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Tuesday, 17 March 2015 15:57


Greetings in the Mars-day ... of the Pink Ray of the Love of God ...

    The day of Mathematics ... the day of Musical Order.

     And ... I have considered 'prudent' to speak a little about my Main Project ...

FTHumanEvolutionCourse Logo.

    FTHumanEvolutionCourse Logo is a Set of Courses (planned 144 Courses, the number comes from the 144,000 of the Book of Revelation) ...

To improve is to change;
   to be perfect is to change often.
-- Winston Churchill
    And this story begin basically with the Book ... 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' ... offered for some weeks by a sacred Women that practice DNA Alignment, using the EMF Balancing Technique, in Caracas. Few months before I was a Professor of Chemistry, with my Degree(s) in Mathematics ...
      Many particular facts happens, after I align my first three DNA Layers ... the course I follows was in parts. In 2013, Madam Peggy Dubro offers a New Course, called Waves ... to align 12 DNA Layers, in One day ... We are a good construction.
       Between the Lines ... I saw three of my Past Lives, in that courses. One regard Colombo travel to America ... and he, Colombo was Saint Germain ...
    One of the chapter of this book ... titled, 'The Crucible of Being ' ... regards ... inventions ... we can see today ...
  • The 4K TV-set ... with impressive Colors ...
  • Software to dictate Words to computer ... I use about twelve years ago ...
  • One to create a Mind-Switch ... to power On House Lights with the Mind ... etc.

    I am in confidence with all these three Advancements ... like Completed, or close to complete.

    Then I begin to design these 144 courses for a New Type of University and I have discovered ... many interesting facts.

  • Because Kryon speeches ... he explains the meaning of the fearful number, 666 ... explaining that have to do with Human DNA with the type of Christ, ... nothing bad, nothing diabolic. I add ... words from Saint Germain from other books, words from Archangel Michael, Gabriel ... and produce two editions ... explaining The Book of Revelations ... This title is ... 'The Book of Apocalypse explained' ...  I suppose people will be Happy ... 'At Last someone decipher the Book sweet as honey in the mouth and bitter in the belly' ... but the 99% ... exactly those who are in Crisis today ... feels fear for that. (Interested persons can listen the Original Speech ... Titled Shasta-06.mp3. Of Course you can point to the Main Websitem from Kryon.com)

     In the Book ... 'El Secreto de los Andes' ... is described an impressive story about the Travel of Aramu Muru, from Lemuria to Titicaca Lake.

     Slowly I got attracted to a Group of Prayers, in Colombia where today spoke Aramu Muru, Maestro Mer. Mer is a kind of Consciousness, a High Consciousness, an Elohim.

     Lord Meru, as the Summit Lighthouse or Saint Germain press call it, spoke in one per year private session, about may many Lives, 79, The name of my Archangels and my final destination, explaining me, that this is my last Life.

      I also publish another book more simple ... that resume Human Evolution, '443 Questions and Answers about New Age'.

      In my studies ... which begin in 2008 when I change signals for my company ... also 'Future Technologies' but to include Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, English, Spanish, Music ... Arts ... I see an Immense Forgotten Wisdom ... composed by thousand of books.

      Therefore, I create the Book Collection, 'Forgotten Science and New Age' ... including also the Saint Germain book, that engine the process, also because the original Authors cannot continue the Work.


     Many books were announced ... One of this book is:

    I choose ... The most popular Word Processor but ... after many years ... I consider that is better to return to LaTeX and TeX ... for a High number of reasons.

  • Immediate formatting, without to worry for margins, or heading/page numbers.
  • You can write ... All the Mathematics you want ... before this was the original idea when developed by Dr. Donald Knuth.
  • Of Course you can write Physics and Chemistry ...

   Everyone use Decimal System today ... but if the Duodecimal System will be adopted ... You need ... Page numbers in the corner of books in duodecimal, Prime Numbers in Duodecimal ... etc.

     With TeX ... there are an impressive number of vertical developments and is possible also to write Music ... (This is MusicTeX code)

       With XeLaTeX is possible to include any MS font ... any ... and therefore you can have also Alchemical Fonts ...

      In case (like we need) ... You can include Maya, Chinese (Old and Modern) Characters ... of course characters in any language.

      About Bibliography ... there are the BibTeX ... which works in accord with a Popular Standard ...

      You can write Bibliographies in different modes ... but the Highest Level and Standard is ... to use External Files connected with a Database.

       Database entries are:

    author = {Giovanni A. Orlando, Giovanni A. Orlando, Future Technologies},
    title = {The Book of Apocalypse explained by Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Sanat Kumara and the Family of Light: The Return of Jesus (Third Edition)},
    publisher = {Future Technologies},
    year = {2014},
    isbn = {8888768602},
    ean = {9788888768601},
    url = {http://researchbooks.org/8888768602}

   Once you have Bibliographies ... You can ... Print complete or Partial Bibliographies ... for Physics, Mathematics or other Topics.

   Evidently is the Definitive Answer ... and is Free!


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando. Ph, D.

PS. The Ph, D. is the formal equivalence in United States confirmed by US Authorities.

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