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Thursday, 12 October 2017 15:36


Greetings in the day of Jupiter, Jupiter-day or Thor-day ... generally called in English ... Thurs-day.

     Now Mars-day is not a common title but Marte-es (Martes), Lunes related to Moon which in English is ... Moon-day ... but no one talk about Neptune, neither Pluto or Saturn-day.

     Holst compose Music for Netpune between others and call it ... "The Mystic" ... in fact ... so is the Planet and so are the Neptunians.

     Astrology remain divided from Astronomy ... One have fashion ... while Astronomy ask for Order ... and number.

     Here are the Words ... from Madam Devi ... "Astrology for You ..."

     Most people do not consider ... this is logical ... but for today just consider Planets are 4D intelligence ... and we do not know the Math between us and them ... High Astrology (Numerical in the sense of Quantum Math can solve) ...


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.




A vast, slow, and a mystical planet Neptune is the outermost planet in the Solar System and the ruler of the sign Pisces.

Neptune, requires one eighth of a generation to move through a single sign. Being the planet of spirit, he is always revolutionary. Forever he  increases new life, the material varying according to the signs through which he works.

Neptune, the romantic, irresponsible, that may be considered the planet of the fourth dimension, makes a revolution around the Sun in 163 years and 253 days, at a velocity of about three and one-half miles per second.

Neptune represents the forces of nature too undifferentiated to be understood by the average person. The native with a strong influence of Neptune is generally possessed of a highly organized nervous system and most acute sensibilities. He possesses a very fascinating and elusive magnetism which can exert a peculiar influence over others.

Simple and straight-forward people, who say just what they mean or mean just what they say soon bore the Neptunian. The Neptunians possess the remarkable capacity to anticipate the thoughts of others before expressed. Many a time, through this capacity, they are unable to hide their impatience, and fail to allow their companions an opportunity to finish their line of talk. This can end in confusion and likely to cause misunderstandings.

By virtue of the unusual ability they possess to visualize the complete picture, the Neptunians can foresee the outcome of events and are, rarely surprised at whatever may happen. It is very essential that they overcome their tendency to be too vague on the practical details of a plan. And they should depend on someone less creative and more objective to do this for them. Otherwise there is the risk that they will undertake impossible tasks and be accused of being imaginary or impractical.

The influence of the planet on the physical plane often manifests itself in obscure nervous troubles and heart complications. Though they may appear to be valvular, the source may be always traced to nervous or psychic.

Neptunian diseases are always of an unusual kind. Sometimes they are of a slow wasting nature, and sometimes just the opposite, and under great excitement the influence of the planet can produce psycho-hysteria. Neptunians, however, possess very young arteries, that generally causes one to be older in youth and younger after middle life. They are able to see, hear and feel things which are not registered by those with less sensitive organs. In general the influence of this planet gives a love of experience.

Those born under the strong influence of this planet are usually so remote from the average individual that they may feel themselves somewhat solitary figures, among their contemporaries. In general they have a hunger for love, sympathy and happiness, but not in the same way as the ordinary person craves. They find it difficult to take life seriously.

Those with a powerful influence of Neptune in their horoscope are psychic by nature and due to the effects of the vibrations of this planet they also possess various phenomena like second sight, warning dreams, clairaudience, and clairvoyance.

One can easily spot persons born strongly under the influence of Neptune. They will always stand out in a crowd. Even at the first glance they would convey the impresssion that they are not as others. While it may be difficult to define the exact impression they convey, it is unmistakable. They appear, in some way, peculiar, highly individual, but not with any general kind of strength. They possess eyes with a peculiar magnetic quality that have an effect which is often weird and startling.

The Neptunians are often coldly penetrating, and the undeveloped types are frequently shifty and secretive, with a slight hint of perversity or madness in them.

Those born with Neptune as the dominant planet in their horoscope have very singular and subtle moral and mental characteristics. The vibrations of this planet, taking place in the remotest fastness of the soul causes deep seated upheavels of the personnality. The person often betrays a contradictoriness, a perversion, a whimsicality, or introduces some fantastic element of mockery or masquerade. In some cases this will be very profound and far reaching, and in others shallow and superficial.

In younger people Neptune can exert the influence to instil a yearning of the spirit in seeking after strange deities and frequently to the use of alcohol and drugs. More often than not Neptunians are found to possess abnormal vices.

To a Neptunian the common satisfaction of life seems too banal, and he often seeks the hidden mysteries of life. The advanced soul however realises that life is a dream, and a divine dream at that.

A Neptunian usually begins his search, inspired by a sense of dissatisfaction, and with the notion that by reversing the established order of things, which he has decided to be bad, he will attain the good. However, more often than not, he comes to the conclusion that after all things are no better one way or the other. This way he may end up gaining divine wisdom, and become content with life. While younger Neptunians possess these peculiar traits in their character, the elder Neptunians who have passed through the purifying fires, are bound to look down upon them as those who are destroying their own souls.

There is one characteristic, which is very typical of a Neptunian, which can be excessively annoying to all concerned. His mind may be perfectly made up, his judgement may be sound, and his desire unhampered but at the moment of putting his will into execution, he balks. It is not a case of being in doubt, hesitation, vacillation, a conflict of impulses, or the difficulty in striking a balance of judgement. It is pure perversity!

All Neptunians aspire to things beyond the limits of life—But the elder souls with sane minds who possess knowledge and understanding of the cosmos and have learned how to deal with passions and emotions, in them this aspiration assumes the less devastating form.

Still the determination exists, but the method which appeals is carefully reasoned instead of being instinctive and is tempered by common sense, ensure that health, reason, fortune or social relations are not endangered. A person thus gifted, may show keen interest in the studies of strange philosophies and occult sciences, but he will not go astray in them. He may devote: a good part of his time to prayer and meditation, but will not become a fanatic. He may adopt mystical practices which may appear weird to an average person, but he will stick to his own ideas in the matter.

While the vibrations of Neptune seem to extend from the mysterious, occult sciences to the greatest philosophies and science, the underlying impulse is always the same. Neptunians have a hunger for the infinite. The lunatic, the psychopath, the drug fiend and the saint, all are members of the same Neptunian family, but what divides them is not the result of any differentiation in the soul, but rather in the degree of knowledge and experience.

The common trait in the under-developed Neptunians, who are impractical and who possess less sense of actuality, is to pretend to be something extraordinary. It is not unusual to find some Neptunians assume titles to which they have no right. There are Neptunians who love to extraordinary clothes, or dab themselves with exotic strong smelling perfumes, or who make up their faces to a fantastic degree.

This desire to want to pretend to be something which they are not may again express itself in other kind of actions. For example as a love of intrigue, of fooling their friends or the public, of playing practical jokes on friends or even strangers, or getting involved in situations in life, which is not natural. Better balanced Neptunians, however, will try to find expression to this tendency in a more legitimate and accepted way, like actually going on the stage.

An average Neptunian is somewhat an irresponsible person. He is very inconstant. His moral character appears weak, as it is based on mere impulse and whim, rather than on judgement, mostly inspired by self interest. Many a time he realizes that he is making himself ridiculous in the eyes of those around him, by his antics, but the selfishness of his spirit leads him to continue with them. Any hint of opposition from his family or friends will often cause him to exaggerate his errors.

Neptunians are also afflicted with wanderlust. They are usually discontented with the place where they happen to be.

A pure Neptunian type lives almost entirely in and through the psychic nervous system. His body is usually frail, delicate and petal soft, but the soul in him burns strong. This may easily wear out the bodily sheath.

When the physical functions are depressed and the nerves cannot obtain the supernormal energy which they so insistently demand, it may result in hysteria and nervous breakdown. It is not uncommon that the native whose body responds with more elasticity to the extravagance of the nervous system ends up with such incurable diseases, such as locomotor alaxia, general paralysis of the insane, softening of the brain, or ether obscure afflictions of the nervous origin.

Neptunians are also vulnerable to worry and all its attendant illness.

I, Giovanni can conclude in just One Word ... "Neptunians are Mystic".


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