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Wednesday, 15 June 2011 14:14


Greetings in the Mercury day of Healing and Abundance ...

    And Healing means not only Body Healing but also Spiritual Healing and Abundance means not only Money, Money, Money but also Abundance of Spirit, Abundance of Words, Abundance of Friends (in any case Rich or Poor) ... Abundance of Love in any form ...

    And in this day ... I, Giovanni draw back my Sword, my Sacred Word ... to give teachings from the Divine Director.

    Can we say "A" ... and do "B" ... or can we say go to Right while we go to Left? ... Thus is God. Thus, is the Battle of Light against Darkness.

    Are you going to ask me Giovanni have you Fight Darkness? ... And I say "Yes!"

    May be a re-incarnated Knight Templar loose his battle at the young age of sixteen ... and then I meet Archangel Michael for the first time. Jesus was close told me a person ... and of course my friends, tell you these things on the Web ... is nothing but a subsequent fight.

    Let me add, the difference between an Industrial place and a Desert or a place under development is Darkness victory against Light or Light victory against Darkness.

     Of Course the industrial place has more Light. Some people may think that Quite Place are Dark or Evil free. Let me correct you. Laziness and Darkness is static. God is vital and fluent.

     More you are fluent, more you are God alike.

     Now, without further Preamble ... the word to one of the very Perfect being ... I ever got the blessing to speak for ... The Great Divine Director.

Blessed you are ... in every molecule of your DNA ... in every molecule of your Soul,

Giovanni A. Orlando. 

PS. Like you know I will decide if extend this lesson underling additional teachings. Thanks!


PRECIOUS ONES, YOU cannot give power to evil and reap good thereby. Dominion is established by acceptance of your divine right to express the perfection of paradise in your world. Complacency has brought about a weakening of mankind's will to do good and the blind mechanical acceptance of whatever life seems to throw at them. The self-imposed yokes and tyrannies which have been accepted by you since early childhood from the mass mind, almost as a hypnotic effect, must be broken by the establishment of patterns of divine grace.

It is not wrong to establish, if necessary, a ritual of spiritual patterns, providing that once these patterns become established there is a continual striving on the part of the student for an infusion of a sense of divine grace into each repetitious action. Certainly it is wise to repeat virtuous acts again and again and it is also well to take delight in so doing, for this feeling of delight which floods the mind and spirit is also conducive to enlarging the flow of cosmic energy into the world of the individual.

In almost every matter which the mind of man examines, there seems to be both thesis and antithesis. Let us point out herewith that the synthesis which we seek is not a mixing together of good and evil but rather a diversion of the attention from the aspects of evil to the positive qualities of good. How can one merge a vacuum with substance?

The enigma is dispelled when mankind recognize that God's pure energy has been misqualified by the mind and feelings of man so as to go forth covered with a veil of wrongly qualified energy. The core, then, of all evil manifestation is actually Good, so that while it is true that wolves do go forth in sheep's clothing,1 it is also true that the sheep's form and energy are the vitality and life of the wolflike manifestations of evil.

By reason of differences in education, environment, and experience both religious and secular, some find it easier than others to understand the manifestation of that which is called evil. Many modern metaphysical schools have denied the existence of evil altogether, as all should deny its power, but they have not always made clear to their thinking chelas as to how human viciousness continues to exist and feed on the life energies of each succeeding generation.

Be it so that the children of this world are wiser in their own generation than the children of light," the hierarchy have now determined to bring about a change in this status quo so that the children of light may become wholly illumined in the divine arts and the ability of counteracting that so-called veil of energy which plagues the earth to the present hour. We shall not thoroughly go into this subject of evil at this time other than to mention a few references which may promote better understanding of our subject.

Precious ones, mankind do almost mechanically accept the fads, styles, and trends fostered upon them by those who are able to manipulate the social structure of the planetary body to their own ends. I am certain that many among mankind do recognize that the seeds of disobedience, rebellion, distrust, suspicion, and crimes against both state and person as well as those against the Godhead are well implanted within the consciousness of mankind. The trends of life to the present hour, whether plebeian or aristocratic, earthy or ethereal, are the result of a combination of internal momentums and external modes which appear on the screen of life to the eye of mankind as a molding factor to create their habit patterns.

It is most unfortunate that mankind's limited senses do not give them access to the archives of heaven wherein they would, by comparison, perceive the divine plan as so radiantly lovely that they would immediately begin the process of discarding the old, outworn human habits. It is for want of vision, then, that the people perish. And I must admit that even those who have been students of spiritual mysteries for quite some time frequently become victims, at least temporarily, of a stultifying and smothering sense of oppression which stems from the continual appearance in their world and around them of old, uncomfortable habits.

To accept these conditions and give them power is to remain in bondage. To determine to be victor is half the battle. The other half is the uphill climb to the apex of attainment where the new cosmic sense, replacing old momentums, can then take over and establish the kingdom of God with a momentum which will counterbalance mankind's degrading downward pull.

I hope that none of you will feel that I have gone far afield or become too rambling in my discussion of our subject matter, but I assure you there is a great need at the present hour to explore many of the byways relating to this subject. And so I have touched upon some of them in order to provide assistance in greater measure to the many blessed ones who receive our words.

The dust of centuries of accumulation has controlled almost overpoweringly the destiny of mankind upon earth, whereas the spiritual regenerative powers behind the matrix of the original creation have been given expression in the lives of far too few. It seems quite certain that there is a strong possibility that as we continue this series some surprises may occur which we may term of cosmic import. But I wish to point out carefully that it is only by readiness of mind and heart that men are able to move forward in the light to the place where they can utilize to the fullest extent the divine teaching. Our reason, of course, for maintaining contact with the student body is primarily because of the great hunger of the people of earth for spiritual manna.

The marts and stalls of the world arc filled with what could well be termed mere fodder, treated at times with a palliative and then again with sweet-tasting, soothing syrup, sadly lacking in the regenerative power of the flame of freedom which shall release within the soul of man the power of that truth which makes men free. Quite naturally, many of the simplest divine ideas remain incomprehensible to many who seek to penetrate the mysteries of God. Certain it is that this is not the divine will, but it is the result rather than the cause of mankind's problems.

I recall that many years ago a very talented sculptor who lived near the Aegean Sea was given a vision of tremendous beauty from octaves of light. Day after day he worked within the confines of a small grove of trees to externalize this beauty with hammer and chisel in marble. Many of the populace came to behold his work of art and marveled as they saw the unearthly beauty coming forth from his labors.

All went well, and his admirers were legion until word passed to the artisans of his own craft who ought to have rejoiced in the techniques which he employed. These mingled one by one with the multitudes and did later consort together as to how they might slay him. And so it came to pass that the

spiritual beauty which he fashioned did ultimately bring about his demise, for these men contrived together as to how they might arrange for the marble to fall upon him.

On a certain day when the sun shone brightly and the work of his hands had brought forth what seemed the last full vestige of heavenly glory, these men did bring about a simultaneous destruction of the creator and his art. A pile of broken rubble remained as his soul took flight to the realms of beauty which had given him insight while theirs descended to the monstrous crime of murder.
The devices of civilization have continued to suppress, almost mechanically, each new achievement and they have scorned the hand of progress; yet outer progress has been made in the sciences and arts. The tools of spiritual striving must be extolled and the inner loveliness of realms of light must be continuously made known to mankind.

There is no higher art than the discovery of the Creator's infinite loveliness implanted within the soul of every man and expressing his goodwill, kindness, and understanding. The ties of earthly friendship with their sympathetic attachments have often degraded mankind by pulling individuals downward into the jaws of men's mechanical vices as well as their supposed virtues. All this is the self-will and self-righteousness of mankind.

The power of divine grace, however, transcends all human conditions and is the compassion of God which reaches through the soul of each aspirant and lifts all to the place where victory takes wing and the head of every man becomes the Christ-illumined intelligence that speaks, whether in whispers subtle but true or in thundering tones of divine justice, which assert the cadences of freedom in the eternal march of progress for each individual.

Just as we decry the sin of malcontent which finds no beauty in life, so we warn against the sin of excessive contentment and complacency which is unwilling to be stirred from its terrestrial mooring and must needs await the resistless sweep of the tide to destroy its sand castles that men might ultimately build upon the rock of Christ attainment and victory.

Remember, blessed ones, that an infusion of the flame of freedom must penetrate your whole being. Remember that your whole body must be full of light. Remember that your vision must be single, that your purpose must be clear, that the altar of Cod must remain undcfilcd, and as beloved Morya said to me recently, "Men must be more than content to discard the rubble of personal hindrance."

Your beloved Jesus was an ovcrcomcr, and the fiber of overcoming was in the heart of Mary, his mother. Joseph taught him the way of the wise master-builder/ and his own life temple will cover the earth.

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