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Thursday, 07 November 2013 07:57

An Overview of the The Three Cover books for ... English (Available), Italian(coming), Spanish (coming). Check FTStore


Greetings in the day of the King ... the day of the Queen ... Royal Blue day ... of Jupiter ...

      Each Thor-day, Thursday, Jupiter send a fragrance into the Meridians which begin in our fingers ... right and left ... and may be you  know nothing about ... Chinese Medicine or Meridians ... and I am speaking about the Large Intestine Meridian ... and I have no proof about this impulse ... from planet Jupiter ... nor Apollo ... not Helios and Vesta ... but you can take these ... for now ... granted.

       In fact, also Saint Germain on Alchemy ... comments about the Energy which flows out from the fingers. Do you know something about? ...

        We discover there are some little missing alignment ... in out 686 book pages. But is simple and immediate to fix. The Bibliography which is ... a Add-On, because the book is Self-contained ... this means you do not need more than that.

     Again, the book ... This Third Edition which ISBN is ...

  There are plans to publish the book also in Other Languages where Saint Germain was present at Court of the European Kings, there were many ... Of Course in French and German ...  

    The New print for English ... the first time for Italian and Spanish are expected to be released before than any other book.


    In the Group of Personalities ... know in Heaven and Earth like Ascended Masters, that we can define ... the Holy Ascended Hosts, Saint Germain is the one who incarnate ... and only after Sanat Kumara have offered so much Service and Blessing ... such impressive Support ... for eons, and eons ... in Older Arabia ... 70,000 years ago ... in Atlantis like Thoth ... who then moves to Egypt and become Hermes ... which have a difference in years of 10,000 years ... Thoth call Hermes, his son. Then in Israel like King Solomon, then Joseph Father and Mentor of Lord Jesus ... then in England like Saint Alban, as well Merlin, in recent times ... Roger and then Francis Bacon ... as well Colombo, the Italian Sailor ... all these as well ... the Latest like Saint Germain in the courts of the European Kings ... specially in France ... but also in the Support of the Constitution of the United States of America ... have been this man like a Lighthouse of Wisdom and Glory.

    This book ... Third Edition ... is for me ... like a message ... and a Blue Print from the Heavens to unlock the New Science ... In fact, is under Saint Germain terms which I unlock ... Time and Space ... offering you an example ... in his words ...

    In fact, he say ...

1 The sense of reality and the sense of delight with which the student aspiring to creates upon the cloud determines its efficacy. 2 In alchemy, as in all things, 3 doubt and negation destroy; 4 faith and happiness sustain. 

5 Man must come to recognize that space and time are necessary subdivisions of one sole reality, 6 that the limitations which they embody, 7 providing necessary boundaries, can become ladders to boundlessness 8 and a veritable means whereby any electron in space can become a universe or the universe can become any electron.[1] 9 The drawing-in of the sustaining breath of the Holy Spirit and the expelling thereof creates an eddying of consciousness in concentric, 10 rapidly moving rings expanding out to the farthest periphery of manifestation. 

11 The finite mind may find it difficult at first to grasp this principle. 12 To make it easier, let us explain that the consciousness of God that sustains the universe is also within man. 13 Now, if the consciousness of God that sustains the universe is within man, 14 is it unreasonable to suppose that man can also be within the consciousness that sustains the universe?

   -- Saint Germain on Alchemy: The Highest Alchemy: 1-11.


   Science has not been ... so efficient to unlock these principles ... or the principles of the 'Tao of Physics' ... how were efficiently tuned by Fritjol Capra ... or explained in Hinduism or Buddhism ... with the Vedas.

   No. Science have not been efficient ... but in some sense limit man ... and again ...The Plato Cave is a good example. For me, Man is still inside down into the Cave ... Humm ... not free like he suppose ...

   A Picture from Plato Cave is like this ...


     This example ... which is classical has been forgotten. In fact, Plato say ... that if a man was in chains from the day of its Birth (like was proposed by the movie Matrix) ... and one day begin to see some light ... but let us ... to offer the complete form ...

     Socrates begins by asking Glaucon to imagine a cave inhabited by prisoners who have been imprisoned since childhood in such a way that their legs and necks are fixed, such that they cannot move their heads and are thereby forced to gaze at a wall in front of them. (514a-b) Behind the prisoners is a fire, and between the fire and the prisoners is a raised walkway. Along this walkway is a low wall, behind which people walk carrying objects "...including figures of men and animals made of wood, stone and other materials." (514c-515a) In this way, the walking people are compared to puppeteers and the low wall to the screen over which puppeteers display their puppets. Since these walking people are behind the wall on the walkway, their bodies do not cast shadows on the wall faced by the prisoners, but the objects they carry do. The prisoners cannot see any of this behind them, being only able to view the shadows cast upon the wall in front of them. There are also echoes off the shadowed wall of sounds the people walking on the road sometimes make, which the prisoners falsely believe are caused by the shadows.

Socrates suggests that, for the prisoners, the shadows of artifacts would constitute reality. (515c) They would not realize that what they see are shadows of the artifacts, which are themselves inspired by real humans and animals outside of the cave. Furthermore, the prisoners would 'assign credit and prestige' to whomever among them could quickly remember which shadows came before, predict which shadows would follow and name which shadows were normally found together. (516c-d)

Socrates then supposes that one prisoner is freed. Suddenly and in pain he is then compelled to stand, turn, walk and look towards the fire. (515c) He is told that what he has formerly seen has no substance and that what he now sees (the carried objects) constitutes a greater reality. He is also asked to identify some of the carried objects. He is unable due to his confusion and he still believes the shadows to be more real. (515d)

The freed one is then compelled to look directly at the fire, which hurts his eyes. In his pain, Socrates continues, the freed one would turn away and run back to what he can make out, which now are the carried objects to which he was just previously introduced. (515e)

The freed one is then dragged in pain and irritation up and out of the cave. When he reaches the sunlight, he is unable to see anything, his eyes being overwhelmed. (516a)

Slowly, his eyes acclimate to the light of the sun. He is first able to see only shadows of things. Next he can see the reflections of things in water and later is able to see things themselves. He is then be able to look at the stars and moon by night and finally he is able to look upon the Sun. (516b)

    Now, I Giovanni say ... Is not the World in Chains from his Childhood? ... Of Course, it is. Therefore only a man freed, a freed one can free the others ...

   I, Giovanni do not read 'The Republic' ... but I got this message from a book from Lobsang Rampa (which was a popular writer about 30 years ago ... with 'The Third Eye', and 'You Forever' and many others. Very popular in Argentina, Venezuela and South America).

   I, Giovanni neither knows that one of the faces of Saint Germain was Plato ... himself ...

    in Greece ... establishing 'The Academy' ... then expanded by his pupil, Aristotle with the Lyceum, to include physical exercises.

    This Truth was recently dictated by the Master himself in a channeling.

    The Book of 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' has been a book of so impressive inspiration and clarification of the Biblical concepts ... about Lord Jesus miracles ... which remain unexplained by Modern Science ... or Newton, or Einstein ... or any other Modern Scientist ... that inspire very much ... and I confirm the words of Angel Kryon ...

Science including Biology and Physics, are the building tools that the creator use, to put you together.
And more you learn about Science, more you discover God.


   ... But know man the Science ... which used God? ... Biology and Physics? ... Have man unlock the DNA? ... which is Biology? ... or explain or the Mechanics of the Human Body? ... I do not think so ... Neither Physics of Course ... but that words are Truth ... more Science you learn ... more you Discover God and more love God ... and the Holy Hierarchy.

    This book has been of Great Inspiration to engine ... FTHumanEvolutionCourse ...

     which not only unlock the New Science which is and was close to Xioqua ... the Atleantean Science ... and we include many chapters ... of such Science in the Book ... 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' ...

   but also ... engine some important explanations regarding the Sacred Science, Alchemy ... to explain ... how Lord Jesus walk on the Galilee Sea ...

    In fact, first Book ... first Chapter begins with ...

1 Two thousand years ago when Christ walked upon the waters of the Sea of Galilee,  2 his demonstration was a manifestation of the natural law of levitation operating within an energy framework of cohesion, adhesion, and magnetism—the very principles which make orbital flight possible.

3 The light atoms composing the body of Christ, 4 absorbed at will an additional quantity of cosmic rays and spiritual substance whose kinship to physical light made his whole body light, 5 thereby making it as easy for him to walk upon the sea as upon dry land.

6 His  body  was purely a ray of light shining upon the waters.

   -- Saint Germain on Alchemy: The Law of Transfer of Energy: 1-7.

   What Scientists know about this? ... Nothing. What Religious know about this? ... Nothing. What Politic people know about this? ... Nothing.


    The Book of Saint Germain on Alchemy has been ... enhanced to include 7 Books-in-One.

    And this means books like:


  • The Emerald Tables of Thoth
  • The Kybalion
  • The Mirror of Alchemy by Roger Bacon (always Saint Germain) and
  • The New Discourses of Saint Germain ... which is completely new book ... including five discourses.

   One Addendum is included at the end of first chapter ... including a 'Treatise on Chemistry' and 'A Working Theory of Matter'.

    Price is $ 28.00 in United States ... £ 28.00 in United Kingdom ... € 28.00 for Italy ... and € 28.00 for Spain and South America.

Giovanni A. Orlando.






[1] This is the title of a recent book written by His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, ‘The Universe in a single Atom’.


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