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Monday, 13 October 2008 18:08

Do you postulate yourself the question about Why Columbus ships have the Maltese cross?


Why Columbus ships includes the Maltese Cross?
The Maltese Cross:

Is the same cross used by Templars Knights, Columbus and other Christo alike organizations.
There are a very long path in History connecting all these facts and a single name: Saint Germain.
I apologize because the source are from Religious and new Age books, but they have the answer.
These books states that Saint Germain was Cristopher Columbus, and also the founder of the Templar Knight Order, that adopt the Maltese cross.

Like you know the Templar knights were connected with Crusades.
I will leave on the air, this very important information, inviting you to check on the Web.
You can start with the book: Nobly Born, as well http://www.templarhistory.com/


In all languages connected with Christopher Columbus, The name "Cristobal Colon", "Christopher Columbus" and "Cristoforo Colombo", means "Christ go to Colonize", like on the time of the Crusades.
English speaking does not feel bad. The same sources confirm that Saint Germain was also William Shakespeare. Will-I-AM-to-shake-and-inspire.


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