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Tuesday, 26 October 2010 04:42

Greetings in this very day of Mars-day of the Pink Flame of Love,

    I, Giovanni just back to give you a wonderful lesson ... From the Egyptian Obelisks and Pyramids to the Indian Lotus position of meditation, to the Buddha position of Illumination to the Tantric Sex.

    Why Egyptians built Obelisks? ... Why they built pyramids? ... Why they built the Sphinx.

    This lesson comes to me from Anubis God ... in person! ... after the introduction did by Lord Meru, and published here the last October 12th, in Spanish.

    In my book, "The Book of Apocalypse explained ... " I comment that I was the son of the Builder of the Great Pyramid. I also got training inside the Sphinx by Hermes, by this lesson is not about me ... but for you.

   There are passage inside the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid and the Hermes classes was given inside the Sphinx at the horizontal level. There are two rooms one on the right and one on the left. If you look the Sphinx from the face, the right room on the horizontal structure is where the most advanced students got the training in the Magic Hermetic arts of Hermes Trimegistus.

    Egytians built the Sphinx ... to tell us ... "Be like Anubis". The Sphinx was built in 17,800 B.C. ... and it grounded the solar orbit through the Photon Band during the Age of Leo—10,800 to 8640 B.C. and this protected Earth records.


   Why you will ask "Egyptians wants we be like Anubis"? ... Please note what is Anubis. Anubis is a Cat (Sirian) with the face of Dog. The Sphinx is a cat with the face of Human.

   Telling us ... or inviting us to be like Anubis, they are inviting us to be "Multidimensional".

    The Sphinx capture the StarLight and Ground it. So, if you will become Multidimensional ... you will ground "StarLight", like the Sphinx. They did in 17,800 B.C.

     Then, in16,000 B.C. the Nibiruans, Pleiadians, and Sirians together constructed the Great Pyramid over an ancient Sirian sacred temple, in 16,000 B.C., to reset the balance between the Sun and Sirius.

     And thererefore, they invite us again ... to be Multi-dimensional ... because the Pyramid capture the Star Light and Ground it.

If you sit down like a Pyramid ... you realize ... the Ninety Shift Degree ... The Lotus position is not full necessary to be perfect ... but you need to sit and realize a Pyramid ... your feets and legs will be the base, your column the center of the pyramid and your arms ... will the edges.

The edges are lines connecting the vertices. So, your legs will be the base of the Pyramid and the arms will be the edges connecting the apex with the base (your legs).

If you do that ... you will "land" or "ground" multidimensional Light from the stars ... and High Dimensions. Doing that you clean your blood, and refine your silhouette, your form.

The Buddha reach Enlightenment because with practice your energy starting from the Base Chakra will reach your crown chakra. And all the Chakra aligned and open let you to be "perfect".

Perfect healed, Perfect Balanced ... Perfect ... Or if you prefer, "Be One with the Lord, Be One with the Universe"

Of course ... at the end of your meditation ... or when you prefer, your partner may join you for tantric sex ...

You, will feel the Kundalini.

The Kundalini, is the "Energetic Serpent" ... that rise from the base of the Spine to the top of the spine ...

If you do alone ... you will heal yourself. If you do with your partner in a sexual relation ... you will touch each Chakra in the relation ... from the Base Chakra to the Sexual Chakra, to the Solar Plexus, to the Heart, to the Throat, to the Third Eye, to the Crown Chakra ...

This was the normal sexual practice between Lady Magdalene and Lord Jesus.

The reason because our Beloved Mother, Lady Magdalene was classified like a whore was simply because she hold a golden bracelet with the form of serpent.

The "ignorant" Hebrews suppose she was a prostitute, but honestly she was a Priestess, like Mother Mary from the temple of Isis, in Egypt. The Magdalene bracelet explain that she was a master in the sexual tantric art of move the energetic serpents with the mind ...

Doing sex in this way ... you are going to "give" your energetic serpent to your she, and she to you ... You will "exchange" your Solar and Lunar serpents ... for the maximum "communication" and ecstasy.

No. You don't need to be rich ... to do that! ... You need only practice.

Do you see as had been you jerked by the priests ... that wants you pay for everything ... when you need to pay nothing?

They are "packed" and "offer for sale", sex, God, Love and forgiveness ... Of course, their power over you is because you permit. If you simply because stop to play attention to them, you will get back your power.

Well, now let me answer the last question: Why they Built the Obelisks?

The Obelisk are more recent ... There are "Geomancy" also in Washington D.C. like in Rome ... all them copy from Egypt.

The Obelisk invites you to be grounded in "standing mode", in "obelisk mode".

The small pyramid in the top represent the crown where the base is at level hearth.

Dr. Lizard explains that this kind or type of meditation is completely different from "pyramid-like" meditation. The "obelisk-mode" is more simple and indicate for new students.

In fact, the pyramid-like enable the Kundalini ... while the Obelisk-mode is basically a grounding ... A Good grounding but different from the Pyramid-like method.

I, Giovanni still consider that "The Elite" are moved people to live in Obelisk mode (wrong) instead to live in Pyramid mode (Houses=better) ... to still force them in enslavement ... disrupting in any possible mode their return to Multidimensionality.

Thanks for now,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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