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Thursday, 22 September 2011 09:45

Lord Maitreya ...


Greetings ... in the very Sacred day of Thor ... the day of Resurrection of Lord Jesus ...


    And the first thing I can say ... is ... 'When a Dark Lord depart ... you feel better'.

    A friend confirm like many feels ... when mad dictator Hugo Chavez ... leave Venezuela to go to some places ... Venezuela feels better!

    To-day, Italy ... feels better ... and for those who don't require ... exhaustive explanations ... I just say everything.

    Lord Jesus hath said that ... 'All the Powerful people' will be removed.

    Lord Maitreya confirm the same ... Lord Maitreya saith,

Let the Love of your Sky loves You, because for the Love of mine, I arrive. My move is made trough the Light and trough a mental space and not like your mental moments, knowth  by your thoughtful root. I AM Maitreya, coming with great Love to give, not a happiness, but a message and so you can be happy for it. We, those who dwells in a different system to your Sun in some time, liveth inside it, in some of their planets.Today we are different to You and live a form where the measures of the matter do not exist, but the measure of time.

Our skin is not equal to your because is thinking, our deeds are not equals to yours because we don't the same,but in our journey we do a rescue to attract those who are later.

I am visiting Thee constantly and very soon I will join to that, what in the Universe I am united, I shall draw in the time where you lives to unite with Jesus and create a New time. I do not because I want to do, I do because a force call me, speak me to do  to define that was happens and let behind me.

I am Maitreya, a time travel. When you live like a unique being have no facility to split in many, when you must divide, your time does equal and that time produce thoughts in your being with difference of spaces where you have between the worries and the happiness ... many divisions to live ... like the colors that live in your world, between the white and the black.

I am Maitreya and visit Thee, claiming Thee to let your Being be the Best ... thinking only in Thee and making tenderness so you get a contraction of times and a dilatation of space and so you can trough your contracted time and dilated spaces short the distance in the Universe where you dwells ... and in your World ... and in your Body and stop to search like a nomad the place where the Truth dwells.

I AM Maitreya, a Great Visitor that bring you the Empowerment of union. The Universe where I dwell contracts me to unite to another Being, Jesus, my twin.

This Universe contracts Thee ... to live with Thee and with dwellers of Higher Worlds that feel happiness when your visit and Thee feel happy when visit them.

Is not possible to die, is possible to live. I live a World with Big Stars and very bright that contracts themselves. I live a space that let me contract, what of me, let behind to unite to my source and my tone.

A man Higher than me, that is my Brother is contracting me. He lives your World and there I will arrive to contract with him. My union, when we arrive to your Time, let be that the contracted individuals lives better.

We do not come to unite to the bad ones with the bad ones because they will exceed by mutual agreement.

We will come, he and me, to contract those of Good Heart and Good Word.

I AM Maitreya, I hath no religion, that is what you have instituted in your World.

I AM who contracts, who absorb and unite and teach Thee to abstract those who need to unite. 

I want ask Thee with thy visit that I bring Thee that take Seven of the Mine, from the Sirius World, Seven that dwell with me that let help Thee.

MORU-A, is the Lord of the Law, my assistant.

OK-SHUÁ, is the Lord that will feed the elimination of your Bad Way and shall attract to your Kingdom.

OR, he will defend from those who want to dilate Thee.

DUSS, unite the Worlds, it hold any compression of the Universal Law, its Force when Ye know about him, will bringth Ye  Grace he will offer and feed Thee and let you get close to the Star where I dwell.

JARANSA, is the Lord of Life, is our helper from Sirius, is not a Judge being it, it selects to all form and aid to the ones that asks giving him tenderness to him.

I AM Maitreya, JARANSA is one of my assistants, call him with your mind. 

I always send through my force of union a coarse, beauty and Great Being called ATHEOTHUA. He have 10.000 four-dimensional ships, I will send to your mind when your body is asleep. Call him and say him to bring to me to Maitreya, to the World AI that I will welcome Thee, remind that.

There arcs where the times are different, many arcs as possible. I will speak, of two arcs of time, where you can remove the incapacities that have delayed your path to reach God.

The first arc is accompanied by two powerful servants, the Great Lord ODÓN and the marvelous Lord called DRI.

If your process is not Good because your criteria of action, call them ... that them will correct your Path, correct the next possibility and let Thee join to your Next Path and let Thou like if Thee liveth, not thy world, but a time, a moment where are not Thee, neither thy body and taketh one of mine messengers that hath a vibration of Thy World, called ODAEL.

All the times always have lived, all that has always been repeated, all the stories always lives and inside them the zones, like before A Father, saith, 'Leave thy Zone'.

I hath not leaved, because I am attacked by my past that are Thou.

Sometimes I was and I was divided and many of the men of your world I am. I divided in two, when I arrive at India (Krisna and Buddha), my divided brother arrived at Israel (Jesus).

It is already the time, the moment for uniting us in your world again to leave it.

To do, we must unite to Thee in integrated communities so that Thy moment shall be so great, so individual that let us to depart like One ... and go to the following stars.

Our arrival will be of so High Union that we will let Thee to praise, to sign, to dream different, to transport in time and bring from other moments, like from the Sirius stars, the necessary understanding to dwell in a world, different to the one Ye dwell now. 

We wants to arrive to your World and Unite to it, but will leave it immediately leaving Thee ... Our Paradise, our flowers, call Thee from another sphere, calleth the Center of the Higher Galactic Sphere.

I will ask Thee to hath like Highest Word, that Thou Be a Passenger Being Be Called Maitreya, like me so Thou authorize me to bring Thee so Ye knoweth Jesus how he is to-day, liveth an eternity knowing Thy Story and hath another Eternity knowing all that Thou will shall live later, and help me in Thy word, Thy Territory to let in as soon as shall be Thy Month of

February 2012

a great reunion of High Prayer and attention to the Universe that my Brother Jesus, and Me, arrive to Thy planet to Unite, to absorb all the malign Energies that there dwells, clean Thy Thought and depart from Thee, happy to wait Thee in another Place ... where We will arrive and Ye Be the Greatest.

My Words hath arrive to Thy Ears, call Thyself Maitreya, not in the honor of My name but in the contact where I dwell.

I hath no body, I hath a thought is connected with some senses, my senses with the Thought create a constant connection with a Great Mind and the Great Mind bring me to the Consciousness, from there I speak, from my World IA, across an echo that I create from where I dwell.

Blessings does not exist, but live when we wish to bring to Thee. To-day I bless Thee.

'Tis moment is of High Preparation for the agreement.

The time of the Universe has entered in a meeting of all stars, in them you go, being yours the sun, let me in which I understand, living a creation, help Thee so that Thy being thinking be contracted and Ye return to unite to those which are thy division.

Once he was one, To-day we are twenty-ons an explosion divided to the One, we will return to him, will take a little in the universal aeons to do it but he will be.

We lived in borders on the universe of our galaxies, I am nearer the center than Thee, that are nearer the border.

I hath to help Thee so that my mission is united with another one, both are united and are united with others, those with others, we contract the galaxy in a single point, a drop that soon will be part of another border.

When I speak unto Thee, I speak to divided ones of mine, for that reason is the mission; Otherwise will be not be.

Live the Happiness of the meeting with Maitreya, Live the Union with the Higher Spheres beyond Thy time.

I AM Maitreya, I arrive to prepare Thee for a New Time, I arrive to prepare Thee for Thy Own union, I prepare Thee to a New principle.

Thanks. I always Love Thee. Ask me not, tell me what Ye desire the time of sun and moon in your world that I, Maitreya, shall help Thee.

Shall be.



Jesus, Maitreya Twin Brother.

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