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Thursday, 09 October 2008 16:41

GeoThermal is energy from the Earth ... like for example from Magma, Geysers and other similar hot components of Mother Earth.


Is there are a way to encapsulate the Magma temperature ... then will be possible to transform this heat in power, and like for example electric power.

 How much Magma are there in the world? ... I can tell you, that there are so much magma that we can offer power to an entire country for years.

Actually, the Magma is not considered yet, but we are close like for example Geothermal power in Iceland

 This article is valid as an introductory idea.

  You can read ... my Chapter 17 ... and hear the speech ...

17)It_is_going_to_get_colder! …by Kryon..html 

   I will complete the transcription for the second edition of,



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