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Friday, 05 September 2008 09:26

Ricordando un articolo scritto su "Future Technologies" nel numero 31 di Linea EDP.

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I Libri in Digitale possono aiture le spese scolastiche ... PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 27 August 2008 06:55

Sembra che più che voler aiutare ai ragazzi ad imparare, sia uno pazza corsa allo spreco.

Ho sentito che ci vogliono in torno ai 300 euro, per le spese dei libri.

Se i ragazzi devono imparare è tra questo imparare ad usare il computer, allora perché non leggere od usare i libri scolastici in digitale?

Cos'è un libro in Digitale ?

Un libro in Digitale è un libro che è stato messo nel Computer, in formato (Adobe PDF), oppure in Word, o meglio in OpenOffice, visto che occupa meno spazio.

Trasformando i libri scolatici in formato digitale, cioè eseguendo lo scanning con uno scanner che costa intorno ai 70 euro, tutte le classi di Italia, spenderebbero NULLA.

Cioè basta che una brava mamma, o un bravo papa, acquisti lo scanner e tutti i libri, è insieme ad altri genitori, mettono a disposizioni tutti i libri in Internet.

Così invece di spendere 300 euro a testa, si spendono 10 euro a testa x ogni classe. Poi, in Libri sono in Italia, nelle scuole sempre più o meno gli stessi.

Io, come omaggio vi regalo un Dizionario di Inglese (Non è Inglese-Italiano. E' quello che viene usato negli USA, dagli studenti Americani, ed è di 8652 pagine. 4 MB)


Buona Lettura!


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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About the next FutureTechClub news ... PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 17 August 2008 13:29


    The latest FutureTechClub news was published in May 10th, 2008.

    Actually we are working on this new look and slowly will become better and multilingual.

    However, we need that past subscribers re-sign their role and email and maintain it.

    As soon, we get 3 (Three) news or Tips for each one of the Lessons and the Technologies, we will send the newsletter to subscribed users.

    We, at FutureTG.com, are working with Joomla, for the Website, Dokeos for the E-Learning and ZenCart for the E-Commerce. Therefore, users may need (for now) to subscribe in all three Databases.

    I hope that you like our new look and feed-back.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando

Future Technologies Inc

Founder & President. 

What means the success of Linux? ... PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 02 August 2008 11:21
World, 2008-05-05.

We are close to dedicate 14 years to Linux business, and we want to dedicate another 10,000 years. Of course we want to help the community, based on our experience.

What means the Linux success? ... The answer is simple. Windows become obsolete and Linux is in over the 50% of Desktop systems. (This will be also complicated on the Office front, because Word is today, the de-facto Word Processor in the market).

I list here 10 obstacles to remove and where Linux companies may work [together]:
  • Real Sharing (Forget you are the best, or you are the winner).
This is incomplete task. While the release of Linux OS (like we call Personal) from Canonical is a success, releasing [K][X][E]Ubuntu, as well SuSE, Fedora and others, this does not means that they share the software take cost time and money.

A little example comes from our FTOSX. I spend some time adding the necessary lines of code to support our Combo Monitor: SGI 1600 SW Flat Panel + Number Nine 128-T2R, in the hdata. Well, I don't see that this code belong to any other distro. So, when the systems boot, few distro support really this hardware. Of course, there are thousand of these combinations.

Solution: All the software development, may be in 'svn'. So, if some programmer worldwide will add a line of code, this line will be shared ... worldwide and belong to any distro.
  • Design and adopt standards ... also for real life.
LSB is also a success, however not all the companies works and adopt it, or discuss. More programmers suppose a standard is tedious.

Linux need for example a free and good graphical installer, like install shield is under the commercial Software. What is funny, is that if you install Free Software for Windows, you will found graphical wizards ... but not for Linux. SeaMonkey and others offer graphical installers based on Java.

Solution: Standards for real life.
  • Remove the Ego, in any sense.
It sounds bad, when a Linux company said: "We are the best", "or remove our logo, because you have no authorization", or "offer a picture or the boxes that you will ship from orders you receive". All this is ego, that destroy and break the Linux development. No more wars between 'rpm' and 'Debian' based distro. This is the point.

Another obstacle is the 'Linux is the best lemma', where some programmers, does not want to use non-Linux OS, like Windows, the Mac, DOS, BeOS, or others. They reject the idea to sit and use a non-Linux OS. This is a bad ego and offensive for 'normal' people.
  • Still more simple
KDE and Linux had released really advanced and 'rock-solid' desktops. However, there are still a lot of share-marketing goals to accomplish. Linux is getting respect from Software Industry leaders like Adobe, Sun, SGI, IBM and others.

Basically, the grow is positive ... but is necessary that people understand that must work together, not challenge others.

Sincerely, I AM and remains yours,
Giovanni A. Orlando.

This document is Copyright
by Future Technologies America, Inc.
  All rights reserved.
Free Software ... solves! PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 02 August 2008 10:39
World, 2008-05-03.

Sometimes you are working on Windows and want to watch an original DVD movie ... and ??! RealPlayer ask for additional software like Windows Player. What Windows Player 9, 11 ... or what? ... What disaster?! ... I want to watch my movie ... hear Mozart. How to do?

There are a new program, that is free and called 'vlc' that runs on Windows, Linux the MacOS capable to support any video format: from QuickTime to DVD movies, to MPG to MP4, etc.

It is simple and effective and is free software.

Suppose you want to investigate the DNA code ... Well also this is possible using Emboss and KDE, as well Kaptain a simple KDE program. Check this excellent article: http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~sgmd/


... Suppose you want to solve the Galois Groups from

giovanni@giovanni-desktop:~/KASH3-Linux-2006-01-31$ ./kash3
        oooo    oooo       .o.        .oooooo..o ooooo   ooooo    .dP'
        `888   .8P'       .888.      d8P'    `Y8 `888'   `888'   d88b.
         888  d8'        .8'888.     Y88bo.       888     888   o.  )8
         88888K         .8' `888.     `'Y8888o.   888ooooo888   `888P'
         888`88b.      .88ooo8888.        `'Y88b  888     888
         888  `88b.   .8'     `888.  oo     .d8P  888     888
        o888o  o888o o88o     o8888o 8''88888P'  o888o   o888o
     Shell of the KANT V4 Software, Version 3, build: Linux-2006-01-31
     Copyright (c) 1994-2005 Prof. Dr. M. E. Pohst,
     Technische Universitaet Berlin. All rights reserved.
     For registration and support send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
     KANT V4 is based on Magma developed by Prof. J. Cannon,
     Copyright (c) 2002 Prof. J. Cannon, University of Sydney.
     Shell is based on GAP developed by Lehrstuhl D Mathematik, RWTH Aachen,
     Copyright (c) 1992 Lehrstuhl D Mathematik, RWTH Aachen.
     Enter "?" for help and "quit;" to leave KASH
list [0.005966] alist [0.002051] term [0.001607] __DOC [0.199708] doc [0.00362\
9] docui [0.146408] docui [0.003134] method [0.002115] init-methods [0.150192]\
 constants [0.009905] kash [0.002516] matrix [0.009089] map [0.009471] qaos [0\
.004524] locFact [0.019247]
kash% Galois(X^4+X^2+5);
"D(4)", extended by:
  ext1 := 4,
  ext2 := 3,
  ext3 := [ 6, 2*w, 1, 5*w ],
  ext4 := 7
Time: 0.854636 s
kash% Galois(X^5-X^2-1);
"S5", extended by:
  ext1 := 5,
  ext2 := 5,
  ext3 := [ 7, 8*w + 2, 5*w + 2, 3*w + 1, 10*w + 1 ],
  ext4 := 13
Time: 0.053012 s
kash% Galois(X^5-X-1);
"S5", extended by:
  ext1 := 5,
  ext2 := 5,
  ext3 := [ 11, 9, w^3471, w^63, w^1071 ],
  ext4 := 17
Time: 0.006886 s
kash% Galois(X^5+X+1);
Argument 1 is not irreducible
Error, KANT failure at
return _Qaos_PreviousGalois( arg[1] ) ... in
Galois( X ^ 5 + X + 1 ) called from
main loop

Look the difference between a not-soluble-in-radical (X^4+X^2+5=0, X^5-X^2-1=0) and X^5+X+1=0.

 ... All this is free Software. Internet connections are everyday faster. Computer Hardware is everyday cheaper and faster. Software is more and more simple to be used by everyone and ...  sometimes is free. So, we expect great things for the incoming future.

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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