that which they have imposed upon the youth of America and the world by creating those vicious and pernicious habits which distort the consciousness and warp the power of the Great God Flame in its action through the forcefield of mankind. <4>

Ladies and gentlemen, I speak this to you forthrightly in order to assist the great forces of light upon the planetary body. There are many nefarious activities whereby the golden flame of illumination is rendered inefficient in the human brain consciousness by reason of that smog which is created in the atmosphere of the planet through all of the distortions in the burning of energy in chemicals today upon the planet.

When mankind understand the proper use of atomic energy and they apply themselves to the heart of God with a greater diligence, they will be able to terminate all of the action of smoke and that discord which is released as a cloud of unknowing upon the planetary body, releasing density in place of light and causing untold misery to millions of mankind.

Ladies and gentlemen, as I have descended here to you, I have desired to impart to you a great deal of spiritual knowledge, that you might be able to absorb this. That which you cannot remember is being recorded so that in due course of time, it will come to your hands as other releases have, so that you may study these and properly show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth <5> as it is released from on high from the higher octaves.

Peace, beloved hearts. I ask now that you think of the great golden sun from whence I am come. I ask that you think of that wondrous sun which was depicted in the ancient hieroglyphs of the Incas, behind the throne of their rulers, and indicated to mankind the dependence of those ancient civilizations upon the flame of God’s wisdom, released through the great power of the Central Sun, through the sun of this system of worlds, and every sun, including that blessed sun of illumination whose plume is anchored in the mighty threefold flame within your own beating hearts.

Ladies and gentlemen, the trek across the borders of eternity is like a journey across a vast desert. The sands of time stretch before the consciousness of the soul; and men and women perceive, as a mirage in the distance, an oasis of paradise—the golden age which has seemed to be so evanescent, as though it did not exist to human consciousness, when the world has struggled with human discord, when wars and human viciousness and spite and doubt and anger and distrust have taken their toll, when the systems of feudalism and tyranny dominated the political systems of the world and there was a clashing and a clanging of spears, and mankind were dispatching one another to the other world by reason of their viciousness with a tremendous malintent.

Beloved ones, the hour is now when men should glorify God as they have never done so before. Mankind today are given the blessing of freedom from drudgery compared to ages past. Men and women today are able to push a button, and they are able to have greater leisure hours to call forth and to decree for the good of mankind.

Precious ones of the light, would you like to be an instrument for me so that you could stand upon this platform and my words could be flashed for you unto this audience? Let me point out to you, beloved ones, that the distortions in the atmosphere of the planetary body make it exceptionally difficult for us to transmit these wondrous messages to your consciousness; and yet, because someone has dedicated himself wholly to God for this purpose, we are able to do so.

But I implore you never to be critical or to judge the channel which is speaking these words to you. For I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, it is a cosmic miracle that it is possible at all. And it is far greater than the telegraph which Samuel F. B. Morse so long ago created and sent the first message across to mankind, stating: “What hath God wrought!”

Let me remind you then that this, too, is an action of God, transmitting from the higher octaves to this octave here upon the planetary body those transmissions which are intended to give you your freedom. And therefore, these transmissions are also that which God hath wrought!

Blessed ones, the flame of illumination is imparted to all. And yet all do not utilize their talents; they do not utilize the talents of opportunity.

I wish to express the gratitude of the heavenly hierarchy to those of you who have faithfully attended these sessions and have not missed, because you have recognized that in absorbing our radiation you are fitting yourselves for heaven and for the higher state of consciousness when you shall be able to see clearly through the cosmic veil.

Beloved ones, I would point out something to you that is probably not recognized by many of mankind. Every session such as this is intended to burn out the density of human creation which intrudes itself between mankind and the face of God. Therefore, whenever a tiny bit of man’s own human effluvia is removed, it is like polishing the lens or washing the screen of man’s perception, whereby he is able to see more clearly through the glass and therefore receive greater blessing from the light itself.

We have no selfish motive in our desire to impart this. We have one motive, and that is to inform mankind concerning the truth of the Great Law, that they may cut themselves free to enjoy that which God intended all life to have and to share in the very beginning. It was never, never, never the plan of God to see mankind manifest disease, discomfort, or distress. These human creations which have been released into the planetary body have created every plague and all outer conditions of disease and distress which ought never to have been.

Mankind are not fully aware of the fact that thought is the creator of those disease germs called by the scientists “germs,” which are in themselves but the misqualified energy which mankind have released in a microscopic pattern which—because of its virulence and because of its malice which was actually implanted into it by human thought—yet enters into the human bloodstream. And there arises therein a tremendous battle between it and the internal nature of perfection which was implanted by God as a protection to every lifestream within the physical body. And in this warfare, a great deal of energy is consumed.

Then these specifically virulent microbes of destruction bore themselves within the human consciousness in order to create in the macrocosmic body of man—the larger body, which is much larger than the microbe itself—the imperfection which was implanted in the specific microbe by wrong thought and feeling expressed by man. And therefore, man is the creator of all disease and for this reason has had to struggle with that which he has created.

Nevertheless, the great angelic host and the ascended masters have stilled many a plague, have stood between mankind and their own returning karma. And I have watched often while the angels stood with drawn sword over many cities of Europe as well as America and said: “You shall stand no further. You cannot pass to injure any more children or any more of mankind. You must stop, in God’s holy name, your action!” And then it was as though all of this virulent energy dropped and drooped and shriveled and faded and was blown away by the holy winds of heaven! And the plagues were stayed and the love of God flowed forth again, and civilization breathed free and easy.

I tell you, beloved ones, that wondrous country of India is a land which has been inflicted by much distress because of the wrong thoughts of the people. For India, like many other countries, is divided. It is a land divided—filled with individuals who are devotees of the greater light and yet, unfortunately, filled with much selfishness in the hearts of its people and much unbelief.

All of this would be wiped from the screen of life by the golden flame of illumination if mankind would only be consistent in their thoughts and actions. You cannot, beloved ones, distrust God. You must be true to yourself and you must be true to the God in your fellowmen.

Do you think, beloved ones, that those who would deceive mankind and practice deceit are able to stand long? Nay, I tell you, every despot and every tyrant has been brought low. <6>

Some of you may recall that long ago the man called Herod uttered an oration to mankind which was so great and so wondrous that men applauded him to the extent of saying, “Behold, it is not the voice of a man but the voice of God.” And immediately he died and was smitten of worms because he gave not God the glory. It is so recorded in your Scriptures, <7> and it is recorded in fact.

For I tell you, beloved ones, that every tyrant that exalts himself to heaven is brought low; and every child of the light who humbles himself before the great golden flame of illumination is raised up to partake of the wondrous fountain that flows from the heart of God and brings comfort to the nations.

I tell you also of he who long ago was known as Sol-o-mon. Sol-o-mon, beloved ones, was the “man of the sun.” You today, in your modern colloquialism, utilize the term “Old Sol,” referring to the solar power. Sol-o-mon, known to you as Solomon, was indeed a man who, recognizing the power of God, said, “I would not have riches nor human honor, or any other grace bestowed upon me, O Lord my God, thou king of heaven. But give thou unto me wisdom, and I shall suffice and rest in thee.” <8>

And in answer to his invocation, the mighty angelic host were permitted to carry a scroll engraved from the heart of God. And they materialized before Solomon and handed him this scroll. And upon this scroll was written the ineffable name of God and the means to pronounce it.

When Solomon pronounced this ineffable name within the recesses of his heart, it opened up the secret door that leads to the Temple of Illumination, and he was taken there out of his physical body and consciousness and was God-taught every jot and tittle of spiritual wisdom which had ever been given to man from the creation of the world. When he returned to waking consciousness, in one night there was imparted to him greater wisdom than had ever before been bestowed upon anyone. And his fame spread throughout the earth; and all came to behold him, including the queen of Sheba. <9> Beloved ones, I tell you that there is meaning in that which I say to you today.

O sweet angels of my holy band, Kuthumi dear, master under our direction, let these blessed souls hear within their inner ear the chants of the golden angels of illumination, joined in holy chorus with the Brothers of the Golden Robe. <10>

O LordGod of hosts, how wondrous is that epic release of thy sacred energy in the imparting of holy wisdom to mankind! In the giving of that wisdom, may all recognize that its holy use exceeds its grasp. For to have wisdom in itself, except it be used for the glorification of mankind and the ennoblement of mankind, is a waste poured out upon the personality in an egocentric action.

Let men, then, follow Saint Francis, beloved Kuthumi, <11> in the following of all the avatars of wisdom down through the ages, that they may make of their hearts a cradle where the holy Christ Child in illumination’s flame may live again, and where the angels may bow and fold their hallowed wings of love round about that sacred child until, grown to full stature and maturity, he may take that Christ-dominion over each life and over the earth, which makes of this life a city of beauty, the city of the Great King, the LordGod of hosts, worshiped and adored by every one of the angels and by all those Elohim of the sacred fire, the seven Spirits which are before his holy throne. <12>

O beloved mankind, the time is short for each lifestream. The day will come when every word that I have uttered this day shall be looked to by mankind as a guide upon their pathway.

You today have heard music released from higher octaves through a messenger of music, and you have heard my sacred words released through a messenger of love. I thank you for your time and your attention. I ask that you pray for those who could be here in this place to hear these words; and yet they have more important things to do, according to their human consciousness.

I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, you prepare for heaven. You prepare for the hour when you can commune with us in that sweet and holy feeling which is the permanent love of God as released into the countenances of some men of maturity and is quite naturally resting upon the faces of many a tiny babe. Truly, a little child shall lead them, and the lion shall lie down with the lamb. <13> And God shall wipe away every tear, every sorrow from human consciousness. <14>

To this end we are dedicated. To this holy wisdom, we offer our services. Call upon me and I will answer you, and all of my band. For we, too, are a part of life destined to give comfort to the all of life.

Ladies and gentlemen, in God’s holy name, I, Jophiel, on behalf of the Brothers of the Golden Robe and the angels of my band, thank you and bid you a holy good afternoon.


Fiats of the Lord printed in bold type are to be used by the disciples of Christ as mantras, fiats, and decrees in the science of the spoken Word.

NOTE:  This dictation by Archangel Jophiel was delivered through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet September 9, 1963, during Saint Germain’s Class of the Angels in Los Angeles, California. Introductory quotation:  Prov. 19:8.

1. Matt. 16:25; Mark 8:35; Luke 9:24; 17:33; John 12:25; Rom. 6:1-7.

2. As a result of Jophiel’s dictation, cigarette smoking came under governmental scrutiny. On January 11, 1964, the Public Health Service released its report that linked cigarette smoking to cancer. This was followed by the U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry’s official statement that smoking is hazardous to human health. Federal legislation was passed in 1965 that required all cigarette packages sold after January 1, 1966, to carry the label “Warning:  The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health.”  Beginning January 1, 1971, tobacco ads were banned from television.

3. Gen. 25:29-34. (mess: enough food of a specified kind for a dish or a meal; a mixture of ingredients cooked or eaten together.)

4. Matt. 5:18, 26.

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10. During a one-and-a-half minute interlude, the pianist plays an original meditation.

11. The ascended master Kuthumi was embodied as Saint Francis (1182-1226).

12. Rev.1:4; 4:5.

13. Isa. 11:6.

14. Isa. 25:8; Rev. 7:17; 21:4.

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