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Saturday, 14 October 2017 08:10


Greetings ... in the Saturn-day ... the day of Saturn ... The day of Old Wisdom ... the day of the Salt ...

        Saturn rules people born in Capricorn ... now (I hope you know) ... Mercury and Saturn walk together ... any week from Mars-day (Tuesday) until Saturn-day (Saturn-day).

          Saturn is more present in the Life of Earth dwellers than Neptune, Uranus or Pluto ... or Nibiru or Marduk ...

          Now ... Our Planet has an Axis ... like any Sphere ... and therefore a Vertical ...

          This Axis do NOT have an Angle of 90º ... and this angle has changed many times in a period of Last 36 years ...

        Each time changes ... Disasters happens ... like Flood or Earthquake ... and the reasons for Flood and Earthquakes are not only the Planetary change of its Axis.

        In fact ... We lived on the Bad supposition that we are alone and all is Dead ... but All is Alive ... and have Mind ... and Consciousness from the Atom, to the Sun and the Planets ... but this is not the point today.

        Today is a little bit ... more numerical ... In fact, also the Numbers have their Personalities ... like Actors ...

         Now ... "Serious Religions" teach in their Books ... the Sacred Cycles ... and Good Schools all the concepts a Student need to understand the Creation ...

         We can consider ... The Great Circle ... which takes 25,920 years ... or 12 x 2160 ... Where each period of 2160 is Age ... We complete Pisces, we began Aquarius ...

    Without mistakes (and need numbers and time to be explained and not necessarily on the Web ... ) ... The Great Cycle of 25,920 years ends the last 12-12-12, or December 12, 2012.

      For a period of 23 days the Galaxy enters in a New Time ... Indeed ... no one predict that passage ... because no one knows exactly ... Thanks to the Universe ... Nothing happens.

       The Mayan Calendar is also called Tzolk'in ... He is Lord Meru or Aramu Muru ... or Quetzalcoatl. He gave us this tool ...  

       We can read in the Pleaidian Agenda ...

Tzolk'in Weaves the Story of Time

You decided 25,607 years ago to become an individuated human being with conscious memories of your past, incisive awareness of your present, and a happy future created just by your intentions. You intended to become a person with an open heart, a healthy body, a wise mind, and an activated spirit. In those days, you lived a simple life merged in your world. The tree and lion were yourself. You lived in a simple bliss because you could feel the whole world and all the beings participating in it, and you had no sense of separation. One day, you looked at the sky and decided you wanted to know who you were. To accomplish this, you needed to be able to see yourself in your world. To do that, you needed to see yourself objectively. Thus began your long journey into knowing yourself in your world. You brought this desire to me, Tzolk'in, the Milky Way Galactic Keeper of Time.

"I, Tzolk'in, was fascinated with your idea, so I accepted your request. I crafted a game called history—sometimes "herstory"—for you to play within, just so you could reach your stated goal. As with any game, I analyzed the codes that you carried deep within yourselve, so I could understood the roles for each of you, and then I planned the moves that you would need to master in order to attain your goal. This is a long story, which fills many libraries. Like those of a chess match, the moves you made in the beginning were predictable, and I will not spend much time going back over them. I will give you an overall sense of your moves and strategy from 23,614 to 3114 B.C.—the first four Great Cycles of the Mayan Great Calendar—then I will explore the Fifth Great Cycle—3114 B.C. to 2012 A.D.

During the First Great Cycle—23,614 to 18,489 B.C—you began to observe yourself in your environment. You painted great beasts ...



Alcyone library and tzolk'in-keeper of Time

You've become violent because
you do not channel your creativity.
-- Satya.

  You can continue to read ... It is interesting far beyond your imagination ... and few figure well these ... now completed 25,920 years and those who are now beginning ...

    Now ... The Green Lines in the Previous draw give us that understanding ... At each Age we did something ... We evolve something ... Now is time of the Galactic Evolution ... is Natural ... You NEED Nothing ... neither go to a particular place ... but you will go ... Is a Time of Happiness.

     The  Equinox and Solstice are days when the relation Sun-Earth changes ... In fact, we have 4 Seasons ... and the Equinox declare the change of day length. This means that the day length and Sun Position in the Sky begin to decrease ... until we got the day with the shortest night possible ... In Summer we got the Sunny long day and shorter night and from Summer Solstice began to decrease ... until Solstice of December when we got the Shorter day and the Long night ... After Solstice of December ... days began to increase again in its Time of Sun or Light.

equinox solstice equinox solstice
month March June September December
day time day time day time day time
2010 20 17:32 21 11:28 23 03:09 21 23:38
2011 20 23:21 21 17:16 23 09:04 22 05:30
2012 20 05:14 20 23:09 22 14:49 21 11:12
2013 20 11:02 21 05:04 22 20:44 21 17:11
2014 20 16:57 21 10:51 23 02:29 21 23:03
2015 20 22:45 21 16:38 23 08:21 22 04:48
2016 20 04:30 20 22:34 22 14:21 21 10:44
2017 20 10:28 21 04:24 22 20:02 21 16:28
2018 20 16:15 21 10:07 23 01:54 21 22:23
2019 20 21:58 21 15:54 23 07:50 22 04:19
2020 20 03:50 20 21:44 22 13:31 21 10:02

The Equinox are different and in those days the Sun ... is under the Equator ... begin to enter ... Enter in March Equinox ... and then begin to leave to meet the Equator again in September.


  Like the Moon meet the same point in the Sky after 19 years or 235 full moons ... or lunations. The same is valid for the Axis ... related to the Sun ... After 25,920 years ... return to its position. 

These are the Basics ...


 ... About the New is we will leave 4D (actual now ... and begin to enter in 5D) ... with Great Joy ... The Dimension of Unconditional Love ... by 2023 ... in 2025 ...

  The Axis point to Vega Star ... Land of Korean people ... up to Sirius ... Land of Egyptian people ...

  You can add information to these words:



  Have Joy ... and be Positive.

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.


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