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Thursday, 04 August 2011 13:34



Greetings ... in the day of Thor ... Thor-day ... the day of Resurrection ...

    ... And in this beautiful and pacific day ... I, Giovanni want to back to speak on Linux.

    And What I will comment ...

    I will comment that Linux Kernel reach version 3.0 ...

mainline: 3.0 2011-07-22 [Full Source] [Patch] [View Patch]   [Gitweb] [Changelog]




In fact is a Long time ... from 2.0 until 3.0 ...

    Linux Kernel become stable in February 2008, in fact,

Linux: 2.0.40 Released, "The Moss-covered Tortoise"

Submitted by Jeremy
on February 8, 2004 - 9:56am

David Weinehall [interview] has released the 2.0.40 kernel, also known as "The Moss-covered Tortoise". This is the first stable release of the 2.0 kernel since 2.0.39 was released over three years ago in January of 2001 [story]. David explains:

"This release fixes several remote information-leaks, a few local exploits, possible group descriptor corruption for ext2fs, a few network related issues, a few SUS/LSB compliance issues, and various other minor changes. A complete changelog can be found at the same places the kernel itself can be downloaded."

Download a copy of the 2.0.40 stable kernel and changelog from a local kernel.org mirror. Read on for David's full email, further discussing why you might want to upgrade.

From: David Weinehall [email blocked]
To: Linux-Kernel Mailing List [email blocked]
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Linux-kernel 2.0.40 aka ``The Moss-covered Tortoise''
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 17:39:10 +0100

Umea, Sweden, 2004-02-08, 14:30 CET

Check http://kerneltrap.org/node/2279

   Now, Only 13 days ago ... Linus Torvalds awake and say ... "Well our 2.9.96 may become 3.0" ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS: There are not actually yet Linux distro supporting this Kernel.

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