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Wednesday, 09 November 2011 08:14



Greetings in the Green-Mercury-day of Healing ...

    And Happiness is possible. Is God Happy ... Of course it is ...

    The Gods ... the Good Gods ... are funny ... they laugh at Will.

    If I Giovanni ask you ... 'Can you laugh a little, please!?' ... Would you be able to laugh immediately.

    If so ... and you can repeat it ... You are Happy.

    Absolute Happiness is the Absolute Bliss where nothing but bliss, joy and perfection dwells.

    Absolute perfection is a State of Mind. A state of Existence.

    I Giovanni modestly confirm that EVERYONE will reach that state ... Of course you need to be Good, you need to be Holy and you need to fear the Lord.

    The Lord is everywhere but also INSIDE you ... He (or It) request no money but want to give you.

    He say ... Colors does not exist ... they are a interpretation of your Mind.

    Your Body is your temple ... for a while ...

    Yes ... Absolute Happiness is to reach God ... but in permanent mode.

    Most people are interested in Orgasm ... frequent and constant ... Bliss and Absolute Happiness is the Orgasmic state of Mind.

    Many Mathematicians ... or Scientist ... feel Good and Happy with the exaltation of the Mind ... proving a Theorem ... or completing an exercise. This is Good ... all these are Good 'Exercises' of Happiness but temporary.

   Absolute Happiness is forever ... is like reach a point ... but don't walk back ... No up and down.

   Remember Earth is a Schoolroom ... Once you 'Graduate' you become a Master ... and go to School like a Teacher to teach.



Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. The World must be 100% clean ... many tasks of destruction tailored by mad people are still possible ... Just open your Eyes ...



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