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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 14:22



     FTLinuxCourse was a product released in 1997 ... in Italian for the Italian market.

     In 1998 ... it become available also in English ... covering Caldera OpenLinux ... and then in German, French and Spanish (of course).

     The image above is dated ... December 06, 1998.

     The Penguin become professional in 1999, by the LinuxWorld 1999 ... and the product classify like 'finalist' at Comdex 1999.


    Comdex dissapears in 2008 and Caldera OpenLinux ... too.

    In 2004, Future Technologies release FTOSX ... a Linux based Operating System based on the Fedora ... Linux.


    FTOSX Desktop 2004 ... project name 'Thunder' ... was and is public ... and free from download.

[DIR] FTOSX_Desktop_2004-rc4/ 02-May-2008 00:03 -  
[DIR] FTOSX_Desktop_2004/ 02-May-2008 00:03 -  
[DIR] installer-screenshots/ 07-May-2011 15:10 -  

   In 2004 ... FTLinuxCourse offer six training courses,

   Click to browse

    In November 2004, the results were available ... in the book (to-day expensive) ... 'The Art ...'

   Was planned for 2011 (but will NOT become full available) ... a new release titled FTLinuxCourse Complete 2011 with 11 Courses!

    The idea behind the product is to offer a complete set of training programs and material to let Linux moves into a New ... effectiveness !!!

We did ... and we will do again.

Stay tuned.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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