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Friday, 23 September 2011 08:38




Greetings in the Fridda-day, the Venus day of Purity.

    Yes ... To-day Friday 23 of the month of September 2011 ... are exactly 100 days due ... to January 1th 2012.

    And yesterday I release an important message from Lord Maitreya,

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     This release has been updated to use the Elizabethan English of Shakespeare (just a well intent ... I think) ... because the honor to his words and his message.

     If you get troubles you can change 'Ye, Thou, Thy' with 'Yours' ... and the message will become more clear, but Lord Maitreya prefer you read in Thy words.

    (If you read El Regreso del Amado Jesús y el Señor Maitreya - La Ascensión de la Tierra ... it includes also the original speech!)

    The first words I say ... are

'Fear not the Love of God'

    Because the Love is the glue of the Universe. Judge not ... but don't let the energy entrapped ... release it. Speak out, Do what you want!

    This is the end of the time ... like we know ... because all the cycles will end ... A New cycles will begin.

    It is not only the Ascension of Earth ... but the Ascension of Sirius ... the Clean up of Orion Constellation ... the Judgement of the 'Fallen' by Lord Jesus.

    All the Masters said the same ...

Our Soul is divided ... and we need to reunite with the other parts.

    Master (Angel) Kryon say ...

“There are hundred and thousand of the same soul at both sides of the veil”


   In fact ... Kryon say ... each time we born ... our Soul is divided. I underline very well this complex message in my book, 'The Book of Apocalypse explained by Archangel Michael and the Family of Light' in one of the Introduction ... 'The Book of Revelations by John of Patmos'

   I, Giovanni underline these concepts because in my book, I comment that El Morya,

 Ascended Master El Morya

    was Saint Peter ... but also the King Magi Melchior ... How was this possible? ... Both a close to Lord Jesus ... and this is true. One Old (Melchior) and one relative young (Simon Peter). The same soul in two faces, to body, to consciousness.

    Archangel Michael ... speaks about 'The necessity to reunite with our other parts and to recover the lost parts of our Soul, we lost in battles'.

    Therefore, the Soul split in parts when we born and still when we battle.

     In fact, we are made of 'Atoms' and we are at last ... 'Atoms of God' ... and we hold consciousness.

     In fact ... God is the One ... and like Lord Maitreya saith ... 'He was One and because an explosion ... get divided' ...

     Now, let me Gift unto Thee a Great and marvelous words ...


The Love we feel for a woman,

The love we feel for a Mother, or a Father,

The Love we feel for a Master,

The Love we feel for a Brother,

The Love we feel for the animals … the plants, the stones …

All this … is nothing but the Love for God, and the Love for the other atoms … close to us, before the Explosion … that separate us …


And what we call ... the Twin Flame ...

is nothing than ... a Polarization of Ourselves.

The Love ... we look for ... is 'Ourselves' ... The She is another part of us ... and the He is a part of that She.

The other perfect Love we look for ... is nothing but a different polarization of Ourselves.

May be some Homosexual will try to explain to me ... how much is 2+2? ... But I can explain them the Physics of the Atoms ...

and Positive and Negative ...

has different properties ... they attract. I prefer does not offer additional complication in the Physics of Love.

Now, let me speak about

              But before ... to conclude previous statement about ... 'Divided Souls' ... we are less than 6 Billion ... You can read also Pleiadian_Perspectives_on_Human_Evolution/ by Amorah Quan Yin.

       Now, I will speak ... the number 2011 ...

  • What means ... the '2' ... the 2 means duality ...

  • What means the '0' ... the Zero means ... restart.

 And because To-day is the day, 100 until 2012 ... Today, Sep 28th ... is the '0'.

  • What means the '11' ... the 11 means 'Illumination' 

       In fact, most people will end the year in Illuminated State ...

  1. Beginning (2008)
  2. Balance (2009)
  3. Catalyst (2010)
  4. Gaia (2011)
  5. Change (2012)
  6. Communication (2013)
  7. Sacredness (2014)
  8. Mastery (2015)
  9. Conclusion (2016) ...
  10. New Again ...(2017)
  11. Illumination (2018)

     A New Beginning is 2017 ... and Next year is the year of Change! ...

     This year, 2011 was the year of Gaia ... and you remember how many earthquakes and tornados.

     Now, count the days ... these 100 days ... and be Blessed,

In the name of the Hierarchy, I spoke,

Love everyone ... but let your energy ... get released.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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