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Friday, 02 September 2011 10:07

Greetings in the day of Purity,

   ... I want to spend some words speaking about the Wonderful but 'buried' ... not death software Widget Kit, called Motif.

   I was a programmer for Motif on Sun SparcStation 1+ ... eons ago ... and look the beauty.

   Why this dream end? ... Easy ... because stupidity ... and I will be short.

  1. Motif was the 'expected' standard to challenge MS Windows under UNIX systems.
  2. Motif acquire power. Apple release its processor and still challenge Intel with PowerPC systems.
  3. Arrive Linux.
  4. Companies compile their Motif Application for Linux.
  5. UNIX honestly was close to become the standard Desktop ... more people arrive to the market with wonderful solutions.
  6. The OpenGroup release CDE - Common Desktop Environment
  7. Trolltech moves on ... with its Qt kit.
  8. Trolltech begin to offer applications for Mobile Phone, basically Nokia.
  9. Steve Jobs return to Apple.
  10. KDE 4 was developed under Qt 4 ... C++ was the standard Language, always.
  11. Mayor Linux distributions adopt KDE from KDE 1.X ... 
  12. Nokia purchase Trolltech.
  13. Apple release its KDE-like Desktop using a Port of NeXT-step.
  14. Apple adopt Intel processors for its Machines.
  15. KDE Development team announce KDE 4
  16. Apple become the standard de-facto 'Desktop' using UNIX (not Linux).
  17. Linux lose popularity.
  18. KDE is not more the best Dektop.
  19. Apple annouce iphone with OS X for iphone ...
  20. Who use Motif ? ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS: I Giovanni ... does not believe the story ends here ... Stay tuned ...


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