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Tuesday, 23 August 2011 15:13

Greetings ...

    The war between Lemuria and Atlantis was very close to Star Wars ... and as explained there were a test ... a Test that failed ... because 'we' prefer to TRY Darkness ... and actually is Darkness ruling the World.

    But before people pray and ask for Help to the Heavens ... the Help arrives and continue to arrive.

   Let me gift

Chapter 4. War between Atlantis and Lemuria


This is the Chapter dedicated to Atlantis-Lemuria war.

The Star Wars movies reply for us that War.


Please remember and heal that memories.






24 Questions on Atlantis-Lemuria War (110-134)

1.             What real personage Biblical arrived to disrupt our Atlantean Garden?

Lucifer. He was the Serpent in the Genesis! (Check the Vol. 5 – The Holy Bible explained by the Family of Light – Check Availability).


2.             How many Atlantis were?

Two the old and the New Atlantis.

3.             Why begin the war?

There were several reasons. One reason is the behavior about technology. Lemurians prefer "don't push technology". Atlanteans prefer to push. The other reason is the desire to control people, “Hidden camera to spy”, like US Government does against … let people grown. Lucifer tailor the Annunaki and the Lyrans and they are still here, controlling us … controlling the government.

4.             Where was located the Old Atlantis ?

In the middle of Atlantic Ocean. The Capital was Poseid.

5.             Where was located the New Atlantis?

Inside the Mediterranean Area, close to Italy and Greece.

6.             Were there temples in Atlantis before the war?

Yes. The women were High Priestess of Main Temples. Popular New Agers like Patricia Cori, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, Barbara Hand Clow, Barbara.

7.             There were Anti-Gravitational vehicles in the war?

Yes. And they will re-built soon.

8.             Was the European Alps involved in the war or destroyed?

When today is Switzerland was the center of the old Kingdom at the time of Atlantis. At the time of Atlantis there were no Alps like today, were the internal explosions that raise the Austrian and Switzerland Alps.

9.             Were the Annunaki involved in the war?

Well, the Annunaki bring Lucifer in their star ship. And Lucifer was the "organizer" of the plot. However, the real trouble was the mind of men … that create the fall of Atlantis.

Lucifer simply execute orders from the High Council.

10.         Was Atlantis the so-called Garden of Eden of Genesis?

Yes! … There were also other Gardens like Lemuria in Hawaii, but the Biblical account of Genesis, the Serpent and the mix with the daughter of man, were at the time of Atlantis, around 59,000 B.C and for long time. The war begin in 24,000 B.C. and takes over 10,000 years.

11.         What happens to South America at the time of the war?

They were alerted by the Cosmic God, Lord Meru who found the civilization but they play no attention. However the quakes provoked by explosions inside the core … were so strong that the South American continent roll on the right. The position of Europe, Africa and South America were different than now.

12.         How many years takes Lucifer to destroy the Old Atlantis?

10,000 years.

13.         What happens after Atlantis war?

The departure of the Anu Sons and the Noah Flood. One of these Anu Sons, Enli, alert Noah about to built the Ark. The other Anu Son, Enki, does not play attention to humans.

14.         When was the Noah Flood?

About 15,000 years ago. Was a Earth effect post-war.

15.         What origins has Europeans? The same than Americans?

Europeans are more the evolved races of post-Atlanteans. Americans are the original Lemurians and Atlanteans … re-incarnated.

16.         Were the Hathor back to Earth?

They back in Egypt … but only in specific moments like in creation of the alphabet.

17.         Was the Library of Alexandria part of the post-Atlantean story?

Yes. From temples to ruins, to wars and divisions … to small moments of Light.

18.         What happens to the New Atlantis inside the Mediterranean area?

Also that area sink.

19.         What happens to North America after the war?

Explosions also disturb the North American mountains, rising and falling great surfaces like the Great Canyon.

20.         What is the relation between Jesus return for the Judgment day in Atlantis and Lucifer arrival?

Jesus arrives before and depart. Then arrive Lucifer with the Annunaki. There are 352 years between the dates.

21.         Are the Queen Hathor returned to Earth in some form after the war?

No. However, Saint Germain is working to let she back again.

22.         What popular movie represent the war between Atlantis and Lemuria?

Star Wars.

23.         What is the key personage in that War?

Lucifer … Who is the Dark Side of the Sixth Dimension. He Belong to the Galactic Federation.

24.         How end that War …?

With the Noah Flood and the departure of the Gods (from Planet Nibiru).

The war was from 24,000 B.C to 9500 B.C.

25.         What is the most important ‘galactic arrival’ after the Annunaki arrival at the times of Atlantis?

The ‘Ummites’ arrival in the night of February 28th, 2011, at 7:23pm Colombia-time and 1:23am Italy time on March 1th. They arrived from Tau Ceti constellation, from planet Umo.


End of Chapter 4 – The War


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