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Some words about the New Edition of 'The Book of Apocalypse explained ...' by Giovanni A. Orlando. PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 30 August 2014 10:58

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Greetings in the day of the Salt ... the day of Mary, Mother Mary ... The Sabbath ...

    And after you learn to travel in time you can return to the days of Mary, the days of Saba and Solomon, the days of Lord Jesus, the days of Egypt ... the days of Cain and Abel ... as well the prospected future ... but we are ... not yet able to ... travel in Time.

    Therefore we need ... to listen the messages of the Angels, Archangels ... Minor and Great ... Lord Jesus, Mary, Angel Kryon ... and many others.

    The announced ... Third Edition was not released ... and now we are offering a New Look, entirely dedicated to Pope Francisco.

  There are no passage between Popes ... this happens in 2013 ... and now we are closing 2014 ... and soon will be 2015 ...

Therefore this Edition is full dedicated to Pope Francisco.


   Now, I the Author want to list some changes in the book.

  • The Chapter regarding the Past Lives of the Author will be removed and included in the book,

    There are many reasons for this:

  1. Italians ... generally does not believe in Past Lives ... Of course this is because the Church by today does not speak about, and therefore this concept while is like fundamental ABC in Buddhism ... in Christianity is not accepted or clear. I, Giovanni can tell you also the Past Lives of Mother Mary like Isis, or Lord Jesus like King David or Mohammed, the Founder of Islam ...
  2. Past Lives are from some perspective Private Life ... which in First Edition English, and extensively Second Edition Italian ... has been commented, now removed.
  3. From the Scientific Perspective, Science is not able to prove these concepts like the entering or living of the Soul in Linear Space and Time. By example, when Lord Jesus arrive ... he host in a somehow Fourth Dimension ... therefore a Dimension Higher than this ... and a Dimension we are approaching ... and advanced students ... meet him ... there in 4D, that is the Dimension of Dreams.

   As announced a chapter specially dedicated for Pope Francisco is included.

   A New edition of 'Lord Prayer' has been released ... Honestly with your Holy Permission ... there are New Apostles in this new 'Second' Return of Lord Jesus.

    We have no intention to create any Religious movement ... is simple a Book release. Religions has been established ... may be they blend ... and become one ... in one word ... they evolve for better.

Blessings and Happy Saturday,

Giovanni A. Orlando.
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