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Of course we are becoming ... an OnLine University ... PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 23 July 2008 16:08

Of course with the publication of all these courses we are becoming a formal OnLine University.

We are listing here some planned courses:

  • English
  • Calculus (in one and several variables)
  • Classical or Sacred Geometry.
  • Classical or Newtonian-Galilean Mechanics
  • Number Theory (Here we will comment old solved problems as well actual open problems)
  • Differential Geometry.
  • Real Analysis.
  • Complex Analysis.
  • Differential Equations
  • Partial Differential Equations.
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Elementary and Linear Algebra.
  • Galois Theory
  • Topology
  • Astronomy
  • Linux Basics (... to be included in FTLinuxCourse BASE)
  • Graphical Programming under Linux using C++, Qt and KDE ... all these courses will be published at FTLinuxCourse.com
  • Special Theory of Relativity and Gravitation
  • Electromagnetism (I want to call your attention here. We will not comment classical electromagnetism, because there are mistakes that several physics did, like for example Mr Lorentz when the Maxwell equations where re-gauged, discarding what offer energy to any circuit. So it is not the battery that offers electricity to the circuit, it is the an chemical reaction that moves the electricity from the vacuum to the circuit)
  • The Human DNA
  • The Electromagnetic Human Field.
  • ... and others.

Of course some of these courses require others and people can join from any level, including high-school students, that are our real deep inspiration.

For them we have just one propedeutical course: A Basic Course on Mathematics (Here the student will learn how to use mathematics in real daily life and basics).

We plan to offer a monthly price. So, you will be able to learn and access all the courses for a fixed prices. We are planning to offer the monthly fee for US$ 50.00 for worldwide customers (not-European) and Euro € 50,00 for European customers.

The external material ... like companion books will be included in Learning Kits, FTLearningKits ... and will for free download.

US English is the primary language, but we will support also Romance Language like Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and French. Other languages will follow. 

A complete and detailed program will be published soon, including all courses.

FT Sales.




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Would you to learn Russian in the path to learn Sciences? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 22 July 2008 08:51

A old woman from Saudi Arabia tell me when I was a young, "Giovanni, ... each language you know, you will be another person". And that is true.

... Now, we can include English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Italian and up to Portuguese ... So, what about Russian?

Like probably you know from around 1963 when John F. Kennedy ruled United States the world stay close to a world war, between the Russian Empire and the United States of America. Then like you know, Mikhail Gorbachev invented the Perestroika, and communism remains in Cuba, and some other places where people does not generally uses their brains, like "Cuba" and others.

However, the Russian approach to Science ... is simply great. Not only they generally develop excellent books, but also translate others from other languages to Russian ...

Take a look on these:

  1. Diofant Aleksandrijskij. Arifmetika i kniga o mnogougol'nyx chislax (Nauka, 1974)(KA)(ru)(600dpi)(T)(328s)_M_.djvu
  2. Kartan A. E'lementarnaja teorija funkcij kompleksnyh peremennyh (ru)(T)(298s).djvu
  3. Smirnov V.I. Kurs vysshej matematiki, tom 2 (Nauka, 1974)(ru)(600dpi)(T)(656s).djvu (There are 4 Volumes, this is only Vol 2)
  4. Gel'fand I.M., Shilov G. Nekotorye voprosy teorii differencial'nyx uravnenij (Obobshchennye funkcii, vypusk 3)(Fizmatlit 1958)(ru)(L)(T)(140s).djvu or
  5. Perel'man JA.I. Zanimatel'naja fizika 1 (ru)(html).rar
  6. http://www.eknigu.com/lib/P_Physics/PG_General%20courses/Landau%20and%20Lifschitz/
  7. Lorentz G.A. Teorija e'lektronov i ee primenenie k javlenijam sveta (2e izd., GITTL, 1953)(150dpi)(ru)(T)(458s)_PE_.djvu

The first book is a free edition of the Diophantus of Alexandria, called "Aritmetica". The same book where reading by Pierre De Fermat, a mathematical French amateur, let him to stabilize the so called "Fermat Last Theorem", that is "The solution of the equation x^n + y^n = z^n, is impossible for n>2". The case n=2, is the Pythagorean Theorem. Do you will like to read in Russian?

The second book is the Russian translation from French of the Classical written by Henri Cartan. The title in English is: "Elementary Theory of Analytic Functions of One or Several Complex Variables" . The Original title in french is: "Théorie élémentaire des fonctions analytiques. D'une ou plusieurs variables complexes".

Henri Cartan is still alive, we wish him long life. He belong to the Bourbaki Group. I use this book in french in the italian degree in Mathematics.

The number 3 is the serie of books written by Smirnov in their original language. The 4 is new for me, a little bit old, but written by two great Russian mathematicians. The 5 is a classical. The original title is "Recreational Physics". I take it in my hands when Russian books arrive to Venezuela, and I stay in the University there. It is a shame that today, those efforts ... in some sense get stable. The Venezuelan country ... seems China under Mao, ... but really dirty and unusable.

The number 6 are a serie of all the Volumes written but Lev Davidovich Landau, in Russian and other languages. I have personally the first two volumes in Italian. The others I get from this Website in English, but there are all ... in Russian.

The 7 is another classical written by Prof. H. A. Lorentz. when he regauged symmetrically the Maxwell-Heaviside equations, missing and important component ... This is a real big problem I cannot comment here.

(This is the same Lorentz that create the transformation used by Albert Einstein in him theory. That Lorentz was a mathematician called Hendrik Antoon Lorentz.)

... Well, I plan to start to learn Russian for this and other purposes?

Do you want to join to us?

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There are a real Renasciment at Future Technologies PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 14 July 2008 16:51


Like the Italian Renasciment there are a real Renaissance at Future Technologies.

For me like a Mathematician, it is really wonderful to "live" the 3D (Third Dimension) as well 2D and how sciences can let me rediscover it. Experiment with Physics, and therefore Electromagnetism, Gravity. Touching Quantum Mechanics that is the Science of the 4D (4 Dimension) and defining Gravity that is the 1 Dimension.

Studying Geometry but to explain the way all the things are made, and joining with Algebra to built the classic 3D Solid, including the Icosahedron. Discover how Topology is connected with the 5D (5 Dimension) and so on, moving high and across the dimensions.

It is wonderful because it is new ... Let me give some examples. 

It is not only the Newtonian Mechanics to explain 3D ... or the New Physics touching the M-Theory ... but it is also the New Biology, and understand the DNA, as well that inside each cell there are light, and discovering an unknow bridge between Physics and Biology.

So as we approach the Photon band, like explained by Astronomers,  the photons are vibrating at high frequencies ... and this vibrations comes from HyperNovas, extremely huge supernovas.

It is to reject completely the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, and discover that we have 4 brains, the reptilian brain, the mammalian brain , the human brain and the neocortex brain.

It is live and discover how Chemistry in a complete new fashinating way ... in a real way. 

Live and understand how Shakespearean plays may teach you ... a new reality and explain the meaning and why exist the vowels and the history of languages from Romance Languages to Arabic languages.

 Going further in American and World history very far away, where 26.000 years are a chapter ... like a single volume of history. You can really touch history and live it again! ... Wow!

Rediscover sciences ... their connection ... the undiscovered, uncommented and the real symphony that explain the beautiful multidimensional universes. Of course all real scientific and therefore, capable of proof in harmony with arts, like the latest Greek Gold period when Science, Arts offer forgotten colors to a new sense of pacific life. Really enjoying! 

I am really happy ... with this. In some sense, is like to abandon the materialistic science ... only for 3D, for spiritual science and interact with along nine dimensions. Beautiful and amazing are two simple adjectives.

Friendly I AM and yours remain,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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Welcome to the New FutureTG.com (includes link to New Edition dated Sep 2012) PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 10 July 2008 00:00

Welcome to the New FutureTG.com!

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2008 A New Beginning ... PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 28 May 2008 00:00

2008 ... A New Beginning.

No way ... This is the third time I comment about this with three different looks, and I will repeat here:


World, 2008-05-28.

2008: ADN Awaken, Maya Calendar, Time Acceleration, Angels speaking thought channelers that you can hear face-to-face under payment, or download the MP3 from the Web ... Quad Core processors, 4 GB Laptops, 11 GB of Dictionaries for free, almost any movie available for free download from the Web only some weeks after its release, Internet connection so faster and capable to download a movie (640 MB) while lunching ... and of course unfortunately several disasters at different latitudes.

Logically, the world is changing ... and is changing faster. Reading the book "Mayan Code" I discover the author a woman speaking about a planet I never hear about: Chiron ... Amazing. For additional information visit my personal website: GiovanniOrlando.com, and there are also another planet: Kibiru, for a total of twelve planet. I personally was stopped at number 9.

Do you hear about the Kryon? ... I call Kryon an angel that speaks about a man called Lee Carroll, an ex-businessman (check Book1 ). Well, was hearing Kryon that I choose the title of my this page: 2008=28 (2+8=10)=1, a "1" ... it is a new beginning.

Saint Germain said: "Religion and spirituality are no shame", so let me fix something for you before you quit this page.

Science as intended it is "really" incomplete. The world are moving to an incredible energy crisis. Yesterday, I put some gas on my car, and I pay 10 euros, for 6.4 liters. This is equivalent to 1.562500000 euros per liter. Amazing!

Do you feel the time acceleration? ... Time speed are moved faster and faster from 1999, and this is a consequence of earth's magnetic grid. A scientific fact. The North position had been changed after 1999, check the web if you don't beleive my words.

Now, how is possible that time change speed? What is time? Time is energy, and fortunately it is free. I will not go to explain you more about that now, I can simply said that things are changed for no-back direction, for better.

May be we, Future Technologies does not honor our name, yet. We simply develop a training course about free downloadable operating systems, Linux. However, we will honor our name, we will release Future Technologies ... for you.

Between the things, I learn in those days, was connected with the symbol that we include in our logo company. The "thunderbolt" or "Vajna", like "Wake up", "Stand up".

Thunderbolt ...
Kryon said that the missing point in technology is spirituality. Exactly:

"... As humanity proceeds in the next few years, you will be given the opportunity to see the results of the marriage of the physical, mental, and spiritual to achieve real science. You currently do not have real science, only two dimensional science... human science, not universal science.

The missing part, being the spiritual, has been shunned by your scientists all these hundreds of years as nonscientific. This is ironic in that the spiritual is where the real power and understanding is! " ...

Because I am sure, it is a lot for you, like was for me, I the founder of Future Technologies will offer training services from Futuretg.com and these will be connected with "Technologies, Science and Arts", and in my personal Website GiovanniOrlando.com, I will comment things about my studies about spirituality and religion.

At your service, I remain,
Giovanni A. Orlando.
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