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Monday, 25 March 2013 13:20

L'Amour au Papillon by William Bouguereau (Click to enlarge)


Greetings in the day of the Moon ... the Moon-day (Monday) ... the day of the Crystal Ray of Lord Jesus ... the day of the Ascension.

     And while my question may sound ... 'Religious' ... is more Scientific ... and regards ... Physics. Physics? ... Yes, indeed!

     What is the difference between an Angel and Archangel? ... And, I Giovanni am working on the ... not Theory ... because we have too many theories ... Einstein Theory ... Aether Theory ... etc, etc ... a Practical Understanding ... of the Reality.

      Behind ... there are a great understanding ... a Jump in Human Consciousness.

      And for me, Giovanni (John) ... is simple to tell you what is the difference between Angels and Archangels ...

      An Angel is a Soldier ... an Archangel is an Angel of Angels ... somehow a Captain with Angels under its orders.

      I do not yet ... draw or paint, my Archangel ... which name is Anthares. (But I will ...)

      And Anthares is an angel of Angels ... He has 2 Billion angels under its orders. I am not sure, if Antares is Uriel ... therefore, I will call him, Antares. I saw him .... Where? ... He saw him ... in my dreams ... he comes to me ... and the World of Dreams ... is the Fourth Dimension. This was very recently, in February 2013.

      When I Giovanni spoke on the Fourth Dimension (4D) ...  I offer planet Nibiru and God Anu. God Anu, is the King of Nibiru, and the God of the Bible, one of the most frequent.


    The God which spoke with Noah ... was not Anu, but his son, Enli (another God). An Elohim like God Meru (Maestro Mer), or Hercules or Apollo, or Athena ... are also Gods ... but of Dimension Twelve (12D).

     Now, because we are speaking about Angels ... we can speak about the Main, Archangel. Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel ... from the Leonardo Da Vinci paint, 'La Annunciazione'.

     Archangel Gabriel is a Sirio ... which means from the Sirius Star and the term 'Archangel' ... is more new.

     The original term is 'Archon'. (Therefore Archangel is 'Archon'+'Angel').

      I begin to study the term 'Archon' from a book of Elizabeth Clare titled,'Mensajes de Saint Germain y los Siete Arcangeles para la Era de Acuario' ... by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

(Click to download ...)

      Elizabeth Clare explains ... and advice to read the book, 'The Gnostic Religion: The Messages of the Alien God & and the Beginning of Christianity', by Hans Jonas.

(Click to purchase at Amazon.com ...)

     At page 42 of such book, we read ...



The cardinal feature of gnostic thought is the radical dualism that governs the relation of God and world, and correspondingly that of man and world. The deity is absolutely transmundane, its nature alien to that of the universe, which it neither created nor governs and to which it is the complete antithesis: to the divine realm of light, self-contained and remote, the cosmos is opposed as the realm of darkness. The world is the work of lowly powers which though they may mediately be descended from Him do not know the true God and obstruct the knowledge of Him in the cosmos over which they rule. The genesis of these lower powers, the Archons (rulers), and in general that of all the orders of being outside God, including the world itself, is a main theme of gnostic speculation, of which we shall give examples later. The transcendent God Himself is hidden from all creatures and is unknowable by natural concepts.  Knowledge of Him requires supranatural revelation and illumination and even then can hardly be expressed otherwise than in negative terms.


The universe, the domain of the Archons, is like a vast prison whose innermost dungeon is the earth, the scene of man's life. Around and above it the cosmic spheres are ranged like concentric enclosing shells. Most frequently there are the seven spheres of the planets surrounded by the eighth, that of the fixed stars. There was, however, a tendency to multiply the structures and make the scheme more and more extensive: Basilides counted no fewer than 365 "heavens." The religious significance of this cosmic architecture lies in the idea that everything which intervenes between here and the beyond serves to separate man from God, not merely by spatial distance but through active demonic force. Thus the vastness and multiplicity of the cosmic system express the degree to which man is removed from God.

The spheres are the seats of the Archons, especially of the "Seven," that is, of the planetary gods borrowed from the Babylonian pantheon. It is significant that these are now often called by Old Testament names for God (Iao, Sabaoth, Adonai, Elohim, El Shaddai), which from being synonyms for the one and supreme God are by this transposition turned into proper names of inferior demonic beings—an example of the pejorative revaluation to which Gnosticism subjected ancient traditions in general and Jewish tradition in particular. The Archons collectively rule over the world, and each individually in his sphere is a warder of the cosmic prison. Their tyrannical world-rule is called heimarmene, universal Fate, a concept taken over from astrology but now tinged with the gnostic anti-cosmic spirit. In its physical aspect this rule is the law of nature; in its psychical aspect, which includes for instance the institution and enforcement of the Mosaic Law, it aims at the enslavement of man. As guardian of his sphere, each Archon bars the passage to the souls that seek to ascend after death, in order to prevent their escape from the world and their return to God.

The Archons are also the creators of the world, except where this is reserved for their leader, who then has the name of demiurge (the world-artificer in Plato's Timaeus) and is often painted with the distorted features of the Old Testament God.

    Now, I will shock you a little bit ... because I plan to publish the results of my research in my book,

(Click to Pre-order ... pray I will have enough money to purchase the books I need ...)

This book will includes a chapter to explains more enthusiastic mode ... What is an Angel? ... What is an Archangel?

I, Giovanni want to explains also 'The Creation of the Universes' ... and this is one reason for book delay. (Of Course, I can avoid such explanation ... and include in a second edition. Can you believe me? ... I want you save your money and pay one time!? ... Truth Honest?! ... May be ... )

Now, I want to anticipate something from such chapter ... My anticipation is that ...

Angel (the Soldier) ... is AN ANGLE of Consciousness.

And this is the point. Is an Angel is a Angle ... of Consciousness ... How can be the reunion of Angels ... or an Archangel? ...

Cool ... Don't you? ...

Now, I will conclude ... commenting something you NEVER will find ... in any book ... and this regards, the Cosmic Clock.

There are a Wheel ... that we can call ... the Cosmic Clock ... It is of an Amazing Speed ... and this is the Lord ...

    It is not ... the Galaxy ... It is in another place ... Multi-dimensionally speaking ...

(The Milky Way Galaxy ... just to give an idea of Wheel ... rotating around its center ...)

    On this Wheel ... and this explanation was submitted by Lord Jesus (Too much? ... I don't care ...)  On such Wheel there are the Archons (rulers) ... or Archangels ...

     And Lord Jesus explains that on such wheel are Archangel Gabriel (Lord Jesus father), Archangel Micheal (Gabriel brother) ...

    and the other archangels ...


    And now we move ... from Science to Religion ... from my book, first or second edition we have ...

     We can read,

The Seven Archangels or the Seven Angels of the Rev 1:20, 8:2,  8:6, 15:1, 15:6-8, 16:1, 17:1, 21.9 are ordered by Ray or Flame:


1.   Archangel Michael and Archeia[1] Faith.

2.   Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine.

3.   Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity.

4.   Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope.

5.   Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary (Mother of Jesus).

6.   Archangel Uriel and Archeia Aurora.

7.   Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Amethyst.[2] 

    I hope you like these 'interesting' words ...
Giovanni A. Orlando

[1]  Feminine aspect of the Angel.

[2]  Both appears to George Washington in what today is the Prayer Room of the U.S. Capitol. 


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